Starbucks Credit Card Review – Starbucks Visa

Earn Starbucks Visa rewards. Learn pros and cons in this Starbucks Credit Card Review.

Starbucks Credit Card Review Starbucks Visa Pros and Cons

Do you drink Starbucks every day? Maybe you buy Starbucks for your coworkers, and your company reimburses you. If so, the Starbucks credit card can be a great option to check. It’s a fast and easy way to earn each time you use it to fuel your Starbucks addiction. However, this card does come with downfalls. This shouldn’t be surprising though since every card has pitfalls and benefits. So we’re going to highlight the good and the bad that comes with the Starbucks Visa.

Starbucks Credit Card – Starbucks Visa Pros

1. Bonus for Signing Up

All you have to do to get the bonus for signing up is spend $500 in the first three months. Since Starbucks can be more expensive, this is doable. You’ll earn a bonus of 2,500 stars when you hit this goal. You can use these stars to get money off your future purchases. Each star is around four cents each when you use them for more expensive items.

2. Additional Bonus

Starbucks credit card holders also become eligible for an additional bonus. All you have to do is use your card to load a registered Starbucks card onto the mobile app. This will earn you 250 additional stars. You can use these stars for purchases on food and drink at Starbucks. Again, you want to use them on more expensive items to get the most bang for your buck.

3. Annual Barista Picks

The Starbucks credit card rewards loyal shoppers. So you want to keep your card active and in good standing. If you do this, you’ll get eight Barista Picks each year. This will be random food and drink items. Cardholders get them completely free each year.

4. Starbucks Rewards Rate

Any food or drink item over $5 you buy will give you the maximum $0.04 per star rate. If you use your stars on cheaper items, the rewards rate will go down. You also get one star for each dollar you load digitally into the app from your card. You also earn two stars for every dollar you spend with your registered card. This adds up to three stars per transaction.

5. Instant Starbucks Gold Status

Cardholders also get treated to instant Gold status when they open a card. This status comes with double star days for added earning potential. You’ll get a personalized gold card as well. Finally Gold status members a free drink reward for every 125 stars they earn. This adds up to a 12-percent rewards rate on Starbucks purchases.

6. Birthday Reward

Starbucks will reward Starbucks Visa cardholders with an annual birthday reward. This reward is typically a free drink or food item of your choice. You do have to register and prove your date of birth to be eligible. Also, you have to go in on your birthday to get the reward.

7. Members-Only Offers and Events

Starbucks hosts members-only events each month. They also send out exclusive offers like coupons for a percentage off your next order to members. So again, you do have to sign up for these things. Once you get a card, you’re automatically enrolled. You’ll get things by mail and online.

8. Free In-Store Refills

Starbucks wants you to stay once you make a beverage purchase. Cardholders get free in-store refills. The catch? It has to be in the same visit that you purchased an item to qualify. You can’t buy something, leave, come back later, and redeem your free drink.

Starbucks Credit Card – Starbucks Visa Cons

1. Starbucks Credit Card Approval

In order to get Starbucks credit card approval, you need good credit to be eligible for this card. The application process itself takes several steps. Once you sign up and wait for approval, you have to download the app. Download the app and register your card. This is how you earn additional stars and bonuses.

2. Low Starbucks Visa Rewards Rate

The rewards rate on the Starbucks credit card is on the low end. You have to spend just over $40 to earn enough stars to get a free beverage or food item. You’ll spend more if you buy cheaper items that are less than $5 per item as well. For people who don’t spend a lot at Starbucks, this can take months to accumulate.

3. Starbucks Visa Annual Fee

This card comes with an annual fee on top of the lower rewards rate. You’ll pay $49 each year to have this card. If you don’t use it a lot, it’ll be difficult to get enough rewards to outweigh it. You’ll end up paying each year simply to carry this card.

4. Restricted Reward Redemption

Unlike many rewards cards, the Starbucks credit card has a lot of restrictions. For example, you can only redeem your stars for Starbucks items or merchandise. You’re not able to transfer them to other dining or drink establishments. You can’t cash them out for gift cards or money. You use them for food and drink directly from Starbucks.

5. Expiration Period

Your unused credit card rewards expire every six months with this card. This makes it very easy to forget about them and lose them. The clock starts as soon as you make purchases and earn your stars. You’ll have to keep a very close eye on them to ensure you use them before they disappear.

6. Cumbersome to Earn Starbucks Visa Rewards

You want to earn three stars per dollar spent to maximize your rewards. However, this is cumbersome and time-consuming. You’ll also need an additional credit card. You take this card and load funds onto your Starbucks card. However, you have to load this money to your card online or through the app. If you don’t, you miss out. Loading them in the store only earns you one star per dollar spent. You might want to consider a simple cash back credit card.

7. Need a Separate Card for Bonus Rewards

Along with the Starbucks credit card, you’ll need a Starbucks membership card to earn bonuses. So you have to refill your membership card by loading funds through the app. It’s easy to waste money this way if you’re not a big spender. For example, say you load $100 but only spend $25. You’ve wasted $75 now.

Who Should and Shouldn’t Consider the Starbucks Credit Card?

This card isn’t all bad. If you’re someone who routinely buys Starbucks for your company in bulk and they’ll reimburse you, you have earning potential. This is especially true if your coworkers like more expensive food or drinks. Maybe you buy lunch or snacks for meetings from Starbucks and get reimbursed. If so, it’s a good choice.

So people who don’t routinely visit Starbucks would have a hard time justifying this card. It takes dedicated and routine use to earn significant rewards. If you’re simply looking for a dining rewards card, there are better options available. Finally take a look around, compare credit cards, and pick one that fits your situation.

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