2017 Holiday Shopping Season Using Credit Cards

Benefits of Using Credit Cards During the 2017 Holiday Shopping Season

The 2017 holiday shopping season is here, and many many people will be rushing out to do their shopping. Credit cards are one way to make this time less stressful. There are several benefits to using a credit card for your holiday purchases. There are also several credit cards to choose from, and we’ll go over them. We’ll talk about how to optimize your holiday shopping by using your credit card.

A credit card gives you the freedom to purchase things for the holidays that you couldn’t afford with just cash. Many cards come with 0% interest for a set period of months. This allows you to pay off your holiday purchases without worry about additional interest charges. You’ll be able to buy what you need and pay for just your items over a set amount of months.

Credit cards help manage finances during the busy holiday season. You’ll also have the chance to have an electronic record of all of your purchases. A credit card gives you a convenient way to track everything. Additionally, many cards allow you to log in to an online account. This online account lets you see what you spent, where you spent it, and the date. You can print these off and keep them as records of your holiday shopping.

2017 Holiday Shopping Use Credit Cards and Benefit

How to Use Credit Cards Smart During the 2017 Holiday Shopping Season

1. Get Cash Back this 2017 Holiday Shopping Season with the Blue Cash Preferred Card

The holidays are a great time to earn a lot of cash back rewards. You want a credit card with a flexible rewards program. This will allow you to purchase whatever you need to for the holidays, and not worry about categories. The Blue Cash Preferred® Card is an excellent all-around cash back card. It offers a straight cash-back rewards program so you won’t have to try and keep track of your earnings. Certain stores will get you up to 6% cash back, including gift cards. They also have a sign-up bonus offer where you spend $1000 and get a $150 statement credit. This can come in handy during the holiday season.

2. Price Match This 2017 Holiday Shopping Season with the Citi Double Cash Card

One of the most frustrating things about holiday shopping is finding the lowest prices. You’ve probably purchased an item at one time or another and found it cheaper in another store. With all of the holiday sales, this risk is even higher. However, there are certain credit cards that offer price match. If you get the right card, they’ll even price match for 60 days after the initial purchase. The Citi® Double Cash Card will get you the Citi Price Rewind. You start by purchasing an item and registering it with Citi online. Citi will start searching through hundreds of offers for 60 days. If they find it cheaper, they’ll give you the difference in the form of cash-back. All you do is register your purchases, and Citi does the rest of the work. During the holidays, this is an especially easy way to get huge cash back savings.

3. Purchase Protection Benefits With Credit Cards This 2017 Holiday Shopping Season

When you shop during the holidays, it’s easy to lose track of your receipts. Many stores will have an electronic record of your credit card purchases. This gives you purchase protection if you lose, damage, or need to return an item. Depending on the card, your item could cost up to $1,000, and the card will cover it. Your card can help take some of the stress away from holiday shopping. If the person you bought the gift for doesn’t need it or if they get double, you can return it. The purchase protection plan varies by cards, so it’s a good idea to check your terms and conditions. Also, there may be a time limit on returning or replacing an item, so check for that as well.

4. Earn Additional Rewards This 2017 Holiday Shopping Season Using Chase Freedom

In addition to all of the perks we talked about, you can get additional rewards. They’re usually cash back, but some cards offer points you can redeem. The Chase Freedom® Cash Back card has rewards that never expire. You can just keep stacking them up until you’re ready to redeem them. This means you can earn big rewards for your holiday shopping and save them. Your rewards could come in handy for an emergency or an unexpected expense. With the Chase Freedom card, you only lose your rewards if you close your account. You also have no annual fee, so any rewards you earn are bonuses. Again, these rewards vary by lender, and you should check your terms and conditions.

Reap the benefits of Credit Cards by Using Credit During the 2017 Holiday Shopping Season

Shopping during the holidays can be a stressful time. However, using your credit card can help to alleviate some of this stress. It can also save you money with price matching and purchase protection. You’ll get cash back as well as a convenient way to track your spending. Finally, you may get additional rewards you can save for an unexpected expense or an emergency. Always read your terms and conditions, and make sure you’re using the best card for your shopping habits.


Store credit cards are also worth considering for the 2017 holiday shopping season. They offer rewards, discount coupons, and many offer 0% promotional financing options.

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