How to Call Your Credit Card Company

Credit Card Company Calls

Saving Money Can be as Fast and Easy as Calling Your Credit Card Company

What many people don’t realize is that it is possible to save money with their credit card simply by picking up the phone. Many credit card companies have room to negotiate when it comes to certain fees. A short phone call can yield savings for the year or the entire length of the account.

The best time to call a credit card company is when you have a good amount of time on your hand. Do not call at work during your lunch break. You never know how long this call will take. You don’t know long you have to wait on hold before talking to someone. You may not only speak to the customer service representative. Sometimes it is a real strategy to speak to a supervisor, and you could be put on hold. If you have a time limit with your phone call, you may sound agitated if your time is running short.

Always remember to be courteous even if the error is the fault of your credit card company. Representatives are there to take your calls, and it is their job to field that call. They work for the credit card company and have not directly caused the problem you are having. A calm demeanor can help you have your issue resolved better and faster.

State your facts and avoid tangents. Do you want to be on the phone longer than you have to be? If you are trying to have a late payment fee removed or an annual fee waived state the years you have had your account. People who have been card holders for many years with good on time payment history tend to get many of these fees waived.

Credit card companies are willing to work with their account holders. All reasonable requests will be considered. Each company has different policies. So if one Visa Card company will allow you to do something does not mean the other has the same policy. Try meeting in the middle. If a fee is not removed, ask for a fee to be reduced by half. Sometimes you need to ask; it might not be offered.


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