Deserve Pro Mastercard Review and Benefits

What is Deserve Pro Mastercard and the benefits of the Deserve Pro credit card?

What are the Deserve Pro Mastercard benefits?

Are you considering adding a solid rewards card to your wallet? If so, have you heard about the Deserve Pro MasterCard? If not, this could be a solid option for you to try. We’re going to round up the biggest pros and cons of the Deserve Pro credit card. This way, you can decide if this card is a viable option for you.

Deserve Pro MasterCard Benefits

1. Generous Welcome Offer

To get the welcome offer with this rewards card, you have to spend $1,000 in the first three months. This totals out to $333 per month. Most people spend this amount in the grocery store! So if you spend this amount, you’ll earn a full year of Priority Pass from MasterCard. You can use your Priority Pass to gain access to thousands of airport lounges around the world. For people who travel a lot, this is an excellent bonus.

2. Strong Rewards

You’ll earn rewards in multiple categories when you use the Deserve Pro credit card. First, you earn 3% back on all travel and entertainment purchases. You get 2% back on all dining up to $500 per billing cycle. Everything else is 1% back, including any dining purchases over $500. However, this resets each billing cycle. So, you have a lot of reward potential.

3. No Annual Fee

Unlike many rewards cards, the Deserve Pro MasterCard has no annual fee attached to it. If you don’t use the card a lot, you won’t have to justify an additional cost. For cardholders who use it a lot, you’ll get to keep all of your rewards. This allows you to get the most out of every purchase and reward point you earn. So it works out for everyone, no matter your spending style.

4. No Foreign Transaction Fee

Since this card offers Priority Pass, it makes sense that it doesn’t have a foreign transaction fee. You’ll be able to travel anywhere in the world and use your card. It works through non-US banks, and you won’t pay extra for it. So this is great news for travelers who don’t want to carry a lot of cards with them. You can carry this one and use it anywhere.

5. Wide Acceptance

Along with Visa, MasterCard is the most widely accepted credit card lender available. This is especially important when you travel. Almost all vendors accept this type of credit card. Again, this reduces the number of cards you have to bring with you. It also makes it easy to buy everything you need, anywhere in the world.

6. Rewards Never Expire

As long as your account is in good standing, the Deserve Pro MasterCard will let you stack rewards. They never expire. This is for people who don’t use their credit cards as much and are looking for a low usage credit card. They can slowly accumulate points. So if you have something big coming up, stacking your rewards for a few months can be very helpful.

7. Cellphone Protection

If you pay your cellphone bill with this card, it’ll give you extended protection. This protection works against damage or lost or stolen phones. It’ll also cover one problem with your cellphone every year. If you sign up for Mint Mobile with the card, you’ll get a $45 statement credit. This is good for unlimited talk and text.

8. Rebate for Lemonade Insurance

Lemonade is renters and property insurance. They’ll give you a rebate if you pay three consecutive months with your card. When you do, you’ll get a $10 statement credit. Since Lemonade starts at just $10 to $15 per month, it’s like getting a deeply discounted or free month.

9. Feather Furniture Rental Rebate

If you have a Feather Furniture Rental company around you, the Deserve Pro MasterCard can get you a rebate. All you have to do is rent furniture using your card. When you checkout, use the code DESERVE100. This code will give you $100 off your first month’s rental price.

10. Extended Warranties

Buying products with this card gives you access to extended warranties. Typically, it’ll add an additional year of protection to your electronic devices. The original warranty has to be under three or five years, though. If it’s not, you won’t get an extended warranty.

11. MasterCard Platinum Benefits

MasterCard Platinum benefits include a host of perks. First, you get zero-fraud liability. You get emergency assistance almost everywhere you go. Also, it gives you early access to tickets for events, shows, and dining experiences. Hotel deals, travel deals, rental car assistance, and booking destination limos are benefits you can claim.

Deserve Pro MasterCard Drawbacks

1. Credit Score

This is a reward credit card, so it has higher credit score requirements. So this blocks out a lot of potential cardholders. You’ll need a credit score right below or at 700 to qualify. The closer your score is to 700, the higher your APR will be. Ideally, your credit score will be well beyond this point. They look for established credit. Deserve offers the Deserve® Edu Mastercard for students who are new to credit.

2. High APR

Again, a higher APR isn’t a surprise since this is a rewards card. However, the APR ranges between 17.74% and 24.74%. It’s also variable, and this means it can fluctuate. If you start with a lower APR, it can rise quickly. For anyone who carries balances, this can be problematic. It can quickly add a lot of additional money to your monthly balance until you pay it off.

3. No Balance Transfers With the Deserve Pro Credit Card

The Deserve Pro MasterCard doesn’t allow you to transfer balances to it. However, since the APR starts the first month, you have the card, this isn’t necessarily bad. You do want to avoid this card if you wish to transfer balances and pay them down, though.

Bottom Line on the Deserve Pro MasterCard

Annual Fee: $0
Credit Recommended: Fair/Good/Excellent
Regular APR: 17.74%-24.74% Variable
Foreign Trans Fee: $0
Late Payment Fee: Up to $25, First Late Fee Waived
Return Check Fee: Up to $37

Is the Deserve Pro MasterCard a good choice for you?

As you can see, the Deserve Pro Credit Card has a host of benefits with a few drawbacks. So it does largely hinge on your credit score and your habits. For people who travel, it can be a solid choice. For people who don’t spend a lot in the set categories, looking elsewhere is a good idea. Finally, you’ll mostly earn 1% in rewards, and this takes a while to stack up. Overall, this is a solid card you should take a look at.

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