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The Top Ten Credit Card Alerts and Why They’re Important

Credit card alerts are so important for your security and peace of mind. These warnings have become popular in recent years with cell phones gaining popularity. It is convenient and easy to have these sent to your cell or email. This article will go over the top ten credit card alerts you can sign up for. We’ll also talk about why a credit card alert is necessary.

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Top Ten Credit Card Alerts for Your Cell Phone

1. Spending Notification

If you’ve ever looked at your statement and wondered if you purchased an item, there is an alert for that. A spending alert will notify you when a lender applies a purchase to your account. This could help you curb your spending. It will also clear up any confusion about whether or not you bought a particular item. This credit card alert varies by issuer. Some may only send you a notification is you spend over $20, others will do it for any amount. If you share an account with an authorized user, this will be particularly useful. You won’t have to wonder about any mystery purchases they might make This makes it easier to check charges as they come, and not wait until the end of the billing cycle.

2. Card Not Present Transaction

One useful credit card alerts you can get is the card not present. This will send you an alert every time someone purchases something without swiping. These warnings come mostly from online purchases. This is very valuable because someone only needs your card number and not your physical EMV chip card. You’ll get a notification immediately, and this can stop possible damage from being done to your credit.

3. Bill Due Notification

Life happens, and maybe you forget to pay your bill. If you do, your credit could take a hit. Your annual fee could increase, and you could incur a late fee. All of this can happen if you’re even one day late with your payment. Credit card alerts can stop this from happening. If you don’t use the auto pay feature, this could be especially important to have. You’ll get an email at a preset time each month to serve as a reminder.

4. Gasoline Transactions

Gas stations are extremely popular for thieves to get your card information. The risk goes up even more if you pay at the pump. The person will install a skimmer over the credit card slot on the gas pump. Once you put your card in, it’ll take your card number, security code, and expiration date. They can then copy this onto a blank card and use it as they choose. Credit alerts will send to you as soon as there is a transaction.

5. Balance Notification

If you’re getting close to your credit limit, you’ll get an alert. You want to spend 30 percent or less of your available credit. A few apps will let you choose the limit you get an alert at. The lower your credit balance or credit utilization is, the higher your credit score will be. Credit card alerts like these are very helpful for people with small lines of credit. Individuals who are first-time cardholders or persons who tend to overspend would also benefit from this credit card alert.

6. Transactions Over a Set Amount

You can set credit card alerts that notify you if there is a purchase over x amount. You can set this at $0; you’ll get an alert for each purchase. If you set it at $30, you’ll get a notification for each purchase over $30. The higher you set the amount, the fewer alerts you’ll get. This is good for people who don’t use their cards much. People who don’t purchase large quantities could benefit as well.

7. Missed Payments

If you’re worried about payments being posted by the due date, this notification is for you. This will send an alert to your payment misses being posted by the deadline. An alert like this will help you plan better in the future. It can also help you not to rack up any more late fees and save your credit rating. Keep in mind the credit card payment cut off time if you are making the payment on the due date.

8. Credit Card Alerts for Suspicious Transactions

Once a card issuer suspects fraudulent activity, they will try to reach out and notify you. Federal law prohibits them from contacting you via text without permission. So once you permit them, they can text you suspicious transactions. They can call or email you without permission though, but texting is more convenient for you.

9. Low Balance Alerts for Debit Cards

Have you ever tried to use your card as a debit card only to have it declined? If you have, you know how humiliating this can be. Credit card alerts can notify you when your account balance falls below a certain amount. This will help you curb your spending, as well as avoid embarrassing situations. You can choose and adjust the amount you want notifications for as you see fit.

10. International Transactions

A lot of fraudulent activity happens internationally. Card alerts can prevent some of this if you have it set. As soon as an international purchase goes through to your account, you’ll get an alert. This is particularly useful if you never travel overseas. However, if you do, you can turn it off while you’re out of the country.

This article has talked about the top ten credit card alerts. We touched on why they’re necessary tools to utilize. We also talked about how they can vary by issuer. It is a good idea to look into them. Contact your lender and ask about any credit card alerts you might have access to. These credit card alerts can potentially save you from fraud and credit damage.

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