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Find the best balance transfer credit cards for 2018.

Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards

If you have high credit card balances going into 2019, you should set a goal to pay them down quickly. You can achieve this by getting a 0 interest balance transfer card. There are many excellent rewards cards that double as balance transfer cards. So not only do you get to do balance transfers, you get additional rewards. This could motivate you to pay off your current balances quicker. In this article, we will look at the two best balance transfer credit cards for 2019.

However, there are dozens of balance transfer offers available, and this can make it difficult to find the right one. Credit Fast has reviewed the benefits of multiple credit cards offering balance transfers. We have found two of the best balance transfer credit cards available, and we’re going to review them. This should help you make an informed choice on which balance transfer credit card suits your situation the best.

Chase Slate® credit card Visa Balance Transfer Credit Card

The first card on our list of the best balance transfer credit cards is by Chase. The Chase Slate credit card comes with several desirable perks for its cardholders. It comes with a unique policy that allows cardholders to have fee-free balance transfers. This is huge because it can save cardholders over $100 in miscellaneous fees. Most cards charge anywhere from 3% to 5% for every balance transfer, and this quickly adds up. However, it is important to note you can’t transfer a balance from another Chase card.

Once you’ve transferred your balances, you’ll get another 15 months with no APR. This introductory offer is another big reason this card made our list of the best balance transfer credit cards. Over the first 15 months, this can save you between 15 and 25% in interest rates alone. The introductory APR free months applies to balance transfers and purchases.

It is extremely important that you work out how much you’ll pay each month, so it’s consistent. Your goal is to pay off your balance before the 15-month introductory offer is over. By doing this, you avoid the standard APR altogether. When you combine this with no annual fee, you have the potential to save a lot of money.

Another reason this card is one of the best balance transfer credit cards is the BluePrint Payment Program. This program is free to cardholders, and it helps you track your finances. All you have to do is input your balance amount and choose the BluePrint Finish It option. You’ll get a bill for the same amount needed each month to pay off the balance within 15 months.

Card Perks – Chase Slate Offers Credit Journey℠

If you’re worried about your credit score, Chase Slate has you covered. Cardholders can get their FICO credit score once a month through Credit Journey℠. This allows cardholders to monitor their credit health at the click of a button. Additionally, this card also features no penalty APR. So if you miss a payment, Chase won’t penalize you for it with higher interest rates.

As for other perks, you get purchase protection and extended warranties. Purchase protection will protect you from unauthorized transactions. The price protection will look for lower prices and match them. All in all, the Chase card is an excellent balance transfer credit card.

Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card Balance Transfer Credit Card

The second card on our list of the best balance transfer credit cards is by Citi. The Citi Diamond Preferred Card comes with a generous 21-month interest-free balance transfer period. As far as balance transfer cards go, this is one of the most generous introductory offers on the market. To put it in perspective, say a cardholder transferred $11,000 to this card. They want to pay the same amount each month and pay it off by the end of the introductory offer. If they had a 15-month introductory offer, they’d pay $733 per month. However, if they had 21 months to pay it off, they’d pay $524 per month.

Additionally, this 0% APR period works for purchases as well. If you don’t need to transfer anything, but you want to make a large purchase, this card would work great. Just be sure you pay it off by the end of the introductory offer.

On top of this, cardholders will also benefit from no annual fee. You’ll be able to use the card as little or as much as you want without worry about the annual fee. This is huge for someone who doesn’t intend to use their card that often. They won’t have to justify having it.

As well as being one of the best balance transfer credit cards, there are other perks. Cardholders get access to several special events and discounts for having the card. If you go to concerts or sporting events, you’ll get presale ticket prices.

If you travel, you get free concierge service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can help with directions, planning your travel itinerary, and much more. Cardholders will also get emergency assistance, lost luggage insurance, trip cancellation, and medical or legal referrals.

Card Perks – Citi Diamond Preferred Offers Citi® Price Rewind Program

For shoppers, Citi has the Price Rewind program. Once you buy an item and log it, Citi will look for a lower price for 60 days. If it finds it, you’ll get the difference. You also get protection against fraudulent purchases and activity and extended warranties. If the warranty is less than 5 years, Citi will extend it a year. This makes Citi Diamond more than just a great balance transfer credit card.

Bottom Line on Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Both of these cards would be excellent choices for the best balance transfer credit cards. They offer cardholders many perks along with generous credit card transfer offers. This makes it easy to save money and pay down your debt quickly. So if you’re ready to start getting out of debt, try one of these balance transfer cards. These balance transfer cards will work to get you out of debt faster so you can enjoy 2019 with less stress.

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