Top 5 Best No Annual Fee Travel Credit Cards

Best Travel Cards - Compare the Top 5 best no annual fee travel credit cards.

Comparing The Best No Annual Fee Travel Credit Cards

Do you like to travel? If so, do you know what the best travel cards are? Perhaps you only travel a few times a year. If that’s the case, you may want no annual fee travel credit cards to save on costs. Whatever the reason, I’ve rounded up the top five no annual fee travel credit cards.

You’ll be able to compare them and decide for yourself which one will suit your needs the best. We’ll give you a quick overview of each card. This will allow you to find a great travel card that matches your travel habits.

Reviewing the Five Best Travel Cards

What are the best travel cards? As there are hundreds of card choices available when applying for a credit card, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. My goal is to make choosing the no annual fee travel credit cards quick and easy.You may want to consider some travel cards with annual fees that offer Global Entry and TSA PreCheck credits.

1. Bank of America® Travel Rewards Credit Card

First up is the Bank of America® Travel Rewards Credit Card. To start, it’s a rewards card as well as a travel card. You earn 1.5 points for every dollar you spend, no matter where you spend it. You have to spend $1,000 in the first 90 days to get the signup bonus. This works out to just $333 per month. The signup bonus is 25,000 online bonus points.

These points add up to a $250 statement credit. So technically, you get the bonus by spending $750. You can redeem your points for miles, rental cars, hotels, and travel purchases. Additionally, cardholders with a Bank of America checking or savings account get an additional 10% bonus. Also if you make it to the Preferred Rewards level, you get an additional 75% points bonus.

You can use this card as little or as much as you want because there is no annual fee. This is huge for a rewards card. Also, there is no foreign transaction fee when you use this card at a non-US bank. You get an introductory 0% APR offer for the first 12 months as well.

2. Discover it® Miles

Second on our list of the best no annual fee travel credit cards is by Discover. The Discover it® Miles card gives you 1.5 miles for every dollar you spend. This includes any purchases you make online or in a store. You can make larger purchases when you first get this card due to the introductory offer.

Cardholders will enjoy 14 months of 0% APR. You can also perform balance transfers to this card, but the rate is 10.99% for the first 14 months. Discover also has a unique bonus for all new cardholders. At the end of the first year, they’ll match all of the miles you earned so far. If you earn 50,000 miles, Discover will add 50,000 miles to your account.

You’ll also enjoy a $0 annual fee. You can use the card as sparingly or as much as you want without having to justify it. There is also no foreign transaction fee. This means that you can use it as you travel without paying extra. You should note that Discover does have a more limited acceptance rate. However, it is still relatively well-known around the world.

3. Capital One® VentureOne® Rewards Credit Card

You’ll enjoy an unlimited amount of rewards with the Capital One® VentureOne® card. You can earn 1.25 miles on every purchase you make. There is also a very achievable signup bonus attached to this card. You have to spend $1,000 in the first three months or around $333 per month. If you do, you get a 20,000 mile bonus. This works out to around $200 in travel savings.

There is a flexible redemption program with this card. Redeem your earnings for airfare, rental cars, hotels, gift cards, cash back, statement credits and more. If you pay for your hotel with this card, you can earn up to 10 points per dollar. You can stack these rewards as long as the account stays in good standing.

So you won’t pay a foreign transaction fee with this card either. This is great for frequent travelers outside of the United States. You won’t get a penalty for using your card through a non-US bank. The $0 annual fee is another great perk for a travel rewards card. You won’t have to feel guilty about not using your card a lot throughout the year. Any rewards you earn are profit for you to keep.

4. Blue Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express

Are you a loyal Delta traveler? If so, the Blue Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card is an excellent choice. Each purchase you make at US-based restaurants or from Delta will earn you two miles per dollar spent. Everything else is one mile for every dollar you spend. It also comes with a very attainable bonus.

If you spend $500 in the first three months, you’ll get a bonus. Even with just everyday spending, you only have to spend $167 per month. You can use this bonus as a statement credit on your bill. It’s great for people on a tighter budget who still want to get the introductory bonus offer. Using this card on a Delta flight entitles you to additional savings as well.

Cardholders will enjoy an additional 20% off their in-flight purchases. This includes audio headsets, beverages, and food. This discount will appear as a statement credit at the end of the billing cycle. The no annual fee is another nice perk for cardholders to enjoy and save with. This card does have a foreign transaction fee. So you want to keep this in mind if you fly internationally.

5. Citi® Double Cash Card

The final card on my list of the best no annual fee travel credit cards is by Citi. The Citi® Double Cash Card is great for people who want flexibility. You get 1% cash back on all of your purchases. Also, you get another 1% cash back when you pay said purchases off. You can stack the rewards for 12 months before you have to use them. You’ll lose them if you don’t use them in this time period. You can take the rewards earned and apply them towards travel.

However, this card has a very flexible redemption program. You can redeem them for a balance credit, gift card, or a check when you reach $25 in rewards. You get an 18-month 0% APR on balance transfers. So this lets you pay down your debt without adding more to it. It also accepts good credit as well as excellent credit for cardholders.

You’ll also enjoy purchase protection. Report your damaged or stolen items within 120 days, and Citi will reimburse you. You get $0 fraud liability if someone makes unauthorized purchases with your card. This gives you a greater peace of mind if you lose your card or if someone steals it.

Bottom Line in Finding the Best Travel Cards

Finally, when it comes to no annual fee travel credit cards, it pays to compare them. So this way, you’ll ensure that you’re getting a good card to suit your lifestyle. My roundup of the top five best no annual fee travel credit cards makes it quick and easy to compare them. Use them wisely, and you should see the rewards stack up quickly.

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