Best No Annual Fee Credit Cards: Top 5 Cards

Find the Best No Annual Fee Credit Cards for 2018

Best No Annual Fee Credit Cards: The Top 5 Cards

A trend that seems to be catching on for having no fee credit cards. This particular perk is especially rewarding when the no annual fee credit card is a rewards card. Typically, a rewards card has a higher annual fee to offset the generous bonuses. However, credit card lenders are changing their policies in order to attract new customers. Read on to learn about the five best no annual fee credit cards.

So what does this policy change mean for you? It means that you’ll see more credit cards with no annual fee. This is a huge win for rewards cardholders as they stand to benefit the most from this. Also, if you currently don’t have any credit cards with no fees, it’s time to look into them. This post will give you reviews of the five best no annual fee credit cards. Most of these no annual fee cards are reward credit cards.

Top 5 Credit Cards – Best No Annual Fee Credit Cards

Citi Simplicity

If you’re looking to pay down your debts quickly, the Citi Simplicity card is the credit card for you. This card ranks as one of our best no annual fee credit cards for several reasons. Aside from the obvious no annual fee, cardholders also enjoy a generous introductory offer. You get a 0% APR for the first 21 months on purchases and balance transfers.

You’ll enjoy no late fees and no penalty APR for missing a payment. This means the APR you get when you apply for the card is the one you’ll keep. You’re entitled to travel rewards like flight insurance, auto rental, roadside assistance, and travel assistance. Cardholders have zero liability in the event of fraudulent purchases as well. Finally, Citi Price Rewind will refund you the difference of your purchases if they find it lower.

Capital One VentureOne

Any travelers who are looking for one of the best no annual fee credit cards should not miss this one. The Capital One VentureOne card is quickly gaining in popularity. You have the opportunity to earn unlimited bonuses and miles, and they never expire. There are also no restrictions on how you can use your rewards and no annual fee.

Spend $1,000 in the first three months and get a bonus of 20,000 miles which equals $200. The first twelve months feature a 0% APR rate so you can pay off your debt quicker. Finally, this no annual fee credit card comes with no foreign transaction fee. If you travel a lot, you know how important it is to have no foreign transaction fees when you travel. This is why the VentureOne card is one of the best travel credit cards.

Chase Freedom

As well as being one of the best no annual fee credit cards, this card has huge perks. The Chase Freedom card is one of the most popular choices for cash back cards. Cardholders get 5% cash back in a different category each quarter. You also get a generous signup bonus as well. Charge $500 in the first three months and get a $150 statement credit.

The first 15 months you have this card are APR free, and the APR is competitive after this introductory period. The rewards you earn never expire, and they offer a flexible redemption process. Finally, add an authorized user within the first 3 months and get a $25 bonus. Chase Freedom is one of the most popular and best cash back credit cards available today.

Capital One Savor

Dining reward cards are in, and they are quickly gaining in popularity. The Capital One Savor is newer, and its made our list for the best no annual fee credit cards. Not only do you have no annual fee, but you also get an easy-to-get introductory offer. So if you spend just $500 in the first three months, you get a $150 cash back bonus. Dine out and enjoy 3% cash back, 2% cash back for grocery shopping, and 1% cash back on everything else.

There are no limits to how many rewards you can earn with this card, and they’ll never expire. Also, you won’t have to keep track of categories either as it is straight cash back. The first 9 months gives cardholders a 0% APR rate. Finally, cardholders also enjoy a more secure contactless technology when purchasing items. This is truly one of the best rewards credit cards offered today.

Capital One Secured MasterCard

As far as secured credit cards go, the Capital One Secured MasterCard is an excellent choice. This card comes with either a down payment of $49, $99 or $200. The amount depends on your credit. This card stands out as the best no annual fee credit cards for secured cards for a very good reason.

You won’t pay an application fee or an annual fee with this card. Cardholders also get credit increases without paying additional deposits. Pay just the minimum payment, and your account stays in excellent standing. So this card makes it easy to rebuild or build a strong credit history.

Bottom Line on Applying for Best No Annual Fee Credit Cards

No matter which of our best no annual fee credit cards you choose, you’re bound to see rewards. These rewards can be cash back, points, miles, dining perks, or the key to building a better credit history. Either way, as a cardholder you’ll have the potential to save big and earn big.

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