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American Express Credit Card Company is a leading global payments, network and travel company founded in 1850.
American Express Credit Card – operates in over 130 countries around the globe.

The American Express Credit Card Company is steadfast in their commitment to providing consumers with the resources they need to understand and manage their credit fast and to help them use charge and credit cards. Go online for more control and convenience, and manage your card account. Also, it’s available to you virtually anywhere and anytime you have Internet access. Fraud protection guarantee means you won’t be held responsible for any fraudulent charges when you use your American Express Credit Card.

American Express® Green Card
Blue Cash Preferred® Card
Blue Cash Everyday® Card
Wells Fargo Propel American Express® Card

American Express Credit Card Benefits for Amex Business Card Holders

American Express OPEN® Card Members enjoy the benefits of a special brand of Relationship Care® service. Any questions you have about your American Express OPEN Business Charge or Credit Card, you can receive answers 24/7. Call the number on the back of your business Amex credit card to a Customer service representative. They are specially trained to assist in the needs of small business owners, and they can provide support for Amex business card holders.

Amex Business Credit Card

Also, American Express® Cards offers the Membership Rewards® program

American Express Membership Benefits:

Different cards earn Membership Rewards points. Every American Express credit card has its own set of perks, and some even have bonus categories to earn two to three times the points instead of the standard 1 point on most credit cards.

Like many credit cards, Amex cards differentiate themselves based on the benefits you can get by using them. Furthermore, they all earn Amex travel rewards, and some cards add more to these rewards or reduce fees. Many cards have specific benefits, such as travel credits, and complimentary elite status.

There is so much a person can do with their Membership Rewards® points.

In conclusion, American Express® Credit Cards offers a broad range of travel rewards points for air travel, and hotel stays through gift cards. Card holders can use their points for their next stay at AIRBNB. Also, Membership Rewards® can be used for booking an adventure at
American Express® Credit Cards

CreditFast has reviewed the best credit cards on the market. Some of the credit card offers are from our advertising partners. CreditFast has objectively reviewed the features and benefits of each credit card. We have chosen credit card offers based on our editor’s recommendations.

All American Express credit card applications contain our editor’s rating and objective opinion. Most of the credit card offers shown are from our advertising partners. CreditFast has reviewed the features and benefits of each of the American Express credit cards discussed and ranked them in the order of our editor’s recommendation.

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