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Get deals with Living Social Visa.

Living Social Visa Offers Great Rewards to Cardholders

How does $30.00 in Deal Bucks sound? If you are a LivingSocial subscriber, it sounds great. LivingSocial offers $30.00 in Deal Bucks automatically when you get approved for the Living Social Visa Card. This reward credit card is easy to apply for. Just go online and fill out the LivingSocial credit card application. You will get instant response on whether you are approved. If you have been approved for the Living Social Visa Card, you will automatically receive $30.00 in Deal Bucks. Deal Bucks can be used to purchase the numerous money saving deals offered by LivingSocial.

LivingSocial emails offer to subscribers on the different deals that are provided by merchants. Typically deals offer a discount of fifty percent or more. These money saving deals are offered for a limited amount of time. Now LivingSocial has come out with the Living Social Visa to compliment it’s shopping deal site.

First cardholders can earn rewards by making everyday purchases. Just by buying things they need a cardholder will earn one point for every dollar on most purchases. Earn three points for every dollar for dining out. Finally, cardholders earn five points for every dollar they spend on the LivingSocial site. Points can add up fast. One hundred points equal one deal buck. Cardmembers can apply deal bucks immediately to any eligible purchase on LivingSocial. If you apply and get approved in 2012, you will receive $10 in deal bucks if you make ten purchases within a billing cycle.

Unlike other reward Visa credit card offers, points never expire.  There are no limits to a number of points card members can earn. The Living Social Visa credit card has no annual fee. Points can be made fast, and redemption of these points is easy. This credit card has been very popular with deal-seeking consumers. JP Morgan Chase offers the LivingSocial credit card.

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    Living Social is one of my favorite sites. I find a lot of great deals there. Thanks for the info about the Living Social credit card. I plan to get one soon.