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What is the Best Credit Card for Students?

The best student credit card right now is the Discover Student Card, issued by Discover Financial. There is no annual fee with the Discover Student Credit Card. Not only does the Discover Card help with everyday college expenses, but students have the opportunity to earn cash back on their purchases. If you are not a student, the Discover Secured card offers many of the same benefits as the Discover student card.

Discover Student Card Benefits

Discover Student Credit Card will help you build a credit history while you are in college. Just pay your bills on time and graduate college with good credit. The Discover Student Card prepares students for life after college. Building good credit during college helps students after leaving college with such things as getting a job, an apartment, and qualifying for an auto loan with a low-interest rate.

Discover it® for Student Card Review

Discover offers a 0% APR for the first nine months. Your interest rate after your introductory 0 APR ends will depend on your credit.

There are ways to earn bonus awards with the Discover Student Card. Many of these special offers relate to things that students need and love. Bonus rewards are offered at gas stations as well as fun things students enjoy such as going to the movies. These particular offers vary and change from month to month. This program is free, but you need to enroll to take advantage of these Discover Reward Benefits.

Students can redeem their cashback rewards for either cash, gift cards, or merchandise. Students even have the option to direct deposit their cash rewards directly into their bank account.

Advantages of the Discover Student Card

  • 0% intro APR
  • rewards never expire
  • 0 fraud liability
  • no annual fee
  • online account management

Discover allows you to choose from over 30 card designs. This student credit card is good for students who want to build good credit while in college. The Discover Student Card allows students to earn special reward bonuses, not only the standard Discover cash back rewards. Students have the opportunity to learn financial responsibility just by making everyday college purchases such as textbooks.

If you would like the chance to build credit during your college years, then the Discover Student Card may be right for you. Just make on time payments and watch your credit score grow. Also, Discover offers some of the best online tools to help you manage your finances. Discover account management tools offers reminders such as text messaging when your due date is near.

The Discover Student Card is one of the best student credit cards available today. The Discover Student Card is for you for you are looking to build a credit history while in college. Applying online for the Discover Student Card is fast and easy. You will get a response within 60 seconds.

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  • Jeremy Link

    This looks like a cool card. Getting cash back and other free stuff seems great for a student credit card. I expect since I am a student that it is better to apply for a student card than a credit card for no credit. I have been looking for a student card and this seems like the best one I have seen. Thanks for the post.

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