Why a Student Prepaid Card is Good

Why a student prepaid card is a good idea

Student Prepaid Card – Track Your Kid’s Spending

Your child is finally becoming an adult and leaving the nest – heading off to college and spreading their wings. Growing up is not an easy thing to do! Naturally, you want to give him or her a gift to show how proud you are of all they have accomplished in their life (so far). There must have been obstacles along the way; plenty of challenges to overcome. They have done it, however, and I’m sure you’ll want to demonstrate your pride in their success. They’ve done it! Why not say how proud you are of their success with a student prepaid card?

What is a Student Prepaid Card?

With a prepaid and reloadable debit card, giving a student prepaid card has become even easier. It is also much safer than cash! If the debit card is lost or stolen, just contact the company you purchased the card through. You will not have to pay for the thief/finder’s charges! Each prepaid card is different; you must check with your card company if you are protected. Sending your child out into the world on their own can be a bit scary, I know. Sending some financial assistance with them can help alleviate your anxiety!

The Benefits of a Student Prepaid Card

There are many advantages to sending your kid off to college with a prepaid, reloadable card. Some of these advantages are listed below.

  • Parents can control the amount of money students can access
  • Reload the student prepaid card whenever you want
  • With the debit card being prepaid, there is no chance of over-spending
  • Parents can easily track what their children are spending money on

Find out whether they are spending the money on agreed upon items, such as books and food, or if they are wasting it on frivolous things, such as designer clothing they don’t need or excess trips to the tanning salon. Keeping track of spending is easy. Your child has his or her sense of freedom, yet you still have the ability to exert some control over it.

With the money going into the debit card account is your own, I’m sure you want to have some say over what the reloadable debit card is used for. With this type of card, you can do exactly that; it’s a win-win situation! Your student has his or her debit card, yet the parent still has the final say in spending. A student prepaid card is truly the best way to go.

Not Just a Student Prepaid Card

As a parent, you know the importance of positive reinforcement. This reloadable, prepaid debit card is such a great way to show just how happy you are with your child. Perhaps they’ve helped a neighbor move or only cleaned their room without you having to nag them constantly. He or she doesn’t have to be a college student to receive this prepaid, rechargeable debit card! No – this is a superb “just because” gift, guaranteed to make your kid happy (and, by proxy, the parents as well).

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