Shopping Cart Trick List 2018 [Updated] Comenity Bank

comenity shopping cart trick

How to use the shopping cart trick to apply for Comenity credit cards with fast credit approval.

Shopping Cart Trick – Get Approved for popular Comenity store credit cards for 2018

Welcome to my credit building article where I explain how to use the shopping cart trick. In my series credit fast, I outline a plan to help people establish credit trade accounts, one account at a time. In just one year I was able to improve my credit history profile dramatically. I did this all without a single secured credit card account. None of my credit cards have annual fees. Also, every one of my credit cards has a rewards program associated with them in some way. I have six major credit cards and one department store credit card. I was able to accomplish this from January 2016 to January 2017.

Many people would like to get their first credit card but have no established credit. When you have no credit getting your first credit card can prove difficult. There is a little-known trick that most people don’t know about called the shopping cart trick.

The shopping cart trick can be used by anyone. This trick to get store credit cards is most useful for those who have one or more of the following:

  • No credit history or Negative credit history
  • A low credit score
  • Bankruptcy
  • Too many credit inquiries

The shopping cart trick is offered by Comenity Bank. The best part of the shopping cart trick is that no hard pull inquiries are reported to the credit bureaus. It is important to remember as the name suggests there is a trick on how to go about this. Do not just choose a Comenity credit card you like and apply for it.

Shopping Cart Trick List of Comenity Bank Issued Credit Cards

Shopping Cart Trick - Credit Cards Issued by Comenity Bank
Abercrombie & Fitch
American Home
American Kennel Club
American Signature Furniture
Anne Geddes
Annie Sez
Ann Taylor
Arhaus Archarge
Ashley Stewart
Barney’s New York
Bealls Florida
Bed Bath & Beyond
Bedford Fair
Big Lots
Blue Nile
Brownstone Studio
Burkes Outlet
Camping World/Good Sam
Carter Lumber
Chadwicks of Boston
Children’s Place
Christopher & Banks
Coldwater Creek
Colombian Emeralds
Crate & Barrel
Crescent Jewelers Inc
David's Bridal
Design Within Reach
Draper’s & Damon’s
Earthwise Windows
Eddie Bauer
El Dorado Furniture
Express Next
Fashion Bug
Fuel Rewards
Friedman’s Jewelers
Gander Mountain
Garden Ridge
Giant Eagle
Home & Garden Showplace
Hot Topic
Jessica London
Kane Furniture
Kohler Generators
Lane Bryant
Levin Furniture
Linen Source
Little Switzerland Jewels
Marisota From JD Williams
Metro Style
My World
Newport News
NY&C (New York & Company)
Old Pueblo Traders
Orchard Supply Hardware
Palais Royal
Piercing Pagoda
Pier 1 Imports
Pottery Barn
Priscilla of Boston
Reeds Jewelers
Restoration Hardware
Samuels Diamonds
Saturday Night Live
Sharper Image
Shop At Home
Smile Generation Financial
Sportman’s Guide
Stage Stores
The Company Store
The Limited
Tile Shop
Tog Shop
Total Rewards
True Value
Under Gear
Value City Furniture
Victoria’s Secret
Vintage Kind Audio
West Elm
Winter Silks
Woman Within
Z Gallerie
The Shopping Cart Trick is not available for every credit card offer issued by Comenity Bank. Results may vary. At the bottom of this CreditFast article, we have listed stores that consistently produce pop-up credit card offers only requiring the last four digits of your social security number.


How to use the Comenity Bank Shopping Cart Trick for 2018

I am going to explain how to do this briefly. I want to focus more on this article on how I got the shopping cart trick to work for me. My experiences in some ways are unique, compared to the other posts I have read. I feel that you may gain from my perspective and expertise.

I will now quickly explain how to do the shopping cart trick. The shopping cart method will not always work every time. It may work on some store sites and not on others. You may go back next week and have a credit offer pop-up. There is no rhyme nor reason; have patience. From the list choose one to three credit card offers that interest you. I would accept credit cards from stores you like to shop. There is no point in establishing credit accounts in stores you dislike or rarely visit. You will need to make regular purchases from these stores and make on-time payments to build good credit.

Important Step before Using the Shopping Cart Trick

Before we start, you will need to disable the pop-up blocker in your browser. How the shopping cart trick works is that you go to the store website that interests you, and start to put items into the shopping cart. You do not need to purchase these items. Once you have a few items in your shopping cart, then proceed to the checkout. Choose “Check Out as Guest” if that option is made available. Fill out all the relevant information in the fields provided.

As you get closer to the point in time where the website will ask for payment information, it is around this time that a preapproved credit offer may appear on your screen. Typically the pre-approved application form will not ask for your full Social Security number. It will ask for only the last four digits of your social security number. When you see this, you will know that this credit inquiry will be a soft pull. A credit inquiry will not appear on your credit file as a hard pull. You need to make sure that all your information is current. Your address on file must be correct.

Proceed with caution when using the shopping cart trick

From reading other posts, many people have said that some companies like Overstock will ask you for your full Social Security number. From what I have read, Overstock will not do a hard pull on your credit file. This seems to be true for some companies like Overstock, but not with others. You need to be careful if you want to avoid hard pull credit inquiries.

Tips on how to use the shopping cart trick from Comenity Bank successfully

I have successfully acquired a credit card through the Comenity shopping cart trick, and only entered the last four digits of my Social Security number. Using the shopping cart trick is one of the few ways to avoid a hard pull when applying for a credit card.

There will be other times when you need to apply for credit. You will have no choice but to have a hard pull on your credit file. One example will be if you have less than four traditional credit lines. Limited established credit was the situation I was in. I wanted to increase the number of my credit trade lines to build credit faster. It apparently worked for me, but my credit score dropped in the process. This credit score decline was temporary. After four months my score started to rebound slowly because I paid my balances in full each month and kept my credit utilization below twenty percent.

My Experience Using the Shopping Cart Trick

I tried for Williams-Sonoma and was able to get the preapproved offer screen, but they asked for my full Social Security number. I chose not to apply. Next, I was able to successfully receive an Eddie Bauer preapproved store only credit card offer. I nearly accepted, but I chose not to complete the application. Although I like the Eddie Bauer store, I did not think I would use the card enough to justify opening an account. I already had six credit cards, and it is not a good idea to keep applying for new credit. If I had had three or fewer credit accounts, I would have accepted the offer.

The Shopping Cart Trick worked for me!

The last visit I made was to the Sportsman’s Guide website to apply for the Sportsman’s Guide Visa credit card. They only asked me for the last four digits of my Social Security number. Some people get an instant approval online, but I did not. I received a message that the application needed to be reviewed. Two weeks later a letter arrived at my home offering me a preapproved offer.

I went online and accepted the preapproved credit offer. A week later I received my Sportsman’s Guide Visa card in the mail. I believe that I did not get an instant approval because in the course of one year I had opened six other credit card accounts. The application I submitted was reviewed more thoroughly and after further consideration approved. Many people believe that the Sportsman Guide Visa card is the easiest major credit card to get approved for.

How to use the shopping cart trick for bad credit

I have had an established credit file for more than 20 years. So I can’t speak from personal experience if a person with no credit can get approved for a Sportsman Guide Visa credit card. Major credit cards even from Comenity are always harder to receive approval. The store card I hear about as being the easiest to get approved for is the Victoria Secret credit card. I can understand if you are male you will have little need for this credit card. You may be just as successful if you try the shopping cart trick with Eddie Bauer.

Do not expect to receive large credit lines with the Comenity Shopping Cart Trick. If you have established credit, you will get a larger credit line. People that have no credit or poor credit may receive credit lines around $300. A $300 credit line provides an excellent opportunity to establish a positive credit history. Most, if not all of these credit cards have no credit card fees associated with them.

How to use the Comenity Bank shopping cart trick responsibly

Do not apply for every credit card on the shopping cart trick list that offers you a soft pull offer. There are two reasons for not applying for every Comenity card on the list. First, you would not be the first person with this brilliant idea. People have done that and have been approved for as many as 10 or more store credit cards. Recently I have read in credit forums on the subject of applying for multiple Comenity store cards. What I have been reading is that now if Comenity sees that you are opening a large number of store credit card accounts, they may close all of them.

The second reason would be, in 10 years would you still be using all of these credit cards? Always choose to apply for credit cards that you can use long-term. If you are 20 years old now, you may not see yourself shopping at Abercrombie and Fitch at 30. Always apply for credit cards you intend to use regularly and keep for a lifetime. Older credit accounts are better to have; they show a long record of established credit history. Credit cards should rarely if ever get canceled. Sometimes there are excellent reasons to close a credit account, and only you can make that decision.

Consider Getting a Major Credit card for Bad Credit

Many people hate the very idea of credit cards for bad credit and for good reason. In the past, many of these credit cards had very high fees. There are new bad credit offers that have much lower fees. Two examples are the Capital One Secured MasterCard and the Discover it Secured credit card. These credit cards only require a security deposit between 50 and 200 dollars for a 200 dollar credit line. Also, neither of these major credit cards have an annual fee. There is a hard credit pull, but building new positive credit will in time counteract that drop.

Link to compare bad credit card applications

Free Way to Build Credit – Comenity Bank Shopping Cart Trick

In conclusion, it is a good idea to apply for a Comenity credit card using the shopping cart trick. This method for applying for store credit is a free way to establish credit accounts without incurring annual fees and other credit card charges. In the past, the only option to repair or establish credit was to apply for secured credit cards. With some of these secured credit card offers you had to pay hefty annual and monthly fees to acquire them. Credit card fees are no longer the reality. So, most individuals now qualify for a better option to build credit fast or repair credit by using the shopping cart trick.

FaceBook Group: Banks With Easy Credit Card Approval
Do you have more questions about the Shopping Cart Trick? This is a brand new group. Many CreditFast visitors had further questions about getting approved for credit with bad to fair credit scores. Posts deal with the latest news to the Comenity store card application trick.  Learn what Comenity Bank pre approval pop ups are featured and trending. Learn from other member’s success stories on how they were able to get approved for the shopping cart trick cards. Also, learn about credit card deals from other banks, including low fee or no fee major credit cards.

Shopping Cart Trick Update January 2018:

I have made a list below of the credit card offers I was able to obtain a pre-approved pop-up through using the Comenity shopping cart trick method. I made this list because I saw other sites list fifty or more Comenity Bank store credit card offers. Not all of Comenity Bank credit cards use the shopping cart trick method. Regularly I will try other store sites and continually add to the “real shopping cart trick” credit card offers.

January 2018 Update – List of Comenity Bank credit cards I was able to receive a pre-approved credit card application Pop-up

  • Ann Taylor
  • Ashley Stewart
  • Brylane Home Credit Card
  • Buckle
  • Eddie Bauer
  • Express
  • J. Crew
  • J.Jill
  • Lane Bryant
  • Jessica London
  • Loft
  • New York and Company
  • Pay Pal – Does not report to credit bureaus (Apply through eBay)
  • Pier 1
  • Sportsman’s Guide Visa
  • Victoria’s Secret

This Shopping Cart Trick pop-up list is intended to be a quick-start list for obtaining store credit cards using the Shopping Cart Trick. These are stores from which I was able to receive a pre-approved credit card offer to pop up on my screen following the “shopping cart trick” method. I have saved people the time of going through the cumbersome process of testing individual store credit card offers. These store credit card applications only required the last four digits of a social security number. Only requesting the last four digits makes this a soft pull on your credit report.

Please note that I only completed the full application process with the Sportsman’s Guide Visa. In order to receive the Sportsman’s guide Visa, I only provided the last four digits of my social security number. No hard pull appeared on my credit report from applying for the Sportsman Visa when I reviewed my credit report.

My pop-up results may differ from yours. The Shopping Cart Trick Pop-up list is to identify which stores actively employ the real shopping cart trick method. In two instances I needed to go back at a later date to get the pop-up to appear for me. I will continually update this list and add more store credit card offers that work using this store credit card trick. So please check back regularly to see new Comenity store credit cards added to the shopping cart list.

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