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Everything You Need to Know About Small Business Credit Cards

If you own a small business, you know how much every little bit helps. That’s why looking into getting one or two small business credit cards is a good idea. In the early 1990s, companies starting producing small business credit cards. They saw a need and began tailoring a business credit card to suit a small business’s needs. This article will go over why looking for small business credit cards is a smart idea for a small business. We will also talk about a few different small business credit cards that might work perfectly for your business.

What is a Business Credit Card?

A business line of credit or business credit card is a card tailored to suit a company’s needs. This will stop a business owner from charging anything business-related to their personal card. A business credit card will also help keep track of monthly and yearly expenses. The benefits of a business line of credit could mean a higher APR. However, this isn’t a problem if you pay the card off each month. You should be doing this anyway to avoid revolving credit. You don’t want to get yourself into a financial hole you can’t get out of. That can spell disaster for you and your small business.

What are the Advantages of a Small Business Credit Card?

Small business credit cards come with many benefits for the business. We mentioned the financial reports that earlier, and those are a huge advantage. They will help you get an accurate picture of your company’s budget. You won’t have to worry about detangling them from your personal expenses because they’re two separate cards. The other advantages of small business credit cards are listed below.

  • Build Your Business’s Credit.

    If you get a card in your company’s name and use it responsibly, this can build the credit up. If you make your payments on time each month, this will improve the business’s credit rating. A higher credit score will earn more favorable loan terms if you go to take one out. You could also see the interest rate lowering over time.

  • Different Rewards.

    A business credit card offers many different rewards and rewards programs. The rewards programs can provide things your business uses on a daily basis. Things like office supplies, wireless internet, or money off your business’s phone bill aren’t uncommon. If you don’t use these things often, look into a flat rate rewards program. If you use a flat rate program, it’ll let you get bonuses on each of your purchases. Things like cash back or miles are standard with a flat rate rewards program.

  • Higher Credit Limit.

    Many small business credit cards offer a higher line of credit. A small business will usually have to make larger purchases, so a higher credit limit makes sense. This is necessary to keep a healthy cash flow coming to and going from the business.

  • Multiple Cards on a Single Credit Line.

    Many small business credit cards offer multiple credit cards to one business. Employees are given these cards so they can make business related purchases. They may also come with the option to track each card’s purchases. This is useful because one person won’t have to be with every employee each time they make a purchase.

Should You Choose a Personal or Small Business Card?

There are several differences between a personal and a small business card and how business credit impacts your credit score. You should carefully weigh the pros and cons of each to find the card that will work for you. The list below will detail a few guidelines you should think about. This may help you pick between a business credit card and a personal credit card.
Small Business Card

  • Anyone Who Wants to Build Credit for Their Business
  • A Business Whose Expenses Match up to The Rewards Program Categories
  • Anyone Looking for a Higher Business Credit Line

Personal Card

  • A Single Owner with Low Overhead Costs
  • A Business Whose Expenses Don’t Match up to The Rewards Cards Categories
  • Anyone Not Interested in Building the Business’s Credit

What Are a Few Good Small Business Credit Cards?

You have to research the different cards to see which one will suit your needs the best. This section will list several of the best business credit card applications you should consider.

Capital One® Spark® Cash for Business.

The Capital One® Spark® Cash for Business is a flat-rate rewards credit card. There is an unlimited rewards program with 2 percent cash back. This could save you and your business thousands each year. There is no annual fee for the first year; then it goes up to $59 annually. This card offers free employee cards as well.

Ink Business Cash℠ Credit Card.

The Ink Business Cash℠ Credit Card offers up to 5 percent cash back in certain categories. You are also eligible for a 2 percent and 1 percent cash back option. There is purchase protection along with an extended warranty. You will also get employee cards free. This card comes with a 0 percent APR for the first year, and this includes balance transfers. After the financial period is up, the APR goes to 13.74 percent to 19.74 percent.

Capital One® Spark® Classic for Business.

The Capital One® Spark® Classic for Business is our final credit card on the list. This card offers a 1 percent cash back on everything. You only need fair credit to get approved, and it is excellent for building credit. There is no annual fee, and the APR is 23.99 percent. It comes with free employee cards and fraud protection.

Bonus Business Card Recommendation: Capital One® Spark® Miles Select for Business

This article has gone over what small business credit cards are. We also touched on why it could be important to have one for your business. We listed good points to using both a personal and business credit card. Finally, we listed three separate business credit cards that are popular. If you use this article as a guideline, you should have no trouble deciding which card works for you.

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