Best Credit Cards for Travel Airline or Hotel?

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Which Credit Cards are Best for Travel?

There are many different types of travel credit cards being offered today. Which travel reward cards are best? It all depends on your travel needs and your spending habits. Some travel credit cards are not worth their cost for most people. Some travel cards may offer rewards that you will never use. This article will explain the benefits of different types of travel reward credit cards. Decide which credit cards have the best travel rewards for your lifestyle. Travel credit cards are not all the same. We will help you find the card in which you can reap the most travel reward benefits.

Are Airline Credit Cards the Best Travel Reward Credit Card?

Airline reward credit cards issued by individual airlines such as United work the best with a frequent flyer program of that one particular airline. These are people that are loyal to one airline and travel more than ten times a year with that airline either for business or pleasure. The reason this is important is that the annual fees with these airline credit cards tend to be high. The other question you need to be asking yourself is how much do I charge on my credit card each month? If you only use your credit card a few times a month or make a few hundred dollars a month of purchases, this type of travel credit card is not right for you. Airline credit cards are an excellent way to increase the amount of frequent flier miles you have in your account by just making everyday purchases.

Keep in mind that if you were considering a hotel credit card, an airline credit card might still be right for you. Many airline credit cards such as United allow you to use your reward points for hotel rooms. Also, you can choose from different hotels, not from just one chain. So if your favorite hotel does not operate in Paris, you can choose a different hotel that does from your airline’s reward program.

Are Hotel Credit Cards the Best Travel Reward Credit Cards?

Hotel credit cards work better for some people. Some people rarely travel by airplane. For these people, an airline credit card does not make much sense. Sometimes business travelers travel a few hours from work by car and need hotel accommodations on a regular basis. Hotel credit cards are the best for this type of business traveler. Sometimes being a card holder will offer exclusive perks when individuals stay at that hotel. This is a kind of loyalty program that rewards cardholders and offers special treatment. Regular guest do not receive these extras. This type of V.I.P. treatment appeals to hotel card holders.

Some people travel with airlines regularly but still prefer hotel reward credit cards. This is because it takes a shorter amount of time to accumulate reward points to earn a hotel stay than it does to earn one domestic super saver airline ticket. These faster rewards appeal to families. A small family can share a hotel room for a couple of days a few hours away from home. This type of inexpensive vacation is appealing to many families in today’s economy.

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Are General Reward Travel Credit Cards the Best Travel Reward Credit Card?

There are credit cards that are offered by credit card companies. The most well known is through Capital One. Capital One plays different T.V. commercials advertising these travel credit cards. Some Capital One commercials feature Alec Baldwin while others feature a band of Vikings. These type of credit cards advertise that there are no blackout dates. That is a excellent feature considering most airlines will limit the amount of tickets that can be awarded during peak travel times.

With these types of general reward travel credit cards, they offer more flexibility on how you want to use your rewards. Many offer options for hotel stays. This kind of reward travel program offers people the ability to choose how and when they use their reward travel points, with no or little travel restrictions.

Another thing to consider is the annual fees for this type of travel credit card tend to be lower than other types of travel credit cards. So if you don’t use your credit card for every purchase, it is no big deal. For most of these travel reward credit cards, there is no expiration to when your rewards end. This a relief to many card holders. They are never in a hurry to redeem reward points because they fear to lose them.

There are many types of reward travel credit cards to consider in today’s market. One only needs to consider their requirements to know which travel card is best for them. With the right reward credit card, cardholders can earn credit card rewards fast. Choosing the right travel reward credit card can make all the difference in receiving free services and merchandise. Why have a regular credit card that does not earn any rewards, when you can have a travel credit card that can earn you rewards and take you places?

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