Best Gas Card – Earn Gas Rewards When Gas Prices Go Up

Earn gas rewards at the gas station by finding the best gas card.

Best Gas Card and Benefits of Gas Credit Cards When Gas Prices Go Up

Anyone who commutes regularly can tell you how useful gas credit cards are. This is especially true when gas prices go up. For college students or people who commute for work, the gas rewards can stack up. Even if you don’t commute, you still fill up your car routinely using a gas card. So the best gas card can really help you when the gas prices rise.

There is also a gas credit card for bad credit available to earn gas rewards. If you’ve never heard of gas credit cards and gas rewards, this article is for you. I’ll tell you everything you need to know about gas rewards cards. I’ll also review the four best gas credit cards available including one of the gas cards for bad credit. So you’ll have a good starting point for research.

Defining What is a Gas Credit Card

A gas credit card comes directly from a gas station. When you use this card, you can get discounts and additional perks like a few cents off per gallon. Some also offer a rewards system in the form of points. You could even get as much as three percent cash back. So, if you fill your car every few days, this three percent can quickly add up.

You do want to choose the best gas card for your preferred gas station. This is important because some only offer discounts or rewards if you fuel up at their gas station. These cards can also be easier to apply for and get approved, and they can boost your credit score.

How to Apply for a Gas Credit Card

The gas station application process is usually relatively straightforward. You can ask at the gas station of your choice if they have gas credit cards and how you apply. It can vary from gas station to gas station. But, you usually have the option of applying online or applying right at the gas station.

You’ll input your relevant information and find out if your credit is high enough for approval. If you are, the lender will send you your gas reward credit card in the mail. Once you get it, you can start using it straight away. If not, you can work on rebuilding your credit and try again, or look into gas credit cards for bad credit.

Important Gas Rewards Credit Cards Considerations to Find the Best Gas Card

Even the best gas card has essential considerations you want to keep in mind. The last thing you want to do is get gas cards that don’t fit your lifestyle. It won’t do you any good if you don’t use it regularly.

  • Annual Fee – Annual fees tend to cost more with rewards cards. This is true for gas rewards credit cards as well. You want to check and see what your annual fee is. If it’s high, this can defeat the purpose of your rewards. Ideally, your goal is to make your rewards outweigh the annual fee. If you can’t do this, you’ll be paying in for a card you may not use that often.
  • Interest Rate – Generally, gas credit cards come with a higher interest rate. This is especially true if they’re rewards-style cards, but most rewards cards have higher rates. You can avoid interest by paying off your balance every month. If you don’t carry a balance, you won’t pay interest.
  • Rewards Limits – Some gas rewards cards have caps on how many rewards you can earn. This cap usually resets every three months, but it can cut into your rewards. A few of the best gas card options have unlimited rewards. This is useful if you spend a lot and tend to hit caps quickly. You’ll get more rewards with a card with no limit. No limits on earning gas rewards are especially helpful when gas prices go up.
  • Rotating Cash Back Categories – A lot of gas cards come with fixed bonus percentages. However, a few do offer rotating or bonus categories. This rotating category cards can give you up to five percent cash back during certain quarters. Gas credit cards usually transfer this higher cash back to gas station purchases as well.
  • Sign-Up Bonus – The best gas card may offer you a sign-up bonus when you open the card. You usually have to spend a certain amount during the first three months to get this bonus. However, the bonus can end up being worth $150 and up. This shouldn’t help you make a decision between cards. But, if you’re deciding between two and the one with the bonus works better, take it.
  • Terms and Conditions – If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Unfortunately, the same goes gas reward cards. Make sure that you read the fine print. It’ll tell you all of the miscellaneous fees and important card information you want to know.

Compare Gas Rewards to Find the Best Gas Card

Now that you know what to look for, there are a few other important things you should know. It’s important that you compare best gas reward cards. There are five things you have to know and do to help ensure that you get the best one.

  • Know what your credit score is
  • Compare the rewards programs and ensure they match your habits
  • Compare interest rates and fees between cards
  • Check the annual fee
  • Pick a card with a low cost and maximum benefits

Gas Rewards – Reviewing Four of the Best Gas Credit Cards

1. Bank of America Cash Rewards Credit Card

This card gives you three percent cash back on gas, two percent for groceries, and one percent on everything else. The Bank of America Cash Rewards Credit Card does have a $2,500 cap, but this starts over every quarter. If you spend $500 during the first three months, you get a $150 sign-up bonus as well.

This card also comes with no annual fee, and this is huge for a rewards card. You’ll pay not APR for the first 12 months, and there are unlimited rewards. This is why this Bank of America credit card made the Credit Fast best gas card list. However, this card does require excellent credit. It also has a higher APR and a foreign transaction fee.

2. Blue Cash Preferred Card

The Blue Cash Preferred Card has straight cashback with no rotating categories. If you spend $1,000 in the first three months, you get a $150 statement credit. It gives you three percent cash back on gas and up to six percent cash back at select supermarkets. There is also a zero percent APR on balance transfers for the first 12 months.

The six percent rewards rate caps at $6,000 per year, and then it restarts. There is also a foreign transaction fee. You’ll pay a $95 annual fee each year for having the card as well. But, it’s a good choice for people who do a lot of grocery shopping. If you want to avoid credit card fees look at the top 5 no annual fee credit cards Credit Fast recommends.

3. Discover it Card

Each quarter; this card rotates rewards categories. In the last two years, gas station purchases got five percent cashback during the first quarter. After the first year, the Discover it Card matches any rewards you earned throughout the year. There are also multiple ways to redeem your rewards, and identity theft monitoring.

You do need credit in the high 600s or low 700s to qualify for this card. As it is Discover, it’s not as widely accepted as MasterCard or Visa. Also, the rotating categories can be difficult to track. You can only earn around $75 per quarter before the rewards cap kicks in as well. Another cash back card is the Chase Freedom® Cash Back Visa which also offers 5% 1st quarter on gas purchases.

4. Discover it Secured Card – One of the Best Gas Cards for Bad Credit

As far as gas cards for bad credit go, the Discover it Secured card is a good option. It only costs $200 to open an account, and people with bad credit qualify. The card also gives quick upgrade opportunities after eight months of on-time payments. You earn two percent cash back at the gas station. This caps at $1,000 but resets every four months.

There is no annual fee with this card, and it’s one of the few secured credit cards with rewards. You get free credit monitoring, and it has an easy application process. It does have an APR around 24.49 percent, but you can avoid this by not carrying a balance. There is also a late payment fee and a balance transfer fee. These are both avoidable though with responsible use.

Bottom Line on Finding the Best Gas Card and Gas Rewards

The best gas card can help you save money and build your credit at the same time. You earn even more gas rewards when gas prices go up. However, choosing the best gas card requires you to do your research. Even if you have bad credit, one of these gas reward cards can help you.

CreditFast has reviewed credit cards and benefits of each best gas card with a sign-up bonus. We have chosen the best gas card offers based on our editor’s recommendations.


Credit Builder Loan From Self Lender Review

Build credit credit score fast with a credit builder loan. Read the full Self Lender review. plus YouTube video.

Self Lender Review – Credit Builder Loan

Anyone who wants to fix their credit but doesn’t want to use a credit card has other options. A credit builder loan is a great alternative to traditional credit building methods, and there is no credit check required. What’s better, it’s available in all 50 states. Our comprehensive Self Lender review will give you a good idea if this is a feasible option for you to use.

We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about this service step-by-step. This includes what a credit builder loan is, how you apply, and how it can help. We’ll also talk about who could benefit most from using this tool, and why it’s a good alternative. By the end of this Self Lender review, you will know if this credit builder loan is right for you.

Apply Self Lender – Build Your Financial Future

Who or What is Self Lender?

First up on our Self Lender review is pinning down exactly who or what Self Lender is. Basically, Self Lender offers credit building or credit repair installment loans. First, they offer free credit monitoring. This monitoring system lets you see exactly where your credit score is at. It also allows you to track your score and watch for fraudulent activity or incorrect information. This credit scoring service will give you tips and hints to improve your credit, and it’s all at no cost.

Most important, the company also offers a credit builder loan program. This program is where they offer a truly unique type of installment loan. It’s also where they can help people rebuild their credit. Whether you have bad credit or no credit, this program can help you. They designed the program to give people second chances, even when other lenders turned them down. It may be slightly slower than traditional credit building tools, but it works.

How the Credit Builder Loan Program Works

When you think of a loan, you think of applying and getting your money right away. However, this program works in reverse to a traditional installment loan. Once you apply for the loan, the company will place the loan amount in a Certificate of Deposit account. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation insures this money, so it’s safe. You’ll make set monthly payments for a set number of months until you pay the loan off. When you pay it off, the company will release the funds to you.

You can choose from a single year loan or a two-year loan program when you apply. The lowest payment amount this program has is just $25 per month, and it’s stretched out over two years. If you choose this loan, you’ll pay a $9 administrative fee. This fee will go up depending on which loan you choose, but it caps at $15 upfront. So, you don’t have to have a lot of money to enroll in this program. You just have to be sure that you can make all of your monthly payments on time.

Free On-Demand Credit Monitoring is Offered with a Self Lender Credit Builder Loan

You get free on-demand credit monitoring, and you’ll also get a VantageScore. This comes from TransUnion. It allows you to get into the habit of tracking your score while you build it. In around six months, you should see your score improve. Or, you should see a score generate if you didn’t have one. This program will let you pay off the balance before the lending period is up. However, this won’t help to build your score any higher.

When you get the money, it’s yours to do whatever you want with it. So you can create an emergency fund or reinvest it. You could even take out another credit builder loan and continue to improve your score. You want to pay the full term of the loan. This way you will have 12 or 24 months of on-time payments reported to the credit bureaus. Also, Self Lender is an installment loan which gets reported differently than a credit card which is a revolving account. Having different credit trade types on your credit report is called credit mix; it factors 10% of your credit score.

The Credit Builder Loan Application Process

Now that you know what this installment loan program does, our Self Lender review will go through the application process. It is fairly straightforward, and it can take as little as five minutes from start to finish.

Start by going to the Self Lender website and click “Get Started.” The site will then ask you what type of loan you want. Choose from a regular loan or the normal credit builder option with a CD. Then, you’ll have to create an account and log in. Once this is complete, you’ll have to fill in:

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Birthday
  • Social Security Number
  • Income Limit

It’ll take this information and run it through ChexSystems to check your banking history. It’s looking for any issues like bad checks or overdrafts. However, it usually ignores them unless you have outstanding balances. If it comes back with no issues, you’ll move on to the next step.

Self Lender Review the Different Credit Builder Loan Options

Next, you’ll have to choose a loan amount, payment, and terms. These are all preset by the company. A larger loan won’t help you fix your credit faster. However, it might mean that you don’t pay as much for interest. You can choose from the following options:

Loan One Loan Two Loan Three Loan Four
Loan Amount $525 $545 $1,000 $2,200
Monthly Payment $25 $48 $89 $194
Repayment Term 24 Months 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months
Total Interest $75 $31 $68 $128
Cost Upfront $9 $15 $12 $12

Once you’ve settled on a loan, the site will ask you to input how you’d like to make your payments. You can choose from a debit card or a checking account. However, you’ll pay extra fees if you use a debit card to make your payments.

You’ll start making your monthly payments. The company will report your payments to all three credit bureaus. In around six months, you should see your score improve. However, this will only help if all of your other credit lines are in good standing. If you default on one, this program will do little to help build your credit score.

Penalties and Fees

If you get into this program and miss payments, you’ll pay for it. If you’re 15 days late with your payment, you’ll pay an additional 5% of the monthly payment fee. Also if you’re 30 days late with a payment, it’ll go on your credit report. If you don’t catch it up, it’ll eventually default. You’ll get your original deposit amount back. It’ll subtract whatever you still owed plus any fees. This will go on your credit report and damage your score.

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Credit Builder Loan

As with any credit building tool, the Self Lender program comes with pros and cons. It’s only fair that this Self Lender review gives you both sides so you can make an informed decision.

Self Lender Review of Benefits

  • The program forces you to save.
  • Any upfront costs are extremely affordable.
  • No penalties for paying off the loan early.
  • There is no credit check required with a hard credit inquiry.
  • It can diversify your credit history because it’s an installment loan.
  • It reports every payment to the credit bureaus.

Self Lender Review of Drawbacks

  • Any late payments can damage your credit.
  • You may not qualify if you have outstanding banking fees.
  • You’ll pay 5% more per month if you’re 15 days late.
  • It costs you to take out the loan.
  • The CD’s interest rate is extremely low.
  • It costs more to pay with a debit card.

People Who Benefit from this Program

This program is an excellent choice for people with no or bad credit. It’s also a good choice for people who want to try an alternative to traditional credit repair tools. As there is no credit check, it’s a solid choice for people with no credit history as well. If you’re younger and you can’t get a normal credit card, this program could work. It can give you a solid foundation to build your credit history on. As we mentioned before, it’ll diversify your credit history at the same time.

Alternatives to the Credit Builder Loan

If you’re still not sure about this program, there are other options available to you. They may cost more upfront or be harder to qualify for, but they’re available.

1. Authorized User
If a parent, relative, or sibling has a credit card, ask if they’ll add you as an authorized user. You’ll get your own card that functions off their line of credit. This is risky for them though. If you make purchases and don’t pay it, it’ll hurt their credit. Learn more here at making your teen an authorized user.

2. Loan Co-Signer
Another option available to you is to ask someone with good credit to co-sign a traditional loan with you. They’ll look at your co-signer’s credit history along with your own to determine your eligibility. If they approve your loan and you don’t pay it, your co-signer will be on the hook for the balance. Read more on the risks of co-signing.

3. Secured Credit Cards
A final option is applying for and getting a secured credit card. You can get them with bad or no credit, but they cost more upfront. You’ll pay a deposit that ranges between $49 up to $200, and $200 becomes your line of credit. Don’t carry a balance from month to month and you won’t pay interest. Review the Credit Fast Top 3 Picks for Secured Credit Card Applications.

So if you want to learn more from Self Lender or apply visit:
Apply Self Lender – Build Your Financial Future

Self Lender Review Credit Builder Loan Bottom Line

Our Self Lender review of the credit builder loan program gave you a comprehensive look at what it offers. We walked you through the application process and gave you benefits and drawbacks of the program. We also gave you alternatives. This program is a solid option for anyone who wants to build or fix their credit. You can choose from several payment, and loan amounts to fit into any budget. As long as you make your payments on time, it can help you build a solid credit history.


Secured MasterCard from Capital One Review

Reviewed are the Features of the Secured MasterCard from Capital One

Secured MasterCard from Capital One Review

When it comes to fixing or establishing your credit, the Secured MasterCard from Capital One is a decent choice. It comes with several perks that are unusual for a secured credit card for their cardholders to enjoy. If you’re curious whether or not the Capital One Secured MasterCard is a good fit for you, read on. We’ll list the good and the not so good that comes with this card.

Benefits of the Secured MasterCard from Capital One

Easy Account Monitoring

The Capital One Secured credit card has easily accessible account monitoring. You’ll get online account access. You can log in through the app or through the website. This allows you to monitor your account 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You’ll be able to log in and check your balance, bills, and any purchases. You can also call in and contact support with any questions or concerns.

Regular Credit Reporting

The Capital One Secured card helps you build or rebuild your credit. As long as you use it responsibly, should see your credit increase. It regularly reports to all three credit bureaus. This is great if you have a very thin credit history. Lenders will be able to look and see you making on-time payments and using your card responsibly. This can make them more comfortable to work with you.

Lower Initial Deposit

Normally when you get a secured card, your deposit amount is your credit line. However, the Capital One Secured card deposit it different, and this makes it stand out. The deposits start at $49, and this can get you a credit line of $200. The total amount will depend on your creditworthiness. If you want a higher credit limit, your Capital One Secured card deposit can range from $99 to $200.

CreditWise and Monitoring Tools

On top of 24/7 account access, Capital One gives cardholders more tools to succeed. Cardholders will enjoy CreditWise, and this is a free monitoring app. It lets you see your credit score improving. It’ll also show you your payment and credit history in real time. CreditWise monitors your account for suspicious activity as well. Finally, you can set up an alert system to warn you of upcoming payments. It’ll email you if you’re too close to your credit limit as well.

Access to a Higher Credit Line

The Secured MasterCard from Capital One lets you get a higher credit line quickly. When you open the account, all you do is make your first five payments on time. If you do this, Capital One may offer you a higher credit line. This higher credit line gives you a little more freedom with your purchases. It also gives you a chance to continue to learn to be financially responsible.

No Annual Fees

Some secured cards have annual fees, but the Secured MasterCard from Capital One has no annual fee. No annual fees allow you to focus on building your credit and your credit history. You won’t have to worry about having extra money around to pay your annual fee. This is great news for people who don’t have a lot of money, to begin with. It gives you the flexibility to plan for your expenses as well.

No Additional Deposit for a Credit Increase

Usually, when you apply for a higher line of credit, you pay an additional deposit. This isn’t the case with the Capital One Secured credit card. Capital One will monitor how well you’re doing with your card. Show them that you can use it responsibly and your credit is doing better, you can get a credit increase. If your credit is doing well enough, you won’t pay an additional deposit.

Widely Accepted

MasterCard is one of the more popular credit card brands. It’s been around since 1966, and most vendors accept it. You can use it at restaurants, for entertainment, shopping, and more. You can also use it online or in person, and this makes it easy to build up a solid foundation for your credit. Just make sure that you can pay off your balance each month and avoid sliding into debt.

Flexible Payment Options

A lot of cards have one specific due date, and you have to work around it. The Secured MasterCard from Capital One has a fluid payment due date and options. When you get the card, you can pick the due date that suits you. You can also choose how you’d like to make your payment. You can pay by check, at a local branch, or online. Whichever way you choose to pay is free, and you won’t pay an additional fee.

Authorized User

Another thing that sets the Secured MasterCard from Capital One apart is the authorized user feature. You can register another person to use your card. Once you do, you can monitor their activity through CreditWise. You may not want to do this because it’s a smaller credit line, but the option is there.

Drawbacks of the Secured MasterCard from Capital One

No Rewards

The Capital One Secured Card has no reward system. You won’t earn any reward points or cash back when you use the card. This is fairly typical of secured credit cards. It allows you to focus on fixing or building up a solid credit history. You can always graduate to a rewards card once you build up your credit score. However the Discover it® Secured Credit Card does offer cash back rewards from day one.


If you usually carry a balance from month to month, you want to break this habit with this card. The Capital One Secured MasterCard has a higher APR. For each month you carry a balance, you’ll pay an additional APR of 24.99%. This rate can stack up very quickly, and it’s a fast way to get into debt. If you’re having trouble paying your balance, it’s time to scale back your spending.

Lower Maximum Security Deposit

Although it’s nice that you’ll pay less for a security deposit, it has a lower maximum amount. The highest security deposit you can pay for this card is $1,000. This restricts how high your final credit line amount is. Other secured credit cards offer maximum security deposits ranging from $2,500 to $4,900.

Have to Have a Savings or Checking Account

In order to open this card, you have to have either a checking or a savings account. You can’t open the card without one, and this can make it difficult. It is relatively easy to open one of these accounts though. It also doesn’t have to be through Capital One. You can open one at the bank of your choice, and it’ll work. If you do not have a bank account then the OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit Card is a good option.

Eligibility Restrictions

This card comes with a few other restrictions as well. If you’re an existing customer, you can only have two other Capital One accounts. They also have to be in good standing and show a history of responsible use. If you’ve recently had a credit card discharged, you won’t be eligible for this card. It’s important to know these restrictions before you apply for this card.

Lower Initial Credit Limit

Whether you pay a $49, $99, or $200 security deposit, your initial credit limit is $200. You’ll have this credit limit for at least the first five months you have the Secured MasterCard from Capital One. Once the five months is up, you may be eligible for a higher line of credit.

No Graduating to an Unsecured Card

A lot of secured cards have a graduation process. After you build up your credit, they’ll offer you an unsecured card. However, this card doesn’t offer that option. If you want an unsecured card from Capital One, you have to apply for it. You may get pre-qualification offers from the company when your credit fits their requirements.

Compare All Top Secured Credit Cards Apply Now!

Bottom Line Secured MasterCard® from Capital One®

The Secured MasterCard from Capital One has several great benefits and a few drawbacks. So it’s a good tool to use to fill out your credit history. As long as you use it responsibly, it’ll work for you. Finally, if you’re considering trying to build your credit, it’s worth looking into this secured card.

CreditFast has reviewed the best secured credit cards on the market. Some of the credit card offers are from our advertising partners. CreditFast has objectively reviewed the features and benefits of each secured credit card. We have chosen credit card offers based on our editor’s recommendations.


Discover it Secured Card Review Benefits

The Discover it Secured Card can help build good credit history.

Discover it Secured Card Review of Benefits and Drawbacks

For rebuilding credit, it’s hard to find a card like the Discover it Secured Card. It offers so many good things for people to encourage them to use the card. If you’ve never heard of a secured card or the Discover it Secured credit card, this is for you. We’ll talk about the benefits and drawbacks of this secured credit card. By the end, you’ll know if this is a card that fits your situation or if you should keep looking.

Discover it Secured Card Benefits

1. Lower Deposit Amount

This secured Discover card requires you to pay a deposit when you get it. This deposit is what you’ll have to spend for your credit line. The minimum amount you can deposit is $200. It’s a great choice for people who don’t have a lot of extra cash around. You do need banking information when before you get your card. This lets them secure your credit line deposit. If you do not have a bank account the OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit Card is a credible option to consider.

2. Fast Upgrade Opportunities

Unlike several secured cards, the Discover it Secured Card comes with fast upgrade opportunities. If you submit every payment by the due date for eight months, they’ll review your account. If they don’t see any outstanding problems, they’ll consider transitioning you to an unsecured credit line. This is when you’ll get your initial deposit back as long as you pay off the balance. They’ll continue to review your account each month to see if you’re eligible for an upgrade.

3. Cash Back

It’s extremely rare to find a secured credit card that gives cash back. But, the Discover it Secured Card does just that. You’ll get cash back for every single purchase you make with your card. Make purchases at gas stations or restaurants and get 2% cash back. That is why at Credit Fast we think that this is one of the best gas cards for bad credit. This does drop to 1% when you hit the $1,000 mark. But, it starts over again every four months. You’ll get 1% cash back on every other purchase you make with the Discover secured card.

4. Cash Back Match

Discover rewards its cardholders at the end of their first credit year. They’ll give you a dollar-for-dollar cash back match. So, if you made $600 in cash back rewards, Discover would double it. This is free and automatic, so you don’t have to keep track of your rewards. It’s also a great incentive to use your card to work on your credit score.

5. No Annual Fee

This is a secured card, and it has absolutely no annual fee. This lets you use the card as much or as little as you want without a problem. It’s a good choice for people who don’t plan to use their card as much during the year. You won’t have to try and justify spending to earn enough rewards to match the annual fee. Any cash back rewards you earn each month are pure profit.

6. Free Social Security Number Monitoring

When you sign up for the Discover secured credit card, you’ll get free social security number monitoring. Discover will automatically crawl thousands of risky websites looking for your social security number. When it finds it, you’ll get a free text message alert to warn you. This feature can help to cut down on identity fraud and potentially save you money.

7. Free Credit Monitoring

You want to be able to watch your credit score go up. You can do this with free credit monitoring you get when you get the Discover secured card. It allows you to log in and check it each month. This helps you tell exactly where your credit is at all times. It’s also a good way to catch issues or fraudulent transactions in a hurry. You won’t get surprised by them a few months down the line.

8. Reports to All Three Credit Bureaus

This secured card will start reporting your activity to the credit bureaus after your first month. This is why it’s so important to have all of your payments submitted by or before the due date. You don’t want to have missed or late bill payments in your credit history. Missing payments or paying late can make your score worse and harder to build.

9. Credit Requirements

A lot of secured credit cards only work well for very low credit. However, the Discover it Secured Card has a higher range. It works very well to build credit until you hit at least 670. This feature lets you use this card for a longer period and still benefit from it. By the time you hit 670, you’ll usually get an upgrade to an unsecured card. This will help you continue to rebuild bad credit.

10. Easy Application Process

Applying for the Discover it Secured credit card is an easy process. You just have to fill out the online Discover application. You’ll know if you qualify for this card within minutes. Once you submit your banking information with the deposit, Discover will send you the card. You can start using it right away to build your credit.

11. Freeze It

The Discover Secured credit card comes with an important security feature. The Freeze It feature lets you freeze your card’s funds with the press of a button. It’s great if you lose or misplace your card. You can use the app to unfreeze it quickly when you locate it again as well.

Discover It Secured Card Drawbacks

1. High APR

This is a secured credit card, so it does have a higher interest rate. You’ll pay a variable rate of 24.49% each month you carry a balance. This can add up very fast, so it’s best to avoid it. You can avoid paying this rate by paying the total amount you owe every month. It’s a good incentive to learn responsible credit card use.

2. Lower Credit Lines

The credit line on the Discover secured card is lower. It all depends on what you can afford for an initial deposit. If it’s just $200, that’s what you have to spend. This can be restricting, and it won’t help out much in emergencies. But, if you can afford a higher deposit, you’ll get a higher line of credit. The maximum line of credit you can have with this card is $2,500.

3. Balance Transfer Fee

If you plan to do a balance transfer with this card, you’ll pay a fee. The fee works out to 3% of whatever amount you transfer to the card. So, if you decide to transfer $1,000 to the card, you’ll pay a $30 balance transfer fee. You’ll also pay an introductory balance transfer APR of 10.99% for the first six months. This isn’t a good card to transfer balances to because of the fees.

4. Late Payment Fee

If you forget to make a payment or miss it completely, you’ll pay a fee. The first time you miss it, there isn’t a fee, but every missed payment after that has one. It’ll cost you $27 each time you miss a payment. Also, if you miss two payments in a six-month span, the fee is $37. It also negatively impacts your credit score, and it can drop it a few points.

5. Slower Upgrade Time

Other secured cards will review and upgrade your account within four to six months. The Discover it Secured Card makes you wait until at least the eighth-month mark. If you don’t make it, you have to wait until the next month for another review. This can be frustrating, especially if you’re doing everything correctly.

Top Secured Credit Cards Apply Now!

The Discover it® Secured Credit Card Bottom Line

The Discover it Secured Card is a solid secured card for people who want to rebuild their credit score. As you can see, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. You’ll learn how to use it responsibly and get rewards along the way. It’ll allow you to rebuild your credit quickly and graduate to an unsecured card. All of these reasons make the Discover it Secured Card worth checking into.

CreditFast has reviewed the best secured credit cards on the market. Some of the credit card offers are from our advertising partners. CreditFast has objectively reviewed the features and benefits of each secured credit card. We have chosen credit card offers based on our editor’s recommendations.


Best Secured Credit Cards – Top 3 Secured Cards

What are the best secured credit cards? Listed are the top 3 secured cards to build credit fast.

The Three Best Secured Credit Cards

When it comes to poor or no credit, you may think that you have no way out. You don’t qualify for a traditional credit card, and a loan is out of the question. But, you’re certainly not alone, and there is a way out. You can safely build your credit and learn good financial habits with secured credit cards. Credit Fast has reviewed what we feel are the best secured credit cards. Are any of these top 3 secured cards we have chosen right for you?

A secured card comes with limitations or restrictions, so you don’t have to worry as much about overspending. It’s a great tool to help people with poor or no credit start to rebuild. If you’re not sure what secured credit cards are, this is for you. We’ll talk about secured credit cards, and then we’ll list the three best secured credit cards available.

CreditSoup® Secured Cards

Defining a Secured Credit Card

Simply put, a secured credit card is like a beginner credit card. You pay a deposit, and this deposit becomes your line of credit. So, if your initial deposit is $200, you have a $200 credit line. You can’t spend more than this deposit amount. If you do fail to pay your balance, the lender can keep your deposit.

This system makes secured cards a very low-risk option for the lenders. It’s exactly why people with bad or no credit can apply and receive them quite easily. Also, the secured cards typically come with higher interest rates than traditional credit cards. If you carry a balance from month to month, the lender profits because you’ll pay interest on your balance.

Low Fees is Why We Chose These Cards as the Top 3 Secured Cards

Some of the best secured credit cards have low annual fees. Some are higher, but you shouldn’t pay more than $50 for your card’s annual fee. Two of the Credit Fast picks for the top 3 secured cards have no annual fee. These low fee secured cards will save you money while you build or rebuild your credit.

Most large credit card issuers have a secured card or two. They hope that you use your secured card to build your credit. When your credit is high enough, they’re hoping you transfer to one of their unsecured cards. This gets more customers for the lenders, so it’s in their best interest to have good secured card options.

If you make your monthly payments on time for six to eight months, you may get a credit line increase. You will most likely have to call the lender and request it. Some credit card companies will increase your credit line automatically. They’ll look at your payment history and decide if you get your increase. You don’t want to stay on a secured card forever though.

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Upgrade Your Secured Card to an Unsecured Card or Move On

Ideally, you should use the card responsibly for a year or a year and a half. Monitor your credit carefully during this time. Use this time to pay off any debts or dispute any errors. The healthier your credit history looks, the more lenders are going to want to work with you.

When you reach the point that your credit is good enough for an unsecured card, move on. First, ask your credit card issuer whether they can upgrade your secured credit card to an unsecured credit card. Doing this you can keep your same account open by simply doing a product change. Keeping the same account and credit card number is better for the age of accounts. Older well-maintained credit accounts are a positive reflection on your credit report.

Otherwise, pay off your balance, close your secured account, and get your new unsecured card. Be sure to ask where they’re going to send your deposit. Also, ask how long it’ll be before it’s in your hands. Use your new card responsibly and keep building up a strong credit history and score.

The Three Best Secured Credit Cards

Now that you know what a secured credit card is, Credit Fast will give you three good options. These mini-reviews will let you easily compare them side-by-side. You’ll be able to find out which one of these top 3 secured cards works the best for your situation. Our picks for the best secured credit cards to build credit fast include:

  • Capital One® Secured Mastercard®
  • Discover it® Secured Card
  • OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit Card

1. Capital One Secured Card Mastercard

First up on our list of the best secured credit cards is the Capital One Secured card. This card comes with no annual fee. Also, your beginning credit deposit varies from $49, $99, and $200 for a $200 credit line. This will depend on your credit score when you apply for the card. After you make your first five payments on time, you can get a credit increase. The credit line caps at $3,000, which is high for this type of card.

This card is a MasterCard, so a variety of vendors accept it. It reports monthly to the credit bureaus. This card gives you free access to your FICO credit score through a service called CreditWise. People with credit scores ranging between 350 and 629 can benefit from having this card. This card comes with no foreign transaction fee, so you can use it if you travel.

It does come with a higher APR of 24.99%, and this is variable. You won’t get a 0% introductory period either with this card. But, you can avoid this fee by paying your balance in full each month. All in all, this is a solid option to help you improve your credit. It’s a basic card, but the no annual fee and flexible deposit amounts are huge bonuses.

2. Discover It Secured from Discover Card

Second on our list of the best secured credit cards is the Discover It Secured card. It stands out because it’s one of the very few secured options that gives cash back rewards. You’ll enjoy 2% cash back for restaurant and gas station purchases. This caps at $1,000 every three months, and then it starts over. However, you shouldn’t spend more than you can pay off each month because the APR is 23.99%.

You’ll also enjoy no annual fee, and it reports to all three credit bureaus. It comes with no foreign transaction fee, over limit fee, and no late fee on your first late payment. You should see your credit score climbing nicely if you use it responsibly. The minimum deposit starts at $200, and there is no flexibility with this price.

This card gives you free access to your FICO credit score. You can monitor your account and score online or from the app. It gives you access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It also comes with a Freeze It option. So this helps you prevent fraudulent purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances on misplaced or lost cards.

3. OpenSky Secured Visa

You don’t even need a bank account to apply and receive your OpenSky Secured Visa. It also gives you a flexible initial deposit. The deposit amount starts at $200, and it goes up to $3,000. This is great if you don’t have a lot of money on hand for your deposit. The lender allows you to send in your deposit four ways. A debit card will give you instant access, and mailing the deposit can take up to five days.

There is no hard credit check for this card either so your score won’t drop more. All you need is a stable job to apply, and you don’t need a credit history. The OpenSky Visa is an easy first credit card to get approved to help you build credit fast. It comes with a 25 day grace period for paying your bill. This makes it a great option if you’re learning how to manage your finances.

It also reports to the three credit bureaus each month. If you want to learn more about managing your finances, OpenSky can help. They offer free optional credit education to their customers. They’ll give you step-by-step credit building advice. This includes access to your credit score and how to dispute any errors.

These Best Secured Credit Cards Build Credit Fast Bottom Line

Building your credit score will take patience. It didn’t fall overnight, and it won’t go up overnight either. But, any one of the three best secured credit cards can help you build credit fast. You’ll learn how to use your card responsibly when you use it. You’ll be well on your way to having a healthier credit score when you choose the best secured credit cards.

CreditFast has reviewed the best secured credit cards on the market. Some of the credit card offers are from our advertising partners. CreditFast has objectively reviewed the features and benefits of each secured credit card. We have chosen credit card offers based on our editor’s recommendations.


Rent to Own Furniture and Electronic Alternatives

Is rent to own a bad Idea? How to buy furniture and electronics on credit 0 Interest?

Rent to Own Furniture and Electronic Alternatives

For many people, rent to own sounds like a great idea. You get the items you want, and you only pay small payments. The companies usually offer a lot of free things as well. You can get free delivery, installation, and service calls. You can also so get approval with no credit check and no down payment on furniture and electronics. Also, if you can’t make your payments, you can usually send the item back without any credit score damage.

Does this sound like something that is too good to be true? If you think so, you’d be completely correct. Renting to own involves something called financial charges. These charges go by your payment plan agreement. So, if you decide to make smaller payments, you’ll pay more in finance charges. This is how you could potentially pay double for an item if you rent to own it.

Example of Possible Interest Charges With Rent to Own

For example, say you had a credit card that had a 20% APR. Then you purchased a $450 sofa with it. You pay it back over 22 months, so you’d pay around $90 per month. Now let’s compare it to a rent to own contact. You buy your $450 sofa and make $20 weekly payments for 52 months. This makes your new sofa go from $450 up to a huge $1,040. That’s more than double the original cost, and it’s because of the financial charges.

Another reason you want to avoid rent to own operations is that they’re largely unregulated. This is because you don’t finance with them, and they don’t do a credit check. So by Federal law, they’re excluded from any Federal regulations. This makes your risk as a buyer skyrocket.

It’s also important to note that missed payment procedures vary from company to company. One rent to own company may add on a missed or late payment fee. However, other companies may come and repossess whatever you’re renting to own. If they do this, you’re out all of the money you’ve already paid on the balance. Even if you’re one payment short of finishing out the contract, you’d have to start over.

Alternatives to Renting to Own

If you don’t want to fall into this common trap, there are alternatives. They’re better for your credit, and for your wallet. We’ll go over three good alternatives you may want to check out.

Thrift or Second-Hand Stores

One alternative is buying gently used furniture or appliances from thrift stores. Garage sales are another good place to check. You can use this furniture while you rebuild your credit. It’ll also allow you to save money so you can start paying off any bad debt. Anything you can do to save money and build your credit is a good thing.

It’s a safer alternative to rent to own. Also, you’ll own the items outright. You can now take your time and start fixing or building your credit. When your credit is good enough, you can move on to buying furniture and appliances with 0 interest financing.

Consider 0% Financing Options Rather Than Rent to Own

For anyone that has decent credit, a 0% financing option can be a good choice. Obviously buy now pay later is better than rent to own. You can still buy your item now, but you pay it off over several months. It’s also regulated by the Federal Government because it comes in the form of a retail card. You’ll make small monthly payments until you reach a $0 balance.

These types of offers are good as long as you know what you’re getting. The goal is to pay the item off before the 0% financing period ends. If you don’t, this is where the trouble starts. These cards have a retroactive interest rate. This means that if you don’t pay the item off in time, the lender will add interest. This interest will backdate to the first month you had the card.

The interest rates on these cards to finance furniture and electronics are also high. The lenders are taking a bigger risk when they use these cards, and the interest rates help protect them. The rates usually hover around 24.8%, and this can be double what a traditional credit card’s rate is.

Proceed With Caution With 0% Interest Finance Programs

For example, you apply and get one of these cards with a 0% financing option. It has a retroactive interest rate of 23%. You decide to buy a television for $750. Then you spread the payments over 12 months, and this amounts to around $62.50 per month. You make all of your payments on time except the very last one, and the promotion ends. The lender will now take that 23% interest rate and charge 12 months’ worth to your card.

This can be a good deal if you pay close attention to the terms and conditions. As long as you’re sure that you can pay the balance off in time, you can reap the benefits. It’ll build your credit, and you get your items now.

Fingerhut Catalog Company

If a 0% financing option sounds too risky, there is another option instead of rent to own. Fingerhut is a more cost-effective option for people with really bad credit. There are two tiers of credit programs you can apply and get. First, if you have decent credit, Fingerhut’s Advantage Credit Account is a good option. If you have really bad credit, Fingerhut’s FreshStart Program is a good choice.

Fingerhut FreshStart Program

Basically, the FreshStart Program comes from the company WebBank. It’s a payment installment program that helps to build your credit. You can also use it to get better credit lines with Fingerhut themselves. To start the process, you have to apply. It’s completely online, and you’ll know in 60 seconds if they’ll approve you or not.

When they approve you, you have to make a one-time purchase. It has to be over $50.00, and this includes the shipping and handling fees. Once your order goes through, you have to pay a $30.00 down payment. Fingerhut will subtract the $30.00 down payment from your order’s total. They’ll now ship your items to you.

You’ll make monthly installment payments until you pay the balance off. If you pay off your entire balance without missing a single payment, Fingerhut will upgrade your account. They’ll give you a Fingerhut Advantage account. Eventually, you’ll get better credit lines that have no interest financing. However, you can only upgrade if you make your payments. It doesn’t count if you pay your balance off in one shot.

Why Fingerhut is Better Than Rent to Own

These Fingerhut accounts give borrowers a lot of flexibility. They have brand name products to choose from, and you get a broad range of choices. Also, you get months to pay off your balance. The opportunities for upgrades are also generous. It does have a higher APR, but it’s a good way to practice using it responsibly. With the Fingerhut Advantage program if you don’t want the APR, pay your balance in full each month.

There are also very little fees for this type of account. They only start to tack on fees if you start missing payments. You won’t pay an annual fee, membership fees, or monthly fees. All you pay is the one deposit, but the lender subtracts it from your balance. This is a cheaper alternative to buy your furniture and electronics from Fingerhut than rent to own. Also, you will be building your credit history that will help to build credit fast. In time you will be able to qualify for 0% interest credit offers.

If you want to know more, you can click here for a more comprehensive review. The associated YouTube video is another excellent resource you may want to check out.

Bottom Line on Rent to Own Programs

Rent to own may seem like a good idea at first, but it has huge pitfalls. There are safer alternatives, and they’ll help your credit. It pays to shop around and look at the various programs available to you. If it’s possible, avoid rent to own. You’re trying to make your situation better, and you don’t want that setback.


American Express Green Card Review + Video

American Express Green Card is a charge card.

American Express Green Card Review

This entry Amex card may not seem great at first glance, but it has several benefits. Yes, it one of the lower-entry charge cards, but it’s one first step to opening a better Amex card. There are also several upgrade options to consider as well. We’ll review the American Express Green Card today. We’ll go over the good points and the not so good points so you can make an informed decision. If you’re looking for charge cards, the Amex Green Card may be an option to consider.

American Express Green Card Benefits

Waived Annual Fee

While the American Express Green Card has an annual fee, the lender waives it for the first year. This means that you can keep all of your rewards for the first year. This is a good adjustment period so you can try out the card. You’ll know by the end of the first year if this card is a good fit for your needs or not. If you like to travel through American Express, you’ll earn rewards.

Rewards Rate

Another benefit of the Amex Green Card is the rewards rate. When you book through American Express Travel, you get two points for every dollar you spend. So, if you spend $500 on travel, you’ll get 1,000 points. You’ll also earn one credit card reward point for every other dollar you spend on everything else. This has the potential to stack up quickly, especially if you travel a lot.

American Express Green Card Rewards Never Expire

Any rewards you earn are yours until you close the account. They never expire, so you can stack them for as long as you like. This makes it very easy to save up for a larger purchase or travel expenses. So, if you have a big trip coming up in a year, don’t spend any of your rewards. You’ll be able to cover a lot of your expenses with your saved rewards. With many credit cards, unused reward points expire.

Points Transfer

A lot of people who travel frequently enroll themselves in frequent flyer programs. If you do, the American Express Green Card can be a valuable tool. Any points you earn with this card will transfer to several frequent flyer programs. So, if you don’t travel with American Express much, you can switch your points to your preferred airline. There is a small fee to transfer your points to US airlines, but it’s only $0.0006 per point.

Several Ways to Redeem

Along with redeeming your points for travel and travel expenses, there are several other ways to redeem your points. You can use these points as a statement credit. If you have 10,000 points you want to redeem, you’ll get a $60 statement credit. You can also redeem them for hotels, vacations, cruises, Airbnb bookings, and Expedia flights or hotels. You can also redeem your points for gift cards, entertainment, and point of sale transactions like taxi services.

Membership Rewards Program

The American Express Green Card allows you to get instant access to Amex Offers. This optional program gives you several discount opportunities just for having the card. There are over 70 different merchants that participate in this program today. You can get discounts for Sling TV,, Wine Enthusiast, Dollar Shave Club, and much more. These do change periodically, so it’s always best to double check if you’re not sure.


This is a charge card and not a credit card. What makes it unique is that it doesn’t have an APR. You’re expected to pay your bill in full each month. This is also a very good learning tool if you’re just starting to budget. You’ll learn very fast how to spend inside of your means and not get yourself into debt.

Free Two-Day Shipping

Just having this card gives you access to free two-day shipping. This also works for free returns as well. You have to go through the ShopRunner service to get this free shipping. But, you can currently use it at over 140 brands or merchants. This list is always growing and changing, so you have the potential to save big. If you have your own business and ship a lot, this is a great perk.

Utility Savings

The American Express Green Card sometimes offers various savings opportunities on utilities. You can get up to a 10% discount by adding the offer to your card. You can search online and just click to add it. This discount works on your cable, internet, satellite TV, or cell phone bills. If you get this discount a few times, it’s easy to justify the annual fee.

Personal Loans

This beginner American Express charge card opens the door to various opportunities. Not only will you be able to upgrade to a better card eventually, but there is also a loan program. This personal loan program requires pre-approval. You can get a loan starting at $3,500 and going up to $25,000. These loans have fixed interest rates ranging between 6.90% to 19.97%. The interest rates vary depending on your credit.

American Express Green Card Drawbacks

American Express Green Card Annual Fee
The annual fee starts during the second year you have this card. It’ll cost you $95 per year to have this card. If you don’t use it a lot, this is very hard to justify. Ideally, you’ll have to spend around $5,000 in travel rewards to break even. This will give you $100 in travel rewards to offset the annual fee.

Mediocre Rewards Rate

While the rewards rate is okay for a beginner card, it’s low compared to other cards. It averages out to a 1:1 ratio for everyday spending and a 2:1 ratio for travel expenses. This means that it’ll take longer to accrue a decent amount of rewards. You’ll have to spend a lot more to earn fewer rewards. You can stack them, but it may take a while to have enough to cash out.

No Balance Rollover

This is a charge card, not a credit card. This is a very important distinction that you want to pay attention to. There is no APR, but this card doesn’t need it. You have to pay your balance off in full each month. The lender won’t allow you to carry a balance from month to month. This can be difficult if you’re used to credit cards. You may have to modify your spending habits to fit this card.

Foreign Transaction Fee

This is a travel card with a foreign transaction fee. So, it’ll charge you 2.7% for each transaction you make through a non-US bank. So if you travel, you may want to bring a card to use while you’re abroad. You can use this charge card for booking your travel and accommodations.

Late Payment Fee

If you don’t pay your balance in full at the end of the billing cycle, you’ll pay a late payment fee. You’ll pay either $37 or 2.99% each time you’re late paying your bill. This can stack up quickly, especially if you’re habitually late. If this sounds like you, you may want to check other cards.

Card Restriction

The lender wants to make sure that you pay your balance. If you don’t pay it, they’ll restrict your card. You won’t be able to make any additional purchases with it until you pay your balance in full. This can be a nasty shock, especially the first time it happens. You’ll also forfeit any rewards you earn during the month that you make a late payment. This can be a powerful reminder to pay in full and pay on time.

Minimum Points

You have to earn a minimum of 5,000 points to redeem them. This can take a long time, especially if you don’t plan to travel. If you’re looking for a quick redemption option, there are better cards available. This is something to think about before you apply for this card.

American Express® Green Card – Bottom Line

The American Express Green Card is a good choice for people who travel. It’s also a solid choice for people who are learning to budget as well. The perks outweigh the drawbacks, and this is a good learning tool. It’s also an excellent way to open the door for better Amex card opportunities and upgrades. If you’re looking for a new card, try the American Express Green Card.

CreditFast has reviewed the best 0 Interest Intro credit cards on the market. Some of the credit card offers are from our advertising partners. CreditFast has objectively reviewed the features and benefits of each 0% interest credit card. We have chosen credit card offers based on our editor’s recommendations.


Discover It Card Review Benefits and Drawbacks

Discover It Card Review Benefits and Drawbacks

Discover It Card Review

Anyone who is looking for a quality cash back rewards card should try the Discover It card. As far as rewards cards go, it offers multiple opportunities to save and earn. All you do is use your card as you normally would. It’s quite popular, and it continues to stay popular even with new cards out.

Limited Time Discover it® Card Promotion:

Discover itself is a lender that is well-known for great introductory offers and its cash back rewards. When you combine this with the Discover It credit card, you have a recipe for success. There are downsides to using this card, and we’ll outline them as well. That way, you’ll have all the tools you need to make an informed decision about the Discover It card.

Discover It Card Benefits

1. Introductory APR Offer

As we mentioned, Discover is well-known for it’s extended APR offer. When you get the Discover credit card, you’ll get a 14 month 0% APR. This means that you won’t pay any interest for the first 14 months you have the card. If you’re planning to buy a more expensive item, now would be a great time. You can buy it as soon as you have the card and split the payment into 14 smaller ones. You do want to pay it off before the introductory offer ends, but this is doable.

2. No Annual Fee

Cardholders will enjoy a $0 annual fee for as long as they have the Discover It credit card. Considering the large rewards potential with this card, this is an excellent perk. It’s also rare when it comes to rewards cards in general. You’ll pay nothing for having the card, so you can use it less. You’ll never have to worry about making your rewards outweigh your annual fee cost. So, anything you do manage to earn is pure profit, and it’s yours to keep.

3. 5% Cash Back Rewards Rate

Each quarter, you have a chance to earn up to 5% cash back on rotating categories. These categories can be anything from gas and groceries to restaurants, Amazon, or wholesale clubs. Because of quarter one which includes gas stations the Discover it has made our best gas card list. You do have to keep track of which categories will give you the best rewards rate each quarter, but it’s worth it. Also, whatever categories aren’t featuring the 5% cash back will give you 1% cash back. You earn either way, and you get this just for using your card for everyday purchases.

4. Cash Back Match

Cardholders with the Discover card will have the opportunity to earn even more rewards. Discover will match any cash back you earn throughout the first year you have the card. This will automatically credit at the end of your first year with Discover. So not only do you enjoy a 0% APR and up to 5% cash back, Discover will double it. So, if you earn $300 in cash back, Discover will give you $300 completely free. You can redeem this bonus several ways for added flexibility as well.

5. The Discover it Card Offers Flexible Redemption

A lot of credit card lenders have a minimum amount you have to hit before you redeem it. Discover does not have this, and you can redeem your rewards at any time. They also never expire so you can stack them as long as you’d like. Redeem them as a statement credit, gift cards, donations, direct deposits, or as payment to select retailers.

6. Instant Account Freeze

If you’re out and about and misplace your card, there’s a built-in security feature. You can instantly freeze your Discover It card with the easy Discover app. Just log in and click ‘freeze the account’ and your account is safe. Unfreezing it is just as easy with the click of a button. You can also do this on the Discover website if it’s more convenient for you.

7. Identity Theft Monitoring

Discover will automatically monitor your Discover It card for suspicious activity. It’ll also monitor thousands of risky websites for your social security number. If it finds it, you’ll get a free alert. This can help to reduce the risk of identity theft and minimize the damage to your credit. You get this feature just for having the Discover credit card, and you don’t have to sign up for anything.

8. $0 Fraud Liability

If someone makes unauthorized purchases on your credit card, Discover will take care of it. They’ll get rid of the charges, and you won’t have to pay anything with their $0 fraud liability program. Considering all of the data breaches like the Equifax Data Breach and identity theft around, this is an excellent perk. You do want to report any suspicious charges early on so they can fix it faster.

9. Credit Score Monitoring with Credit Scorecard

Discover will give you access to free credit score monitoring. You’ll be able to check your score to see if there are any problems. You’ll also be able to monitor your spending and spot any potential problems. If you’re trying to rebuild your credit, this is a huge advantage. Credit Scorecard is another perk Discover offers for free to its cardholders.

10. APR Protection

Many credit card lenders raise your APR if you miss a payment. Discover won’t because they know things happen. You’ll get a pass on your first late payment. Discover won’t add on any additional fees or raise your APR as a penalty. However, if you habitually miss or make late payments, they will raise your APR. This is also a sign that you’re getting over your head with debt.

11. Flexible Bill Pay

You can pay your bill online or by phone. You also have until midnight on the day it’s due to make the payment. This is great if you forget to pay it until the last minute. The payment will post instantaneously. This is a great built-in fail-safe, and it can save you late fees or other penalties.

12. No Foreign Transaction Fee

For those who like the travel, the Discover It card has no foreign transaction fee. You can take it with you and use it outside of US-based banks. This is also great if you regularly purchase things internationally. You won’t pay anything extra for using your Discover It card.

13. Easy Application Process

The Discover credit card application process is very quick and easy. You simply input your details into their online application and apply. It’ll process the application within minutes. You’ll know almost right away if Discover approves your application or if they deny it.

Discover it Card Cash Back Categories for 2017 and 2018 Compare

Discover It Card Drawbacks

1. Rewards Cap
While you can earn up to 5% in rotating categories, it caps each quarter. You can earn 5% cash back on the first $1,500 you spend in the select category. Once you hit this cap, the rewards rate falls to 1%. It does go back to 5% when the categories switch. However, it equals out to only around $75 in rewards per quarter.

2. Credit Approval Requirements

To be eligible for the Discover It credit card, you have to have good to excellent credit. This means that it ideally needs to be in the low 700s or very high 600s to qualify. These credit score requirements shut out a lot of potential applicants. It’s not a good card for helping rebuild your credit. Discover does offer a credit card application for bad credit or no credit.

3. The Discover it Card is Not Accepted Everywhere

Discover isn’t as widely accepted as Visa or MasterCard. You’ll have to pay attention to your retailers or vendors to be sure that they accept Discover. This means that you may have to carry a second card for backup in case your vendor doesn’t accept Discover. While not a huge issue, it can be annoying especially if you’re trying to earn rewards.

4. Rotating Categories

The categories rotate each quarter. This means that you do have to pay attention to ensure you’re getting the best rewards. For a lot of people, this can be too much work and hassle. It does pay off, but you have to remember to update your categories as Discover updates them.

Discover it® Card Bottom Line

The Discover credit card is a solid rewards card for people with excellent credit. You have the potential to earn a decent amount of cash back just for applying for a Discover Credit Card. In this case, the rewards far outweigh the benefits. With responsible use, you can be well on your way to great cash back rewards.


Credit Cards Before Debit Cards 7 Reasons Why

In most cases the are benefits to use credit cards before debit cards.

7 Reasons to Use Credit Cards Before Debit Cards

The younger generation may prefer to pay with debit cards before credit cards, but this can hinder you. Ideally, you want to use credit cards before debit cards for several key reasons. While it can be true that credit cards lead to debt, responsible use is an essential piece of having a credit card. If you’re someone who isn’t sure about using credit cards before debit cards, read on. We’ll discuss the key reasons why this is a good idea for everyone.

Use Credit Cards Before Debit Cards Reason 1: Build Your Credit History

If you’re just starting out, you most likely have a thin credit history. This can make lenders hesitant to give you loans for cars or apartments. Responsible use of a credit card will improve your credit score. A credit card adds a credit mix to your credit history as well. It’ll also help to build up a solid payment history, which looks good to lenders.

All of these small things come from responsibly using a credit card instead of your debit card. As long as you make your payments on time, a lender will be more willing to give you a loan.

Use Credit Cards Before Debit Cards Reason 2: Discounts and Perks

One of the major things you lose when you use a debit card over a credit card is the rewards. Many credit cards can give you a percentage back from every purchase you make. This typically ranges from 1% to 3% depending on the category, and it can come back as a statement credit. Also, some credit cards offer customers buy now pay later promotions and charge 0 interest.

Depending on the rewards credit card, you can also get other reward options. Some offer travel discounts. You can also stack these rewards and redeem them as gift cards to certain stores. Either way, you won’t get them if you strictly use a debit card or prepaid card.

Use Credit Cards Before Debit Cards Reason 3: Purchase and Travel Protection

Credit cards are great for purchase and travel protection. For example, the Chase Sapphire Preferred card gives you trip cancellation or interruption reimbursement up to $10,000. There’s also auto rental collision insurance, delay reimbursement, lost luggage reimbursement, and more. You get all of this just for having the card and booking your trip with it.

If you book a trip with your debit card and something happens, you won’t get reimbursed. You may get some money back if you take out additional travel insurance. This is another expense though, and many people opt out. Also, many credit cards offer purchase protection. Buy an item, and if it’s damaged, lost, or stolen, they’ll reimburse you. Your debit card won’t do this.

Use Credit Cards Before Debit Cards Reason 4: Rebuild Credit

After you’ve declared bankruptcy, lenders will be hesitant to work with you. You may also mistakenly believe that you can’t get a credit card. This can lead people to using debit or prepaid cards to get by. This can be true for a lot of cards, but there are several available expressly to rebuild credit.

For example, the OpenSky Secured Visa is an excellent way to help rebuild your credit. You do have to put an initial deposit down, and this becomes your line of credit. You can choose your deposit, you don’t need a bank account, and there’s no hard credit check. However, after you make a certain amount of payments on time, you can get a higher credit line. You can use this to rebuild your credit until it’s good enough for an unsecured credit card. Check out the Credit Fast top 3 recommended secured credit cards.

Use Credit Cards Before Debit Cards Reason 5: Better Fraud Protection

If someone gets your credit card information and racks up a bill, the lender covers you. You won’t have to worry about paying it back, and you won’t lose any money. They can also catch it quicker with built-in fraud protection and monitoring. This can help minimize the damage done to your credit.

The Electronic Funds Transfer Act covers fraudulent debit card purchases to a limit. The limit amount depends on how fast you report your debit card as stolen. If you wait two days, you’re liable for around $50. Wait any longer, and you could pay $500 in liability. Your bank can review fraud on a case by case bases, but they’re not required to do so. The lender simply covers your credit card.

Use Credit Cards Before Debit Cards Reason 6: Holds

Many times, a vendor will put a hold on your bank account after you purchase something. This can two or three times the amount of the initial purchase. They do this to ensure that there’s money in the account to cover your purchase. This hold can last for up to a week.

Credit cards don’t place holds when you make a purchase. You don’t have to worry about not having access to your money due to holds. Simply make your purchases, and the money transfers to the vendor right away. They know they’re getting the money, so there is no need for any additional holds.

Use Credit Cards Before Debit Cards Reason 7: Added Safety Measures

There are some things never to buy with a credit card. However, most times using a credit card adds an extra safety layer for your finances. It doesn’t have a direct link to your checking account. That money stays secure in the bank until you pull it out.

On the other hand, debit cards have a direct link to your bank account. This means that if someone gets your information, they could drain your account. While you may get this money back, it may take a few days or a week. That’s a long time to go with no backup and no resources.

Bottom Line Why You Should Use Credit Cards Before Debit Cards

It’s a good idea to use credit cards before debit cards for several reasons. We’ve outlined the top seven reasons why you want to have a credit card. Even if you don’t heavily use it, you want to start transitioning to it. You’ll get several benefits just from using your new credit card.

CreditFast has reviewed the best credit cards on the market. Some of the credit card offers are from our advertising partners. CreditFast has objectively reviewed the features and benefits of each credit card. We have chosen credit card offers based on our editor’s recommendations.


Expedia Credit Card From Citi Review

Expedia credit card earns rewards towards free vacation travel.

Expedia Credit Card from Citi Review with Pros and Cons

Booking travel accommodations through discount travel sights are very popular. If you do, you may have noticed that it’s difficult to find a credit card that caters to this. However, the Expedia Plus credit card is gaining popularity for this exact reason. It’s specifically designed to help discount travel shoppers save even more. Not only will you save, but the Expedia credit card will help you rack up bonuses as well.

If you’re not sure about the Citi Expedia card, this is for you. Our review will go over the top benefits and drawbacks of this card. You’ll have a good idea if this card is for you by the end of this article. It may be a perfect fit, or you may be better off looking elsewhere.

Expedia Credit Card Benefits

Generous Sign Up Bonus

The Expedia Plus credit card comes with a very generous credit card signup bonus. Cardholders will enjoy 15,000 Expedia+ rewards bonus points for spending $1,000 in the first three months. So this equals out to $333 per month. As anyone who travels will tell you, this is very easy to meet, even on discount travel sites.

High Rewards Rate

You get rewards for being loyal to the Expedia site. Cardholders will earn three Expedia+ bonus points for each dollar they spend on eligible Expedia purchases. This includes hotels, flights, vacation packages, and activities. You also earn one for every other dollar you spend. The Expedia credit card allows users to rack up rewards quickly, especially towards free travel. So this means more money in your pocket, and you get rewards for doing things you love.

No Annual Fee

Most rewards cards come with an annual fee, but the Expedia credit card is the exception. You’ll get to use your card a lot of a little without worry about balancing out the annual fee. So for a rewards card, this is huge. It means that everything you earn is yours to keep. Another no annual fee travel credit card is the Discover it® Miles Travel Credit Card.

+Silver Status

Just for having the Expedia credit card, you’ll activate +Silver Status. This gives cardholders a variety of perks. You’ll get extended hotel price guarantees, concierge, and spa discounts at +VIP Access hotels. You’ll also be eligible to save and earn more rewards. You get 2 Expedia+ points per dollar spent, one point per $5 you spend on flights, and more. You can also redeem double the value on VIP Access hotels.

Several Redemption Options

You can redeem your rewards for discount travel as coupons to +VIP Access hotels. For every 3,500 points you save, you’ll get a $50 hotel coupon. So you can stack these up and redeem them at the hotels with the badges on Expedia’s website. Also, you can redeem it for flights, but it’s a bad rate. You need 8,000 points to get a $50 flight coupon. Finally, you’re able to donate to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. This donation goes 100% to charity.

+Gold Status

The Citi Expedia card allows cardholders to go up to +Gold Status. This increased status means you’ll earn one Elite Qualifying Hotel Night per $2,500 spent per year. You’ll get to redeem it at the Expedia hotel of your choice for free. Also, you can earn as many as you want per year.

Private Pass

The Expedia Plus credit card comes with Private Pass. Cardholders get special access to a variety of events each year just for having the card. Concerts, dining, sporting events, VIP packages, complimentary movie screenings, and more. Further, you can go online and get special pre-sale tickets and packages as well.

Concierge Service

The complimentary concierge service can help soothe the hassle that comes with traveling. The staff will help you choose and book hotels, travel, shopping, dining, and entertainment packages. So all you do is call Citi and tell them what you want, and the staff will help you. This is completely free of charge for having the Citi Expedia card.

Expedia Credit Card Drawbacks

High APR
As a rewards card, the Expedia Plus credit card has a higher APR. This APR largely depends on your credit score at the time you apply. So, if you fall on the low end of their spectrum, expect to pay more. The current APR is variable, and you can get 14.99%, 16.99% or 22.99%. If you carry a balance each month, this can really put a damper on your benefits. Also, you can start with a lower rate, and if you miss a payment, you’ll end up with a 22.99% APR.

Difficult Rewards Program

Citi Expedia has a complicated rewards program. Only certain packages or travel is eligible for the rewards program. You also have to pay attention to what you book to ensure you’re getting the most rewards possible. This means that you’ll spend more time double checking everything. While this isn’t terrible, it can be time-consuming.

Foreign Transaction Fee

This card has a foreign transaction fee. This isn’t good news for people who travel internationally. You’ll get a 3% charge each time you use your card through non-US banks. This also includes vendors and ATMs as well. So, if you plan to travel outside of the United States, be aware of this 3% fee.

Poor Rewards Rate for Everyday Use

You only get one rewards point per dollar spent on everyday purchases. If you don’t travel, this can take far too long to add up. There are also better cards available that give higher rewards for everyday spending. It’s also not a great choice if you want to use other discount services.

EXPEDIA®+ CARD from Citi Bottom Line

The Expedia credit card is a good choice for discount travelers. Anyone who is loyal to the Expedia site can benefit from this card. You also have to have excellent credit to get a decent APR. All in all, it’s a solid option for anyone who wants a no-frills travel card. You can stack the rewards and redeem them as you see fit.

CreditFast has reviewed the best travel credit cards on the market. Some of the credit card offers are from our advertising partners. CreditFast has objectively reviewed the features and benefits of each credit card. We have chosen travel and airline credit card offers based on our editor’s recommendations.