Express Credit Card Review – Express Next Rewards

Express Credit Card Review Learn How to Earn Express Next Rewards

Express Credit Card Review

Have you ever heard of the Express credit card? Express is an American fashion retailer with trendy clothing for men and women. This means that the Express Next credit card is a store or retail card. It could be a good option if you shop there on a regular basis. However, the Express card has both benefits and drawbacks associated with it. It’s important that you know both sides before you decide on applying for it. Curious? If so, read on to find out all about the Express credit card. Learn about how you can earn Express Next Rewards.

Express Credit Card Benefits

1. Percentage Off Your First Purchase

Express will reward shoppers who open a new credit line with them. You’ll get 20% off of your first order simply for using the card. This is a great incentive if you plan to spend a little more straight away. So this is only for your first purchase when you open a line of credit, but it’s a nice perk. This is a store-branded card, so you do have to spend it at Express.

2. Free Shipping

You get free standard shipping with each order you place on online when you are on the A-List. Since many people do shop online, this can add up. It’s great for people who like to buy their clothing from the comfort of their own homes. You earn when you buy, and you save on shipping costs.

3. Express Next Rewards

The Express Next rewards program is generous. So you earn 20 points for every dollar you spend on qualifying purchases. All you have to do is charge the full amount of your Express purchase to your Express credit card. The points will automatically credit to your account. When you earn 2,500 points, you get $10 in rewards.

4. Card Tiers

There are two reward tiers with the Express Next credit card. Your first tier is just for being a cardholder in good standing. The second tier is the A-List. You have to earn 7,500 points from March first to the end of February to qualify. If you do, you’ll get $15 more when you earn 2,500 points.

5. Birthday Gift

Each year on your birthday, Express will automatically send you a birthday gift for being a loyal customer. So the Express Next credit card offers either a physical gift or a coupon. If it’s a coupon, you can then use the coupon on your next purchase at the retailer.

6. No Annual Fee

Like many store credit cards, there is no annual fee. This is common with store-branded credit cards though. All of the points you earn for having this card work in your favor. You’re able to use it a little or a lot without trying to make the rewards outweigh the fee.

7. Low Rewards Threshold

You don’t earn any coupons or $10 credits until you hit 2,500 points. This works out to right around having to spend $125. Also, Express items vary in value so this won’t be too difficult to hit. However, you can see that you spend more for a lower reward. A-List cardholders get a $15 reward instead of $10.

Express Credit Card Drawbacks

1. Store-Branded

The Express credit card is a store-branded rewards card. You can only use it online or in-store at Express. If you don’t shop here a lot, this severely restricts how much use this card will get. However, you can use it online at the store too. This makes it a little easier if there are no physical locations near you. So this is a common disadvantage of store credit cards.

2. Low Starting Limits

This card comes with lower credit limits that can make it difficult to earn rewards. The majority of customers start with a $200, $400, or a $750 limit. This will eventually go up with responsible use. Your initial limit comes solely from your credit score when you apply.

3. High APR

No matter how good your credit score is, the Express card gives you a higher APR. The APR for every customer is 28.49%. This will only apply if you plan to carry a balance from month to month. However, this can add up very quickly if you carry a balance for several months.

4. No Introductory APR

Most cards offer some type of APR-free period for new cardholders. The Express credit card is not one of these cards. You’ll start racking up APR charges from the first month you have a balance. So it is important to pay your balance in full each month in order to avoid interest charges. This can be frustrating if you’re trying to earn rewards and spend more to hit your 2,500 points.

5. Credit Score

The Express Next credit card requires a fair credit score for successful approval. A fair credit score usually has a range of 630 to 689. This shuts out a lot of people who have bad credit. If your score falls below the fair range, you may want to consider applying for it. However, one way to improve your chances for approval is by using the Comenity Bank Shopping Cart Trick. The Express Credit Card is issued by Comenity Bank. Many people with much lower credit scores have been able to get approved this way.

6. Longer Approval Process

You apply for the Express card online. It is possible for you to get an instant decision. However, most applicants go through a longer approval process. It can last from a week to 10 business days. While this isn’t a huge issue, it can still be frustrating if you want to shop with it.

7. Rewards Expire

It takes you longer to earn rewards with this card. The Express Next Rewards you earn also expire each year. If you don’t use these unused credit card rewards they will expire before the year ends, and you lose them. This means you also start back at the basic card tier each year. You have to earn at least 7,500 rewards per year to get back to the A-List tier.

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Bottom Line

Finally, the Express credit card is a good choice for people who shop Express. You can earn Express Next Rewards on all your Express store and online purchases. However, you just have to be very careful about what you spend. Using your card wisely can pay off with free shipping and discounts. If you have better credit, there are better cards to sign up for and use.

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