Carter’s Credit Card Pros and Cons Review

Earn rewards and discounts with the Carter's Credit Card.

Carter’s Credit Card Review Pros & Cons

For those people who do a lot of shopping for children, the Carter’s credit card is a great store-branded card to try. If you’re considering signing up for the Carter’s store card, we’ll outline everything you need to know. This way, you’ll be able to decide if this is a good or bad investment in your financial future.

Carter’s Credit Card – Pros

1. Points Per Purchase

The Carter’s store card rewards members with points for every purchase. You earn two points for every dollar you spend, and 150 points are $10. You can use these rewards to purchase more items on store credit. Finally, you can redeem your points for statement credits, gift certificates, and rebates.

2. Special Offers

Rewarding Moments members and Carter’s credit cardholders get a host of special options. At certain points throughout the year, cardholders will get special rewards. This could mean you get bonus points or extra rewards for using your card. You could also get flash sales and special discounts mailed to you. On your child’s birthday, you’ll get a special surprise offer mailed to you.

3. Early Access to Sales

Carter’s is a store that routinely has huge sales throughout the year. If you have the Carter’s store card, you earn early access. The store will send you sneak peeks to their biggest sales and events. You can use this information to plan what you want to buy. Additionally, you get to shop hours before people who don’t have the store card for even more savings.

4. First Purchase Discount

Once you get the card, you get rewards for your first purchase. Buying something with the card will earn you 25% off. Additionally, you can use this on clearance and doorbuster items. If you shop on Black Friday, imagine how much you could save.

5. Easy Application Process

The application process for this card is very straightforward. You can apply online for the Carter’s Card or in the store. A sales associate will help you with the in-store application process. It only takes a few minutes, and you’ll know right away if you can get it or not. You’ll fill in your necessary information and submit it. It accepts people with average, fair, and excellent credit scores. So this widens the applicant pool a bit.

6. Grace Period

If you don’t have enough money to pay your Carter’s credit card balance, you get a nice grace period. Each month, the grace period is 25 days. During these 25 days, you won’t pay additional interest. Instead, you can focus on paying off your card’s balance with your next check. This is great news because the interest on this card can stack up very fast.

7. Free Shipping

When you shop with your card, you don’t have to worry about paying shipping costs. Cardholders get free shipping on all of their orders. This is especially nice around the holidays or when you want to purchase a few items. They’ll ship throughout the United States with quick shipping times.

8. Extra Gift for Signing Up

Carter’s gives cardholders their “Special Hello” offer when you first sign up. This reward comes into play after you make your first purchase. When you do, Carter’s will send you your gift. This gift could be anything from a small gift certificate to points that you can redeem however you like. The gift does rotate and change throughout the year.

9. Works at Carter’s Owned Companies

Carter’s is a parent company of OshKosch B’gosh and Skip Hop. People who frequently shop at any of these stores can use the Carter’s credit card to make their purchases. You’ll earn points from shopping at each store. Additionally, you can shop in person or online and earn your rewards.

10. Mobile App

The mobile app for the Carter’s credit card is very user-friendly. You can download it on your phone to help you track your purchases and rewards. The app works on both Android and iOS systems. You create an account from Carter’s and can check your orders on your tablets and PCs too.

11. No Annual Fee With the Carter’s Store Card

There is no annual fee attached to this card. This is a very nice perk if you’re someone who only uses it once or twice a year. You won’t have to worry about trying to earn enough rewards to justify paying the fee. However, many store-branded cards don’t have an annual fee because they’re restrictive.

Carter’s Credit Card – Cons

1. Store-Branded Card

The Carter’s credit card is store-branded. This means that the rewards you earn aren’t good anywhere but at the store. You also can’t use this card anywhere but at Carter’s, Skip Hop, or OshKosch B’gosh. If you don’t have kids or anyone you routinely buy children’s clothing for, this is extremely restricting.

2. APR

As this is a store-branded credit card, it comes with a higher APR attached to it. You’ll pay an APR of 27.49%. If you routinely carry a balance from month to month, this can add up very fast. One way to avoid this APR is to pay off your balance each month. So this way, it helps to reduce the sting of the higher rate.

3. Have to Add the Kids to the Account

If you want to get the birthday surprise each year, you have to register your kids in your account. If you don’t, Carter’s will skip sending out the surprise on their birthday. This isn’t a huge thing; it’s very easy to miss. It can also be difficult to register in the first place.

What bank is Carter’s credit card?

Carter’s® Credit Card Accounts are issued by Comenity Capital Bank.

Another popular store card is the Wayfair Card. The Wayfair credit card is ideal for parents looking to buy baby furniture and decor.

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Bottom Line on the Carter’s Store Card

The Carter’s credit card is a good choice for people who have kids or do a lot of shopping for kids. It has several perks and relatively few shortcomings that make it an attractive offer. It’s also easier for people with average credit to get. This makes it a solid choice for many people.

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