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What are business credit card application Offers?

Looking for ways to secure quick funding for your business? Looking to separate your business expenses from personal spending, or get more for your money? A small business credit card application may be just what you need. Opening a business credit card is a popular way to gain buying power. Also, to build credit as you’re getting your company off the ground. Business credit cards also provide the opportunity to earn rewards on everyday spending.

Find the best business credit card application for your business.

Why should I fill out a business credit card application?

Business credit cards help keep your business and personal finances separate. Putting all of your business expenses on one credit also makes accounting easy when tax time comes. Also, many business cards offer quarterly or annual spending reports, which makes it easy to break down and categorize expenses.

Business credit cards offer higher credit limits and additional purchase protection. Most credit card companies set higher spending limits for their business cards than their personal cards. Also, most companies offer insurance, extended warranty, and return options for purchases charged to their business cards.

SimplyCash® Plus Business Credit Card from American Express

Capital One® Spark® Miles Select for Business

Capital One® Spark® Classic for Business

Find a business credit card application that offers rewards.

The best business credit cards offer rewards and savings opportunities designed especially for companies like yours. Need to cut travel expenses, spend less on office supplies, or save money for entertaining clients? There are business credit cards with rewards and savings programs to help you do all of those things. Don’t have a particular area where you need to save? Consider a flat rate cash back rewards credit card like the Capital One Spark Cash for Business. It’s 2% cash back on purchases could mean hundreds or even thousands of dollars going back into your expense account.

Business credit cards can help you get your business off the ground or keep it running when cash is scarce. For many business owners, a credit card can be an alternative to taking out a loan at a bank. If you run a seasonal business, a credit card can help you defer payments for necessary purchases made in the off-season. It can also contribute to finance a major purchase that’s necessary to keep your doors open. While it’s always best to keep your cards paid off, there are business credit cards that offer low APRs if you must carry a balance. The Ink Business Cash card, for example, offers a 0% introductory APR for the first twelve months.

What’s the catch?

Are you thinking this sounds too good to be true? As with all business decisions, there may be some risk involved in applying for a business credit card. Be sure to read the fine print on all credit card offers. Business credit cards are not required to have the same consumer protections as personal credit cards. Check to see if the company will link your business credit card account to your personal credit history. If they do, you may damage your personal credit if your business experiences financial problems. You may also be personally liable for business expenses charged to the credit card account. If you have questions, call or email the credit card company before you apply.

Who can get a business credit card?

Business credit cards are available for people who run a variety of companies. Whether you run a large corporation, have a thriving small business, or are a first-time entrepreneur, there’s a credit card to meet your needs. While most business credit cards are designed for people or companies with excellent credit, options like the Capital One Spark Classic are also available if your credit is less than perfect.

Which business credit card application should I choose?

Consider why you want to apply for a business credit card. Is it financing options, rewards perks, simplifying your accounting, or something else? Lastly, compare the credit card offers we recommend and determine which is the best fit for you and your business. Keep in mind that business credit cards report on your personal credit score or they do not.

Credit Fast has reviewed the best business credit card offers on the market. Some of the credit card offers are from our advertising partners. Credit Fast has objectively reviewed the features and benefits of each business credit card application. We have ranked the offers below in the order of our editor’s recommendations.


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