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Did you know installment loans are one way to build credit fast? Having different trade accounts on your credit report adds variety. Credit Mix accounts for 10% of your credit score.

Credit Cards for Bad Credit

OpenSky® Secured Credit Visa® - lower interest than most secured credit cards at 18.14% (variable) APR

Milestone® Gold MasterCard® - Easy pre-qualification with fast response
- Previous bankruptcy is okay.

build new credit fast

There are reasons why a person may need to apply for a credit card for bad credit. The common reasons are they have had some past credit problems, bankruptcy, or no established credit. These are some things an individual can do to build their credit fast and improve their credit score.

The Shopping Cart Trick

Learn how to get approved for store credit cards at any credit levels. Learn the method that allows you to apply and get approved for store-branded credit fast without a hard pull appearing on your credit report.

What Is a Credit Card Skimmer and How to Protect Yourself?

A credit card skimmer is a device that is placed on credit card readers to steal credit card information. Learn how to protect yourself from card skimming.

How To Pay Down for a Debt Free Life

There are numerous techniques you could make use of to pay off your credit card debt. Paying down old credit card debt while not creating new credit debt is the fastest way to become debt free.