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Get Approved for a Bad Credit Business Card

Many entrepreneurs with bad or less than perfect credit wish to obtain a bad credit business card. Until now there haven’t been too many options available. The Applied Bank® Visa® Business Card is a business credit card for people that have less than perfect credit. The benefits of having a business credit card are that you can separate business expenses for tax purposes quickly.

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Who should Apply for a bad credit business card and why?

  • Less than Perfect Credit? No Problem! Easy Approval!
  • Turn Your Hobby or Interest into a Business!
  • Separate Your Business Expenses for Tax Purposes!
  • Sole Proprietors and Entrepreneurs Should Apply

More information about the Applied Bank® Visa® Business Card for bad credit business card

  • Receive an account with a credit limit of up to $750
  • Credit history is reviewed
  • Cash Advance Fee: The greater of $5.00 or 5% of each Cash Advance which includes, but is not limited to, ATM and convenience check usage
  • Late Payment Fee: $35; Returned Payment Fee: $35; Over Limit Fee: $35;
  • Additional Card Fee: $30 for each Authorized User.

When starting a business, it is wise to segregate business and personal expenses. There is no better way to do this than to get a business credit card. A business credit card allows cardholders to separate these costs quickly. Until now most individuals that had bad credit had few options.

There are more fees associated with credit cards for bad credit, but the easiest way to repair credit is to build new credit. Many people find that in time, six months or more they can establish new positive credit. In time a person can apply for a business credit card that has no annual fee. Many of these business credit cards have reward programs. To qualify for these business credit card offers in the future it is wise to start with a bad credit business card.

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