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build credit fast one yearRebuild Credit Fast One Year

I have been working in the credit industry since 2002. In that time I have amassed a great amount of credit knowledge. Much of that knowledge, that I have learned, has been through my own personal experience. One of my areas of expertise gained from personal knowledge, is rebuilding credit. I have repaired my own credit more than once, and have experienced many of the same credit problems many people in our nation have. I have a foreclosure, and judgments on my credit file. So I don’t just write about how to get out of bad credit, I write about how I got out of bad credit; I write about how to rebuild credit fast one year.

Like many Americans, I experienced great economic hardships during the American House Market Crash. I lost everything including all my credit cards. I took a seven year break from having credit of any kind. In seven years I could have easily rebuilt my credit through what I understand of the credit industry, but I chose not to. I did not see the point, and saw no reason to rebuild my credit score. I never wanted to own a home again, and I still feel that way. In those seven years my philosophy was if I don’t have the money, I won’t buy it. I was afraid that because I have very little money, I was in danger of easily going back into credit debt.

Preapproved Credit Card Offer Came in the Mail

I received a preapproved credit card offer from Capital One in January 2016, and that changed everything. I felt they had made a mistake. How could they offer me this unsecured line of credit? It didn’t make sense to me. During those seven years because my credit was so bad, not a single credit card company offered me any preapproved unsecured credit card offer in the mail. So you can understand why I was skeptical. I decided that I would try to accept their offer. I really did need to establish an active positive credit trade account. In future articles I will explain why this is important.

I understood before going to the website, that preapproved credit card offers are not guaranteed offers of credit. I was hopeful however, because I knew most preapproved credit card offers do lead to approvals. That was true in my case, Capital One granted me a $300 line of credit. Now I am a very loyal to Capital One. In the future, I will write posts about my experiences with capital one, and how they transfigured my credit profile. Every post I will write on credit from this point on will be because of the opportunity they gave me to rebuild my credit.

Rebuild Credit fast One Year

By December 2016, I was able to rebuild credit fast in one year, to the point where I have credit cards with the total combined credit lines of $16,300. Everything I did was completely legal. As I have said before, I have a vast amount of credit knowledge; I definitely know more than the average consumer. I’m willing to share my knowledge with anyone who reads this blog. I can help anyone with bad credit or no credit; I have been through it all. All of my blog posts pertaining on how to rebuild credit fast one year, from my own personal experience will be located in the credit fast tab of my blog.


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