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What is the Best Cash Back Credit Card?

The cash back credit card is a popular perk for many credit cardholders. Cash back describes a partial compensation for the purchases you make with this type of credit card. The reward is generally 1%. Sometimes as high as 2-5% on some purchases. Common categories are restaurants, gas stations or other retail outlets. These higher-return groups update quarterly, offering bargains at various times of the year.

Cash Back Credit Card Picks of 2017

A couple of points make a credit card deal as attracting as the guarantee of obtaining cash back for utilizing it. For those people that make normal use of credit cards for everyday purchases, it makes good sense. These purchases will certainly take place. The objective of a credit card when releasing a cash back credit card is to motivate individuals to spend even more. The outcome of this is that any type of cash back reward is used to the pay interest. In this situation, you gain absolutely no cash back. Remember if you want to earn real cash back, you need to pay your statement in full each month. You can not be a revolver if you want to earn rewards with a cash back credit card.

Rewards Points is another way to redeem cash back points with some cash back credit card issuers. Your credit card company will tally up the points you earn, and then you could trade those points for products, gift cards, travel rewards as well as tickets to popular venues.

CreditFast Pick for the best Cash Back Credit Card

CreditFast recommends one credit card as the best cash back credit card. The QuicksilverOne® Rewards cashback credit card is our choice. We like that this cash back credit card offers straightforward cash back rewards. Typically all purchases made receive a 1.5% cash back reward.

Some cashback credit cards will give you 1% cash back and then bonuses for purchases in special categories. Also, there is no need to jump through hoops with capital one Quicksilver. CreditFast likes that all purchases received 1.5% cash back across the board rather than chasing after bonus reward categories.

In addition, Quicksilver rewards can be used as a cash back credit on your account. You have the option of actually getting the cash back. Furthermore, there is no annual fee with this credit card; so there is no pressure to go on a spending spree to recoup the annual fee charge.

Another great feature of this Capital One® credit card is that it is fairly easy to get approved for. By fairly we mean all you need to have is fair credit. There are two versions of the Quicksilver cashback credit card. So if you do have fair credit make sure you apply for the QuicksilverOne® Rewards. Remember, the QuicksilverOne® Rewards cashback card gets approved with fair/average credit.

Here is a Short List of Cash Back Credit Cards Preferred by CreditFast

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