Cell Phone Credit Card iCache Geode Mobile Wallet

Carry Every Credit Card in Your iPhone

One of the most innovative cell phone accesories is now available. Imagine not having to carry a wallet full of credit cards and store loyalty cards. The iCash Geode mobile wallet will replace all of them. This has been one of the mostly widely talked about iPhone accesory. This product is priced at only $199.00.

The iCash Geode mobile wallet is the most sophiticated cell phone protective case in the world because at the end it holds a rewritable magstripe card. This card can be programed with any of your major bank credit cards. In order to activate this feature the iCash app must be installed. It’s the only card you need to carry. In addition, it even eliminates the need to carry loyalty reward cards. Once the store loyalty cards are loaded the back of the Goede displays the barcode of any loyalty card you select. Ensuring card holder security a finger print reader is located near the iPhone home button.

Monica Kowollik

Owner / Director at CreditFast.com
Monica has covered credit card and personal finance news for over 15 years. From an early age, she developed an interest instilled by her parents, who immigrated to the United States, of financial literacy and saving money.
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  • Zack

    I love all this techy stuff. I would love to get this iCache mobile wallet. Top on my Christmas wish list.

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