Old Navy Visa Card Review Pros and Cons

The Old Navy Visa Card can be used at Old Navy and beyond! The Old Navy credit card can be used at Old Navy.

Old Navy Visa Card Review

Do you like to shop at Old Navy? Maybe you spend a lot there when it comes time for the kids to go back to school. Whatever the reason, you may want to consider the Old Navy Visa. This is the Visa version of the Old Navy credit card. Synchrony Bank issues both variations of this card. These cards make up Gap Inc’s family of branded cards, including Old Navy, Gap, Athleta, and the Banana Republic.

If you’re curious as to whether or not the Old Navy credit card has rewards that make it worth having, this is for you. We’ll outline the biggest pros and cons of the Old Navy Visa below. So this way, you’ll know if you should try for this card or look elsewhere.

Old Navy Visa Pros

1. Annual Fee

To start off, you have to know that this card has a $0 annual fee. This means you won’t have to pay for having the card in your wallet each year. Instead, you can use it as much or as little as you like. The rewards you earn are yours to keep. There’s no trying to balance them out with a large yearly fee. For people who only use this card sparingly, this is fantastic news.

2. Earn up to Five Points Per Dollar Spent

Unlike some cards where you have to stick to a single store, the Old Navy Visa is more flexible. Yes, you’ll earn five points per dollar at Old Navy and Gap stores. But it doesn’t stop there. Shop at GapBody, Gap Outlet, Gap Maternity, GapKids, Banana Republic, Gap Factory Store, Old Navy, Athleta, Old Navy Outlet, and Banana Republic Factory Store. When you shop here and use your Old Navy credit card, you’ll get five points for every dollar you spend.

3. Additional Points

Maybe you don’t frequent these stores often. If not, that’s okay. You can still earn one point per dollar at every other store that accepts Visa. You can use it in the grocery store, gas stations, malls, or any retailer that will take Visa cards. For every 500 points you earn, you’ll get a $5 credit. This can really add up if you shop a lot and use your card.

4. Points for Going Paperless

Almost everyone chooses to go paperless. It’s very convenient, better for the environment, and Old Navy rewards you for it. So if you go paperless with your billing, you’ll earn 500 points. Also, you get a second 500 points for giving your email and get offers and updates from the brands. This totals out to 1,000 extra points that adds up to $10 in rewards. It takes a few minutes, and you can spend your points immediately.

5. Combine Rewards

One very nice perk with the Old Navy Visa is the ability to combine your rewards. Say you have a discount coupon or two for 20% off. When you check out, you can stack this coupon with your rewards. In turn, you can save much more with this combination. Just make sure you pay attention to the terms of the coupons and your point balance before you check out.

6. Automatic Certificates

Some cards make you manually redeem your points before you can use them. The Old Navy credit card differs. Instead of waiting for you to request them, they’ll issue them every time you hit 500 points. If you use the card a lot, you’ll get a lot of $5 credits without having to do anything extra. This makes it hard to forget your point totals or forget to redeem them.

7. Additional Reward Tier

Anyone who earns 5,000 points in a calendar year hits a new reward tier called the Navyist. This tier entitles you to 20% additional rewards points every three months. When you shop online, you’ll get free shipping. You can also request free basic alterations on non-suede and leather Banana Republic merchandise. There is also a dedicated customer service line for Navyists only to address concerns or answer questions.

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Old Navy Visa Cons

1. Fast Expiration Date

One large drawback with the Old Navy Visa is the expiration date. You usually have 30 days to use your points once you get the $5 certificates. If you don’t use them in this allotted time, they’ll expire. This forces you to shop at least once a month if you have the certificates or face losing them and getting nothing.

2. Certificate Cap

There is a limit to how many rewards certificates you can use at one time. If you shop online, you can use five or less. If you shop in the store, the cap is three per visit. You can also only use them on a single item, and you can’t spread them out to multiple ones. This is very restrictive if you purchase more expensive items and have the points to help offset the cost.

3. Rewards Cap

Every billing cycle, there is a cap to how many rewards you can earn. The maximum amount you can earn in a single billing cycle is $250. If you earn more, your points won’t count or add to your account. To be fair, this equals out to getting 500 points 50 times in 30 days. For most people, this won’t be an issue because it’s a lot to spend.

4. APR

The APR is 26.49%. It’s also a variable APR that can fluctuate from one month to the next. This can quickly start to add up for anyone who carries a balance from month to month. Also, it can impact how much you end up spending overall by the time you pay your balance in full.

5. Points Will Expire

If you want to save your points longer, don’t transfer them to certificates. However, the points themselves have an expiration date attached. Once you don’t use your card in 24 months, your points will vanish. This isn’t a huge deal for most people, but you do want to keep an eye on it.

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Bottom Line On The Old Navy Credit Card

The Old Navy Visa is a unique card that works well for people who shop at the Gap family of stores. It works well both online and in-store, and you can use it with any merchant that accepts Visa. There are several drawbacks to it, but the benefits generally outweigh them.

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