Blue Delta SkyMiles Credit Card Review

Blue Delta SkyMiles Credi card is a no annual fee credit card.

Blue Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card Review Pros and Cons

Do you routinely fly Delta airlines? If so, you want the best Delta credit card available. Having the Blue Delta SkyMiles card will help ensure that you get the best perks available every time you fly. Although this isn’t an extraordinary card, it’s a solid choice whether you fly a lot or sparingly with Delta. This Delta SkyMiles review will give the good and the not so good with this card. You’ll know whether or not the Blue Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card is a good choice for your travel style or not.

Blue Delta SkyMiles Pros

No Annual Fee

Did you know that the Blue Delta SkyMiles card is the only Delta card with no annual fee? This is excellent news for people who don’t travel a lot. It’s also good for people who frequently fly airlines other than Delta. You can earn rewards at your pace without trying to balance out the annual fee. Anyone who gets a reward card will tell you that no annual fee is fairly rare. This makes this no annual fee American Express Delta credit card a good choice for a first travel credit card.

Rewards Rate

The Blue Delta SkyMiles card has a lower end rewards rate, but the rewards don’t expire. You’ll earn two rewards points for every dollar you spend on eligible Delta purchases. You’ll also earn two points for every dollar spent at US restaurants and one point per dollar on everything else. You can stack these rewards for as long as you have an account open and in good standing.

In-Flight Savings

Delta encourages cardholders to use this card when they fly with them. Cardholders get a 20 percent credit for in-flight purchases. You use your card to purchase beverages, food, or headsets while you fly. Delta will give you a 20 percent statement credit on your next monthly bill. You don’t have to do anything but use your card while you’re flying with Delta.

Blue Delta SkyMiles Bonus Miles

Delta has a very doable bonus option for cardholders. You’ll get 10,000 bonus miles for spending $500 in the first three months. This works out to roughly $167 per month. The average person spends more than this on one trip to the grocery store. You can then use your sign up bonus miles on your next Delta flight.

Flexible Rewards Redemption

Along with stackable rewards, cardholders also enjoy a flexible redemption program. You can redeem your rewards for Delta flights. However, you can also redeem them at one of Delta’s partners. You can fly round-trip or one-way as well. This is unique because a lot of airlines won’t allow for one-way flight options. Your miles won’t expire either, and cash may be a redemption option on some flights.

No Blackout Dates

Trying to use your rewards can be frustrating, especially with blackout dates. However, the Blue Delta SkyMiles card takes that frustration away. There are no blackout dates to worry about or work around with this card. You can use your miles for any flight at any time without an issue. This is great for last-minute flights, emergencies, or holiday travel.

Additional Blue Delta SkyMiles Cardholder Perks

This card comes with several additional perks for any cardholders. You get car rental insurance and free roadside assistance with this card. Cardholders get the lowest hotel rate guarantee and access to event presales. Finally, cardholders also get return protection, extended warranties, and purchase protection. All of this can work to save you money. Additionally, these things entitle you to the 20 percent discount as well.

Blue Delta SkyMiles Cons

Flight Restrictions

Unfortunately, cardholders have some restrictions on this card. You’re not allowed to use your miles on flights with required stopovers. This can make it difficult to book certain flights. You’ll have to fly nonstop for more flights to get your miles. If you don’t, you’ll have to pay for your flight yourself.

Fuel Surcharges

You want to be sure to double check your flights when you book through Delta. Flying on a one-way flight from Europe with Delta partners can mean extra charges. Certain partners will add fuel surcharges to your final flight total. This isn’t every Delta partner, but you do want to double check before you fly.


Delta adds on fees for people who use their Blue Delta SkyMiles card to book through certain platforms. If you book your flight over the phone, you’ll pay a $25 fee. Cardholders who choose to book through a ticket office will pay a $35 fee. This can add up very quickly if you’re a frequent flier. It can also eat into your rewards fairly quickly.

Lower Rewards Rate

Unfortunately, the Blue Delta SkyMiles card has a fairly low rewards rate. It is harder to earn free travel this Delta airline credit card. Additionally, this rewards rate tends to fluctuate significantly. For this card, the miles typically average out to around $0.13 per mile. However, this can drop down to $0.05 and go back up to $0.29 per mile. Also, business class tickets tend to get the best rates with this card.

Blue Delta SkyMiles APR

If you carry a balance, this card has a higher APR. This includes people with higher credit scores. The APR starts at 17.49 percent and goes up to 26.49 percent. This rate has the potential to add a lot of excess money to your balance. It’s best to try and pay your balance off in full each month to avoid this APR altogether.

Deciding if the Blue Delta SkyMiles Card a Good Choice for You

This card is a good choice for people new to travel who fly Delta airlines frequently. It’s also a good choice for people who don’t want to pay an annual fee for their travel card. If you’re new to rewards cards, this card is slightly more flexible than other no annual fee travel credit cards.

People who fly frequently and need a higher rewards rate should check into other Delta-specific cards. You will pay an annual fee, but it usually evens out with the rewards you earn. For example, the Gold Delta SkyMiles card gives you priority boarding, and a waived checked bag fee. However, you pay a $95 annual fee, but it’s great for frequent Delta flyers.

Blue Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card Bottom Line

This Delta SkyMiles review gave you the pros and cons fo this card. It’s one of the best Delta credit card options available, even with the lower rewards rate. This card is a solid choice for anyone who is loyal to Delta airlines who doesn’t want to pay an annual fee. If this sounds like you, you may want to give this card a chance. Do your research, look around, and decide if you could benefit from the Blue Delta SkyMiles card.

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