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CreditFast is a financial site that provides news about credit cards and other financial products. Our goal is to provide you with information so that you can learn more about these products. This data will help you to make informed decisions. We are committed to helping people learn how to improve their credit and find the right credit card application. Many times that goal can be reached through the responsible use of credit cards.

Applications for All Major Bank Credit Card Issuers:

There are several major categories of credit cards that we seek to inform readers about. CreditFast also offers opportunities to submit online applications for these credit cards. Some of the credit card offers are from our advertising partners. We have objectively reviewed the features and benefits of each card we review. We hope you will find the information helpful as you seek to make decisions that will help build your credit.

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Credit Card Application by Major Issuers

Visa® Credit Card Applications
A Visa credit card gives you access to fast, reliable payment options at over 250 million locations worldwide. Visa customers enjoy exceptional convenience and reliability from the world’s most recognized financial services brand. Visa also offers enhanced online security features, a zero liability policy for fraudulent charges, and 90-day damage and theft protection on purchases.

Mastercard® Credit Card Applications
MasterCard is accepted in more than 200 countries worldwide and has become the industry leader in new payment technologies. A MasterCard credit card is an appealing choice for travel because of its almost universal acceptance and numerous travel benefits. MasterCard is also the only credit card brand that provides cardholders with free services for detecting and resolving identity theft.

American Express® Credit Card Applications
American Express was the credit card company that the J.D. Power and Associates Survey ranked highest for customer satisfaction six years in a row. While it is accepted in fewer places than Visa and MasterCard, American Express is known for good customer service and attractive travel rewards programs. American Express also offers product return protection. This will reimburse cardholders up to $300 if a store refuses to take back an unused item.

Discover® Credit Card Applications
Discover offers a price protection program. This allows consumers to request a reimbursement of up to $500 if an item you purchase with your card goes up within 90 days of your purchase. Discover is the only major credit card company that offers a rewards program for all of its credit cards.

Credit Card Application by Category

Credit Card Applications for Fair Credit
Many individuals have neither good nor bad credit. For people with average credit scores, credit card offers for fair credit is the best option. Find credit cards with no annual fees or reward programs. In time with responsible credit use, a FICO credit score will improve to the good credit category.

Credit Card Applications for Bad Credit
Experian, one of the three major credit bureaus, reports that nearly one-third of Americans have poor credit. There are a number of banks and credit card companies that have cards designed specifically for people with bad credit or no established credit history. Responsible use of these credit cards will help you build your credit quickly.

Credit Card Applications for Student
Many financial companies offer credit cards specifically designed for students. Applying for one of these credit cards helps students establish a credit history separate from their parents. This process helps students demonstrate that they are trustworthy borrowers. They will be able to apply for loans, sign leases, and open accounts on their own later in life.

Credit Card Applications for Business Owners
Business credit cards help keep business and personal finances separate. Keeping all business expenses on one credit card makes accounting easy when tax time comes. Also, many business cards offer quarterly or annual spending reports. So this makes it easy to break down and categorize business expenses. Also, consider why you want to apply for a business credit card. Is it financing options, rewards perks, simplifying your accounting, or something else?

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Find the right Credit Card Application and Benefit from Building Good Credit

It’s important to understand that you can’t improve your credit only by applying for a card. Once you’ve been approved, you have to regularly use your new card responsibly. Make small purchases with your card, then pay off the full balance by the due date every month. Be sure to keep your spending low compared to the credit limit on your account. Using less than 20% of your available credit and making on-time payments will help your credit score improve. The process of building or establishing good credit will take time. You’ll start to notice improvements within the first few months.

Still, need help deciding which credit card is right for you? Feel free to reach out to the Credit Fast team on social media. We’d love to hear from you!

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CreditFast has reviewed the best credit cards on the market. Some of the credit card offers are from our advertising partners. CreditFast has objectively reviewed the features and benefits of each credit card. We have chosen credit card offers based on our editor’s recommendations.


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