Amex SimplyCash Business Credit Card Review

The Amex SimplyCash Business Credit Card is a New Type of Business Card Offer From American Express

Amex SimplyCash Business Credit Card Review of Benefits and Drawbacks

For business owners with excellent credit, the SimplyCash Plus Business Credit Card is a great choice. You’ll get a low-cost way to pay your business expenses plus a host of other benefits. There are also drawbacks attached to the Amex SimplyCash, and we’ll outline those as well. This way, you’ll know whether or not this card is a good choice for you.

SimplyCash Plus Business Credit Card Benefits

1. Introductory APR

Do you have a big purchase in mind? If so, you can take advantage of the Amex SimplyCash card’s introductory APR. You get up to 0% APR for the first 15 months you have the card. This allows you to split your large purchase up and pay it off before your card’s interest rate kicked in. This could potentially save you hundreds.

2. No Annual Fee with the Amex SimplyCash Business Credit Card

This is a rewards card, so you’d think the Amex SimplyCash card would have an annual fee to balance out your rewards. However, it doesn’t have an annual fee. You can use your card as little or as much as you’d like without trying to justify it. The SimplyCash Plus Business Credit Card from American Express is excellent for people who are more casual credit card users.

3. Expandable Buying Power

This perk is something unique to this card. Expandable buying power allows you to exceed your credit card’s limit without a penalty. You can make even larger purchases for your business with it. Additionally, you earn cash back for these larger purchases to maximize your rewards.

4. Amex SimplyCash Rewards

You’ll earn 5% cash back wireless telephone services and office supply stores. You’ll also earn 3% cash back on a bonus category of your choosing. These rewards appear as a statement credit on your next billing cycle. They do cap at $50,000 before dropping to 1% cash back. Also, they have to be in the United States, and your 3% choice comes from a list of eight options. You also earn 1% back on all other purchases.

5. Employee Cards

It’s free to open employee cards with the Amex SimplyCash. You can also quickly and easily set individual spending limits for each card. These spending limits are adjustable. This flexibility makes it easy to monitor your business’s cash flow and your employee’s spending.

6. Travel Protections

This card protects you when you travel abroad as well. It’ll give you car rental insurance, roadside assistance, baggage insurance, and accident insurance. The Global Assist hotline helps you when you travel more than 100 miles from home. You get access to legal help, financial help, passport replacement, lost luggage help, and more.

7. Expense Management Tools

When you have several employee cards, keeping track of them all is a must. You’ll be the account holder and get several tools to help. Spend Manager lets you add notes to each transaction, and account alerts help to prevent late payments. Connect it to Quickbooks, get a yearly summary, and keep track with tablet and mobile apps. You’ll get everything you need to manage your card.

8. Purchase Protection

When you buy something with the Amex SimplyCash, you get added protection. Purchase protection helps you if an item gets broken or stolen. Buy the items with your card and get protection for up to 90 days. This applies only to items that you purchase with your card.

9. Extended Warranty

Buying larger or more expensive items with short warranties? If so, the Amex SimplyCash will help. Also, if your item has a warranty of fewer than five years, the card will extend it. All you have to do is purchase the item with the card to get an additional year. This is great for big-ticket items.

SimplyCash Plus Business Credit Card Drawbacks

1. Credit Required

You have to have excellent credit above 690 to get this card. It cuts out a lot of people who have less than stellar credit. Ideally, your credit score would be well into the 700s before you apply for this card. This way, there is a reduced chance of the lender denying it.

2. Foreign Transaction Fee

Even though this card offers travel perks, you’ll pay for it. They’ll add a foreign transaction fee if you use the card through non-United States banks. This includes ATMs and shopping abroad. You’ll pay 2.7% each time you use your card abroad. These charges will add on to your bill in your next billing statement.

3. Stuck in Bonus Categories

Once you pick your bonus category, you’re locked in for a year. This means if your circumstances change and you don’t use it, you lose out. At the end of the calendar year, you can switch it out to another category from the eight. They include dining, gas stations, and more.

4. Variable Interest

The interest rates aren’t too bad for this card considering it’s a reward card. However, you’ll pay between 14.49% to 21.49%. This is a variable interest rate too. Your rate will depend on your credit score when you first apply for the card. If you don’t carry a balance, it’s not a huge deal.

5. Rewards Cap

Your 5% and 3% reward rates have a maximum cap with the Amex SimplyCash. You can only spend $50,000 in each category and get higher reward rates. So once you spend this amount, your reward rates plummet. They fall to 1% in all three categories. They don’t reset either like other cards.

Bottom Line with the Amex SimplyCash Card

So, is the Amex SimplyCash card from American Express a good idea? The answer is yes, and no. It’s great for businesses who need a little flexibility. However, you want to consider how fast you’ll hit the maximum rewards cap. For smaller businesses, it could take a while. If you hit the caps right away, you may want to reconsider. Overall, it’s a solid rewards card that is worth considering.

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Credit Sesame Free Credit Monitoring Review

Receive a free credit report through Credit Sesame along with the Credit Sesame App.

Free Credit Monitoring With Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame is a way to get a free credit score that can help you rebuild your credit. You can also use it to monitor your credit. Several benefits come with using Credit Sesame and some drawbacks. Because we want you to get a good overview of the service as a whole, we’re going to talk about both.

How Credit Sesame Free Credit Monitoring Works

Once you go to the website, you’ll click to sign up. This will take you to a page where you fill in your email, name, address, and the last four digits of your social security number. The site will send an email to the one you registered with for you to verify your account. Once you verify it, you’ll be able to log in and look at your credit score, and it’s impact.

Credit Sesame doesn’t require you to put credit card information in right away. You can start with a free account and upgrade later. The site will update your credit score once a month. You can log in as much as you’d like during that month without a problem.

Credit Sesame: Sign Up For A Free Credit Account

Credit Sesame Benefits

1. Free Credit Monitoring Using TransUnion

Once you have an account, you can use it to monitor your credit score constantly. This is very helpful if you want to try and rebuild credit. You’ll be able to see exactly what drives your credit score up and down each month through the dashboard. It has an area where you can see what changed to influence your credit score.

2. Credit Sesame Will Alert You

You can set your account up to be as interactive as you want. For example, they allow you to get alerts every time something changes. Even if your score just drops a few points due to an inquiry, they’ll alert you. This is excellent for anyone worried about identity theft or fraud. It lets you catch it much quicker, and you can also fix it using Credit Sesame.

3. Identity Theft Protection

You get identity theft protection up to $50,000 through the site. It covers forgery, theft, embezzlement, fraud, stolen identity event, and data breaches. This feature sets this service apart for many other free credit score checkers out there. You can use the money to help cover legal fees and certain expenses.

4. Handle Your Debt

Being able to see your total debt can really hammer home just how deep you are in. You get a bright chart that tells you exactly how much you pay per month to debts. This could inspire you to pay even more to get out of debt quicker. It tells you what accounts you pay and how much you pay per account.

5. Free Tips

If you’re trying to fix your credit score for the first time, it can be very overwhelming. This is why you can take advantage of free tips and education. These are actionable tips that range from opening a secured card to working with a third-party. You can also get a good understanding of precisely what helps and hurts your score.

Use the Credit Sesame App to track your free credit score.

6. Credit Sesame App

You can check your free credit score on the go with the Credit Sesame app. It’s a secure and encrypted app for both Android and iOS. Once you log into the Credit Sesame app, you’ll have everything you need to monitor your score. This is helpful if you get an alert when you’re out and about and want to check it straight away. Just make sure you don’t save your login information in case you lose your phone.

7. Help Choosing Credit Cards

Taking steps to build up your credit means doing more than just monitoring your free credit score. You also want to get different types of accounts on your credit report to increase your history. You’ll be able to log in and look through credit cards where your approval odds are good. They also offer loans from third-party lenders to help you build your score.

8. Membership Tiers

The free account with Credit Sesame works just fine for most people. But people looking for more protection can take advantage of their membership tiers. There are three available, and each gives you access to more tools. They include:

  • Advanced Credit – The lowest tier offers one daily credit score update. You’ll also get three full credit reports updated every month. It costs $7.95 per month annually and $9.95 monthly.
  • Pro Credit – You’ll get everything in the free and Advanced tiers. It also comes with credit monitoring and alerts from all three credit bureaus and access to support. You’ll pay $12.95 per month annually or $15.95 month to month.
  • Platinum Protection – The final tier comes with everything you get in the first two tiers. It has live help for lost or stolen wallets, social security monitoring, dark web monitoring, and public record monitoring. You’ll pay $15.95 per month for an annual membership and $19.95 for a month to month plan.

Free Credit Score App Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame Drawbacks

1. Can Be Expensive

If you decide you’d like to have a paid membership tier, it can be expensive. Also, it’s even more costly if you don’t buy it on an annual basis. So this can be difficult for people who don’t have the extra income to take advantage of and use.

2. Putting Your Personal Information In

Yes, the website is secure and encrypted. However, Credit Sesame is still a website. You have to put in the last four digits of your social security number and other identifying information when you sign up. Because only the last four digits of your social security are required, the risk is lower. This is a risk, but many people believe that it’s worth it because of the features the site has.

Credit Sesame only requires the last four digits of your social security number.

3. Targeted Emails With This Free Service

Once you sign up, Credit Sesame will start sending out targeted emails. The Credit Sesame service is completely free. So these emails and ads are how the service remains free to consumers. They will target credit card offers based on your credit score, which can help you. Credit Sesame will recommend credit card offers, which they know you will have a stronger chance to get approved. If you are rebuilding credit, this can help you avoid rejection letters in the mail and unnecessary hard credit inquiries.

4. You Pay for All Three Reports

Credit Sesame is technically a free credit monitoring service. However, this is from just one credit bureau Trans Union. If you want all three, you have to use a paid membership. While it may not be expensive, it’s still cheaper to buy an annual membership. You’ll pay around $2 more per month for a monthly membership. You should consider a paid membership if you plan to buy a home.

Bottom Line on the Free Credit Score Credit Sesame Monitoring Service

Credit Sesame is a valuable tool for anyone to use and take advantage of. The fraud protection is an excellent perk to have if something were to happen and you needed it. So if you haven’t checked it out already, take a look. Use it to build and monitor your credit score throughout the year. It’ll give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your information is safe.

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Best Buy Credit Card Application Review – Best Buy Visa

Review the Store Best Buy Credit Card and Best Buy Visa Card benefits and drawbacks.

Best Buy Credit Card Application Review

Best Buy has a large selection of electronics, and they offer a store-branded card. The Best Buy credit card comes with great perks for people who shop there routinely. It’s relatively easy to apply to help you build your credit. There are two versions of the Best Buy credit card application you can apply for. The Best Buy Visa can get used anywhere Visa is accepted. The Best Buy credit card is only eligible for use at Best Buy. So if you’re considering this card, read on to find out the benefits and drawbacks.

Best Buy Credit Card Application Benefits

1. High Cash Back

The Best Buy rewards credit card gives a great cash back option for loyal cardholders. Each time you spend $1 at Best Buy, you earn 2.5 points. Accumulate 250 points to get a $5 rewards card. This works out to 5% cash back for Best Buy purchases.

The Best Buy Visa card also gives a decent amount of cash back. The base rate is one point each time you spend $2. Use your card at bars, restaurants, gas stations, and grocery stores to earn one point for every dollar. Finally, using your card at membership clubs like gyms and golf courses earns you 1.5 points per dollar spent.

2. Best Buy Rewards Credit Card Introductory Offer Choice

When your Best Buy credit card application gets approved, you get a choice for your introductory offer. You can choose promotional financing or rewards. The promotional financing would be a good choice if you had a large purchase in mind. You get 6 to 24 months to pay for purchases over $199 and up. If not, the Best Buy rewards may be a better pick.

3. Best Buy Rewards Bonus

Best Buy Cardholders who pick the rewards bonus get an additional 5% back on the first purchase they make. There is no minimum amount for this first purchase. You’ll automatically get 10% back. However, you do have to make this purchase within two weeks of opening the card. If you don’t, you miss out.

4. No Annual Fee or Low Annual Fee

A second thing sets the Best Buy credit card apart. Even though it’s a rewards card, there is no annual fee on the store-branded card. You’ll be able to shop and earn rewards as much as you want. However, you have to have good enough credit to qualify for this card.

If you don’t qualify for the store-branded card, you could possibly get the Best Buy Visa. There is a no annual fee Best Buy Visa Card but this card might come with a $59 annual fee. This still isn’t too bad because you have a significant potential to earn rewards. However, you do have to justify the cost of the annual fee by earning rewards.

5. Status Tiers

Both versions of the Best Buy credit card come with a tiered status. If you spend $1,500 annually with the store-branded card, you’ll earn Elite Status. The rewards Visa will upgrade you to Elite Plus for spending $3,500 annually. Each tier comes with perks. They include:

  • Elite: Free shipping, 30 day return window, and a dedicated customer service line for Elite members
  • Elite Plus: Free two-day shipping, 45 day return window, 6% back in rewards for Best Buy purchases and a dedicated Elite Plus customer service line

6. Free Shipping

When you use your Best Buy credit card for purchases over $35, you get free shipping. This is great if you live somewhere more remote and you need to pay more to ship. Also, you’ll save money each time you purchase things from Best Buy, and this can really add up. So when you combine this with your rewards, the potential is big.

Best Buy Credit Card Application Drawbacks

1. Expiration on Rewards

Once you earn rewards, you use them or lose them. Anyone who hasn’t made tier status has just 60 days. If you don’t use them at this time, they go away. If you make Elite status, you have 12 months to use your rewards. Credit card rewards expire at this point if they’re still on your account.

2. Stipulations on Special Financing

If you choose buy now pay later promotional credit financing over rewards, you get four categories. They are:

  • 0% APR for six months on items up to $199
  • 0% for 12 months on items at least $399
  • 0% for 18 months on major appliance items at least $599
  • 0% for 24 months on home-theater items at least $799

The problem lies in not paying it off in time. If you don’t, you’ll get hit with deferred interest charges. These charges go back every month to the time you bought your item. If you have a higher APR, you could pay hundreds or thousands in interest alone. For example, I bought a DSLR camera with 18 months 0 interest. If I did not pay the entire balance off before the 18 months, the back interest charged would have been $585. So it is essential to know when your special financing term expires.

3. Higher APR

Yes, the Best Buy credit card is a rewards card. This means the interest rate would be a little higher. However, the lowest rate is 20.79%. It goes up to 22.99% for fair credit, 25.76%, and 27.49%. All of these interest rates come base on your credit score at the time you apply for the card.

4. Balance Transfer Fee With the Best Buy Visa

So if you want to transfer balances to your Best Buy credit card, you’ll pay for it. You’ll pay a 5% balance transfer fee each time you transfer to it. Also, they’ll immediately hit you with a 27.49% monthly interest rate. This can quickly dig you deeper into debt. It’s not a good card if you plan to transfer balances to it.

Apply for the Best Buy Store Card or Visa Card
CreditFast does not receive financial compensation for recommending the Best Buy credit card application. I have the Best Buy Visa Card and found it very useful for my business. I used my Best Buy Rewards Card to purchase this laptop that I am using to publish this blog post. So I was able to afford to buy this laptop because of the 18 months 0 interest financing promotion option. I stress to always pay your balances off in full before any Best Buy promotional offer ends.

10 Best Store Credit Cards to Build Credit With Easiest Store Credit Card Approvals

Bottom Line on the Citi Best Buy Rewards Visa

So the Best Buy rewards credit card is the right choice for people who shop at Best Buy a lot. You can really pack in the rewards points and savings. There are some downfalls, though, and you want to avoid them. Finally, if you use your Best Buy Visa Card smartly, it can help you build your credit and buy some nice items.


Avant Card – Avant Credit Card Review

Avant Card Review and Avant Credit Card Application MasterCard

Avant Card – Avant Credit Card Review Issued by MasterCard

The Avant card is a solid choice for people in the fair credit range. People in this area may have difficulty finding some cards, but the Avant credit card isn’t one. Whether you’re new to the fair credit score category or you want to diversify your cards, this one’s for you. We’ll outline the Avant card benefits and drawbacks. You’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision on the Avant credit card application.

Avant Credit Card Benefits

1. No Deposit is Required With the Avant MasterCard Application

Applicants rejoice! You won’t need a deposit to open this card. It does look at your credit score to help determine your deposit amount. However, you won’t have to worry about coming up with a deposit. You’ll simply be able to get a line of credit based on your fair credit score. For people who are used to secured cards, this is a huge bonus.

2. Avant Credit Card Application is Easy and Fast

The Avant MasterCard has a very streamlined and easy application process. You can apply online in a matter of minutes. You simply input your relevant information and let it run. The lender will check to see if you pre-qualify first without impacting your credit score. You’ll know in a matter of minutes whether or not your credit score qualifies you for the Avant card.

3. Reports to All Three Major Credit Bureaus

Unlike some credit cards, the Avant credit card reports to all three major credit bureaus. This means that using it responsibly can increase your score. You do want to make your payments on time and watch your utilization ratio. Try not to use more than 30% of your total limit. These things can boost your score.

4. No Penalty APR With Avant

Once you get your APR, it doesn’t move. You won’t get a higher rate if you accidentally miss a payment. This is great for when life gets busy, and you forget to schedule your payment. You’ll pay the same interest rate. Additionally, everyone pays the same interest rate. You won’t pay more each month if your credit is on the low end of the fair spectrum.

5. No Hidden Fees Charged

Some lower credit cards come with hidden fees. These can be things like interest increases, fees to open an account, or balance increase fees. However, you don’t have to worry about this with the Avant card. There are no hidden fees with this card. What you do pay, the lender will spell out for you.

6. Automatic Credit Line Increases

Avant’s lender will reward you for practicing good credit habits. They’ll review your account for credit increases automatically. This usually involves making five or six payments by the due date. They’ll notify you when they decide to give you a credit line increase.

7. Avant MasterCard is Widely Accepted

The Avant card is a MasterCard application. This means that any vendor that accepts MasterCard will accept your Avant credit card. It’s useful if you don’t plan to carry a bunch of cards with you. Instead, you can just take one card and use it anywhere that you would use any other MasterCard. This is great for people who don’t want to worry about potentially losing a lot of cards.

8. No Foreign Transaction Fee

If you plan to travel and need a credit card, you can with the Avant MasterCard. There is no foreign transaction fee with using this card. This means that you won’t pay extra if you use it for purchases through a non-US bank. Also, you can use it at ATMs around the world without paying an extra percentage for it. This is rather unusual. Other than the Capital One Platinum Card most other credit cards for fair credit charge foreign transaction fees.

9. Zero Fraud Liability on Unauthorized Purchases

Should you have unauthorized purchases on your card, you won’t pay for them. The Avant MasterCard offers zero fraud liability for their cardholders. It’s a safety net if your card gets lost or stolen. You report it to them, they close the card, and they reverse the charges. You’ll get a new card issued to you without paying anything extra for it.

10. Payment Convenience With a Variety of Payment Options

You can pay a variety of ways with this card. You’re allowed to mail your payment in. However, you do want to make sure you give it ample time to get there. There’s also a payment portal. You can access it from your phone, tablet, or PC. Your payments post within 24 hours, so it’s great for last-minute ones.

Credit Cards for Fair Credit

Avant Card Drawbacks

1. Annual Fee

This card will charge an annual fee each year you have it open. You’ll pay $29 a year for this card. While this isn’t a large amount, there are no rewards to balance it out either. This fee will appear on the first statement of the year. You simply pay it when you pay your bill.

2. Not Available in All States

One odd quirk about the Avant credit card is that it isn’t available in all 50 states. Residents of Colorado, Iowa, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wisconsin can’t apply for this card. Don’t bother trying to apply for it if you’re in one of these states. The lender will reject your application for it.

3. Higher APR

If you’re on the higher end of the fair credit spectrum, the APR can be high. Everyone with this card gets an APR of 26.24%. If you carry a balance every month, this can very quickly add up. However, you can avoid it by paying your balance in full. It’ll teach you responsible use at the same time.

4. Credit Score

A fair credit score ranges between 600 and 700. This is according to the Avant card. It’s not terrible, but it’s high enough to knock some people out of the running. If your credit is below 600, you won’t be able to get this card. You can apply once you meet the minimum requirements.

5. No Introductory APR

There is no introductory APR period with this card. You’ll start paying the monthly APR from the first month you have the card open. Again, paying your balance off each month can help you avoid it. However, it’s also a way for you to get a lot of additional money added to your balance.

Need more information about the Avant Credit Card Application?

Compare the Avant credit card application with other fair credit card offers to find the right card to fit your lifestyle.

Avant MasterCard – Bottom Line on the Avant Credit Card Application

For someone with fair credit, the Avant card can be a viable option. It’s a great tool to help you continue to build up your credit. The Avant credit card application process is also another bonus. You know within minutes whether or not you get the card. All in all, I’d recommend taking a look at it if you have fair credit. Just remember to use it responsibly.


Best Credit Cards for Young Adults to Build Credit

Comparing the Best Credit Cards for Young Adults to Build Credit

Choosing the Best Credit Cards for Young Adults to Build Credit

Building credit early is essential for young adults. It lays the foundation for a solid credit history for the rest of your life. One way to do this is to get the best credit cards for young adults. They’ll help you boost your credit score straight away. Credit cards also add variety to your credit report, and lenders like to see this. Additionally, they help to teach responsible use from the start. We’re going to give you several credit cards to choose from to suit different stages of your credit building process.

Best Credit Cards for Young Adults to Build Credit Using Secured Cards

Establishing credit can be difficult for anyone. It presents unique challenges because most lenders require established credit before they work with you. However, you do have options available to you. A secured credit card can cost more upfront, but it’s a good first stepping stone. Secured credit cards come with more restrictions, but they help you get into good habits.

Who is a secured credit card good for? Many secured credit cards require you to put money down when you open it. This money down becomes your line of credit. It’s usually between $200 and $500, but it can go lower or higher as well. You also usually need a bank account to submit your deposit. However, you get your deposit back when you close the card out as long as you pay it in full. Two good secured credit cards include:

1. Capital One Platinum Secured Card

First up is the Capital One® Secured Card. There is no annual fee with this card if you have it for a few years. The security deposit fluctuates between $49, $99 or $200. It’s fully refundable when you close the card. The final amount of the security deposit depends on your credit score when you first apply for it. You can get a higher credit line when you make your first five payments on time.

Your initial credit line will be $200. You can also choose your due date. The lender gives you payment choices as well. You’re able to pay your bill by check, at a local branch, or online. Finally, it has an annual percentage rate (APR) of 26.99% for every month you carry a balance.

2. Discover Secured Card

The second secured card we have is by Discover. The Discover it® Secured Card is a slight oddity for a secured credit card. For example, it’s a rewards card that offers 2% cash back on your purchases. This applies to restaurants and gas stations. You get 1% back on every other purchase. They also match your cash back amount for the first year. This doubles your profits.

You will need a security deposit to open this card, but your security deposit is fully refundable. There is no annual fee with this card. You also get access to your credit score for free, so you can monitor it. Finally, you get a variable 25.24% APR when you carry a balance from month to month.

Best Credit Cards for Young Adults to Build Credit with Some Established Credit History

Once you have a slightly established credit history, you have more options available for credit building. However, it still requires care to continue improving your score. Once you make it from no credit to good or fair credit, you can look for new options to build credit.

This is the level where credit lenders start to offer you better cards. They’re also more willing to work with you. This is especially true if they can look at your credit history and see consistency. They’re looking for on-time payments, a variety of accounts, and a longer credit history. We have two cards that are great for this credit range. They include:

1. Citi Double Cash Card

The Citi® Double Cash Credit Card is a rewards credit card. You earn 1% back when you buy items. You can earn another 1% back when you pay for purchases over time. There is no annual fee with this card. This is odd for a rewards card, and it allows you to stack your rewards. It also comes with a balance transfer offer. You have a 0% balance transfer APR for the first 18 months.

Having this card gives you access to the Citi Private Pass program. This gives you early access to thousands of events each year. You’ll be able to purchase tickets early, get access to VIP packages, and get complimentary moving screenings. You also get a pass on your first late payment.

CreditFast YouTube Video: Citi Double Cash Review

2. Chase Freedom Card

The Chase Freedom® Credit Card gives you 5% cash back up to $1,500 in purchases in bonus categories. You earn 1% on everything else. There is no annual fee attached to this card. Your rewards don’t expire either. This means that you can stack them for as long as you have the card in good standing.

You won’t pay an APR for the first 15 months that you have the card open. After this, your APR goes up to between 17.24% to 25.99%. You can redeem your rewards for travel, Amazon credits, and gift cards. It comes with fraud protection, purchase protection, extended warranties, and fraud alerts. Finally, you can earn a $150 bonus after you spend $500 in the first three months.

CreditFast YouTube Video: Chase Freedom Credit Card Review

Best Credit Cards for Young Adults to Build Credit: Comparing and Choosing

No matter which stage of building your credit you’re at, a credit card can help. Our roundup of the best credit cards for young adults can start you off on the right path. You’ll be able to use them to lay a solid foundation. Additionally, they work well to help teach you to be financially responsible. They have restrictions and rules you have to work by. However, they’re solid options to anyone who wants to establish their credit.

Once it’s established, you can continue to use them to improve your credit further. If you haven’t checked into them, I recommend it. It may take a while to find the best one to suit you, but there are several choices available. Take your time, shop around, and build your credit.


Fortiva Credit Card Review – Fortiva MasterCard

The Fortiva credit card is issued by MasterCard.

Fortiva Credit Card Review

You have probably received a Fortiva pre approval letter in the mail. Having less than perfect credit doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get a secured card. The Fortiva card is a lesser-known unsecured option to help you build your credit. However, there are both benefits and drawbacks with the Fortiva credit card. We want you to be able to make informed decisions, so we’re going to highlight them both below. Decide if the Fortiva MasterCard is the right credit card to build credit.

Fortiva Credit Card Benefits

1. EMV Chip

Keeping your identity secure in today’s digital world can be a challenge. However, the Fortiva card works to prevent fraud and identity theft. It comes with an EMV chip built into the card. This adds an extra layer of security to every transaction you make. It’s great if you do a lot of in-store shopping. You’ll be able to shop without worrying as much about potential risks and disadvantages of using store credit cards.

2. Easy Credit Approval For People With Poor Credit

People who have poor credit are severely limited in which credit cards they can and can’t receive. You’re usually tied to a secured credit card that’s very limiting. However, the Fortiva MasterCard is different. It’s specially marketed to help people with poor credit rebuild without a secured card’s traditional restrictions. This can help jump your score a few points once the lender approves you.

3. Reports Payment History to Credit Bureaus

As long as you pay your bill on time each month, this card can help build your credit. It reports to all three credit bureaus each month. The monthly reporting will help you start to build a solid payment history. It helps to show lenders that you can be responsible with your finances. Also, it makes them more prone to approve you for other cards or loans.

4. Free Access to Credit Score

You can’t fix your credit score if you’re not sure what’s wrong. The Fortiva credit card gives you access to your credit score. You can monitor it each month to watch your payment history build. Also, it’s a great way to check for fraud or report errors. Resolving these things can also give your credit score a needed boost.

5. $0 Fraud Liability

Did someone get their hands on your Fortiva MasterCard and make unauthorized purchases? As long as you report it quickly, you’ll get a $0 fraud liability. Your lender will wipe out the purchases and restore your card’s balance. In cases of identity theft, this is a huge benefit. It is subject to MasterCard’s liability rules and regulations though. You may want to take a look at them if you’re not sure.

6. Lower Minimum Payments

The Fortiva credit card comes with very low minimum monthly payments. You’ll pay just 1% of your balance of $10. You’ll pay whichever out of the two is greater. However, this does mean that you pay interest every month. If it’s possible, don’t use over 33% of your total balance and pay it in full each month. Keep your credit utilization low. This can help you get into good financial habits.

7. Wide Acceptance Rate With the Fortiva MasterCard

Despite not being widely known, the Fortiva credit card is a MasterCard. MasterCard is one of the most widely accepted credit card lenders in the world. You’ll be able to use your Fortiva MasterCard anywhere that accepts MasterCard. This reduces your need to carry a backup credit card in case something doesn’t work on your Fortiva Card.

8. No Security Deposit Required

You’d assume that you would need a security deposit to open this card since it’s for poor credit. However, it doesn’t require one since it isn’t an unsecured card. This can potentially save you a little money over a secured option. However, there may be other fees to consider with the Fortiva MasterCard.

Fortiva Credit Card Drawbacks

1. Higher First Year Fees

You’ll pay a one-time program fee and an annual fee in your first year of opening this card. This could amount to around $200, and this is just for the privilege of having the card. There are also account maintenance fees added in for keeping your account open. This applies even if you’re in good standing.

2. No Credit Increases

Even if you make every payment on time, you’re not able to get a credit line increase. Your credit line amount looks at your credit score, and this means that it could be on the low end. There’s nothing you can do about it either. You have to build your credit and close it out when you get another card.

3. APR Range of the Fortiva MasterCard

You’ve probably guessed that this card comes with a higher APR. You’ll pay between 21.99% to 36%. The total you pay each month will depend on your credit score when you apply for the card. If you don’t carry a balance, this won’t be a big deal. However, it really adds up fast over the span of two to three months.

4. Fortiva Card Fees

We briefly touched on the fees that the Fortiva credit card has. However, they have a huge spectrum. You’ll pay an annual fee that ranges between $49 to $175 per year. There’s also account maintenance fees that range between $60 to $159. You’ll pay a one-time program fee for opening the card of $25. All of these small fees really start to add up each year. It may not be possible to have your annual fee waived later. You should compare Fortiva with the Avant Card for fair credit which charges lower fees.

Recommended No Fee Cash Back Credit Card for Limited or No Credit History: Petal Visa Card

5. No Rewards With the Fortiva Card

There are no rewards to try and justify the higher fees with this card. So you could argue that increasing your credit score is enough of a reward. However, this theory will struggle to hold water once you start paying for everything. There are also no perks or special discounts attached to the card. You can try applying for the Discover secured credit card that offers cash back rewards from day one.

Fortiva Mastercard Invitation Mail Offer Code

The only way that you can apply for the Fortiva MasterCard is through the Fortiva Mastercard Invitation Mail Offer Code. I search throughout the Internet and could not find an application link for people who wanted to apply online without an invitation. Much like the Mercury Credit Card the Fortiva credit offer is by invitation only.

Bottom Line – Fortiva Credit Card Issued by MasterCard

The Fortiva credit card is strictly for helping you rebuild your credit. For some people, the Fortiva card could be a good unsecured alternative. However, more people will be better off getting a secured card instead. It costs less, has rewards and perks options, and they don’t charge over $200 in fees for having it. Finally, take a look and decide if the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.


Express Credit Card Review – Express Next Rewards

Express Credit Card Review Learn How to Earn Express Next Rewards

Express Credit Card Review

Have you ever heard of the Express credit card? Express is an American fashion retailer with trendy clothing for men and women. This means that the Express Next credit card is a store or retail card. It could be a good option if you shop there on a regular basis. However, the Express card has both benefits and drawbacks associated with it. It’s important that you know both sides before you decide on applying for it. Curious? If so, read on to find out all about the Express credit card. Learn about how you can earn Express Next Rewards.

Express Credit Card Benefits

1. Percentage Off Your First Purchase

Express will reward shoppers who open a new credit line with them. You’ll get 20% off of your first order simply for using the card. This is a great incentive if you plan to spend a little more straight away. So this is only for your first purchase when you open a line of credit, but it’s a nice perk. This is a store-branded card, so you do have to spend it at Express.

2. Free Shipping

You get free standard shipping with each order you place on online when you are on the A-List. Since many people do shop online, this can add up. It’s great for people who like to buy their clothing from the comfort of their own homes. You earn when you buy, and you save on shipping costs.

3. Express Next Rewards

The Express Next rewards program is generous. So you earn 20 points for every dollar you spend on qualifying purchases. All you have to do is charge the full amount of your Express purchase to your Express credit card. The points will automatically credit to your account. When you earn 2,500 points, you get $10 in rewards.

4. Card Tiers

There are two reward tiers with the Express Next credit card. Your first tier is just for being a cardholder in good standing. The second tier is the A-List. You have to earn 7,500 points from March first to the end of February to qualify. If you do, you’ll get $15 more when you earn 2,500 points.

5. Birthday Gift

Each year on your birthday, Express will automatically send you a birthday gift for being a loyal customer. So the Express Next credit card offers either a physical gift or a coupon. If it’s a coupon, you can then use the coupon on your next purchase at the retailer.

6. No Annual Fee

Like many store credit cards, there is no annual fee. This is common with store-branded credit cards though. All of the points you earn for having this card work in your favor. You’re able to use it a little or a lot without trying to make the rewards outweigh the fee.

7. Low Rewards Threshold

You don’t earn any coupons or $10 credits until you hit 2,500 points. This works out to right around having to spend $125. Also, Express items vary in value so this won’t be too difficult to hit. However, you can see that you spend more for a lower reward. A-List cardholders get a $15 reward instead of $10.

Express Credit Card Drawbacks

1. Store-Branded

The Express credit card is a store-branded rewards card. You can only use it online or in-store at Express. If you don’t shop here a lot, this severely restricts how much use this card will get. However, you can use it online at the store too. This makes it a little easier if there are no physical locations near you. So this is a common disadvantage of store credit cards.

2. Low Starting Limits

This card comes with lower credit limits that can make it difficult to earn rewards. The majority of customers start with a $200, $400, or a $750 limit. This will eventually go up with responsible use. Your initial limit comes solely from your credit score when you apply.

3. High APR

No matter how good your credit score is, the Express card gives you a higher APR. The APR for every customer is 28.49%. This will only apply if you plan to carry a balance from month to month. However, this can add up very quickly if you carry a balance for several months.

4. No Introductory APR

Most cards offer some type of APR-free period for new cardholders. The Express credit card is not one of these cards. You’ll start racking up APR charges from the first month you have a balance. So it is important to pay your balance in full each month in order to avoid interest charges. This can be frustrating if you’re trying to earn rewards and spend more to hit your 2,500 points.

5. Credit Score

The Express Next credit card requires a fair credit score for successful approval. A fair credit score usually has a range of 630 to 689. This shuts out a lot of people who have bad credit. If your score falls below the fair range, you may want to consider applying for it. However, one way to improve your chances for approval is by using the Comenity Bank Shopping Cart Trick. The Express Credit Card is issued by Comenity Bank. Many people with much lower credit scores have been able to get approved this way.

6. Longer Approval Process

You apply for the Express card online. It is possible for you to get an instant decision. However, most applicants go through a longer approval process. It can last from a week to 10 business days. While this isn’t a huge issue, it can still be frustrating if you want to shop with it.

7. Rewards Expire

It takes you longer to earn rewards with this card. The Express Next Rewards you earn also expire each year. If you don’t use these unused credit card rewards they will expire before the year ends, and you lose them. This means you also start back at the basic card tier each year. You have to earn at least 7,500 rewards per year to get back to the A-List tier.

10 Best Store Credit Cards to Build Credit With Easiest Store Credit Card Approvals

Bottom Line

Finally, the Express credit card is a good choice for people who shop Express. You can earn Express Next Rewards on all your Express store and online purchases. However, you just have to be very careful about what you spend. Using your card wisely can pay off with free shipping and discounts. If you have better credit, there are better cards to sign up for and use.


Payment Cut Off Times for Credit Cards Online

What are the payment cut off times for credit cards?

What Are the Payment Cut Off Times for Credit Cards Online?

Did you know that different credit card issuers have different online payment cut off times? You may think that paying a credit card on the due date is enough, but you’d be wrong. The internet and digital banking have made it easier to make payments. However, payment cut off times are the critical component to keep in mind.

Whenever you have a credit card, the issuer requires you to make your payment each month. This applies as long as you have an existing balance. The issuer will set the date. To stay in good standing, your card issuer has to have your payment by this date. This due date doesn’t change from month to month.

This is true even if it falls on a holiday or on a weekend. You’re required to have your payment in or get penalties. In some instances, your lender will allow you to set the due date. However, the same rules still apply for paying the credit card on the due date.

Understanding Credit Card Payment Cut Off Time Limits

Along with the due date, it’s critical that you pay attention to the time. Unless your issuer explicitly states otherwise, your payment has to be accounted for by 5 p.m. on the due date. If you miss this cut off time, your payment is considered late. It is essential that you double check this though because it varies from issuer to issuer. Some payment cut off times online are as late as midnight on the due date.

As long as your payment processes by the cut off time on the due date, you won’t get penalties. However, if you’re even a few minutes late, you can expect to pay late fees. Again, these fees vary from issuer to issuer. One may be $20 while another is $40 or $50. Either way, they can stack up quickly.

You’re also allowed to make payments before your issuer’s set due date. However, you should only make it a few days early. If you make it too early, it could apply to the wrong billing cycle. This could result in the issuer thinking you missed a bill payment when you did no such thing.

It’s also possible to make more than one payment in every billing cycle. You just have to make sure that you make at least the minimum payment before the due date. This will allow you to pay off your balance faster. It can also help build your credit score by lowering your utilization ratio.

Factoring Time Zones Into Your Payment Cut Off Times

We’re going to add another slight layer of complication to the entire process. You have to know the due date and the credit card payment cut off time online. However, time zones also factor in. If you live in another time zone, you assume the cut off time is in the issuer’s time zone.

Timezones throw a three to four hour difference in the credit card payment cut off times. If you’re in New York and your issuer is in California, you have a three hour time difference. Alaska to New York is four hours. This can also impact how effective your payments are.

Say you make a payment by four in the afternoon in your time zone. It could already be six or seven at night in your issuers time zone. Your payment is technically late, and you’ll get fees. You can avoid this by paying your bill a day or two ahead of the actual due date. This way, it’ll clear well before the 5 p.m. time.

How Weekend and Holidays Impact Credit Card Payment Cut Off Times

Weekends and holiday are another thing to think about. Normally, most issuers don’t have a problem accepting payments online or by phone. As long as you make your payment by 5 p.m. your issuer’s time, it should go through. However, some issuers require a physical payment during regular business hours.

If this is the case, you’d have to visit before the weekend or holiday. If you don’t do it, you’re technically late. This is exceptionally rare today though. Even most smaller banking entities offer online payment options. If they don’t, you have to visit the location or mail your payment. Your payment just has to make it by the due date.

The Credit Card Act of 2009 regulates this. It specifically states that credit card companies have to give an additional day to process payments. This is for any and all payments made on a weekend or holiday if the issuer doesn’t process that day. As long as the payment is in by the following business day, it’s considered to be on time. This is why so many issuers accept online payments during holidays or weekends.

Bottom Line Regarding Payment Cut Off Times

No matter your credit card payment cut off time, you have options available. The smartest one would be to set up automatic payments and monitor them. This way, late payments won’t even be a factor in your decision. If you can’t do this, you can set up credit card alert reminders to pay a few days ahead of time.

It’s not the end of the world if you try to make a payment on a holiday or weekend and it doesn’t go through. You have options to get the late fee removed. I had a problem with a payment missing the cutoff time by 45 minutes on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. However, I was able to get both fees removed, and I want to help you if this happened to you. If you want to know how I did it and get my tips for managing your bills, click the YouTube link below.

Credit Card Cut Off Times from Popular Banks

Credit Card Cut off times for Online Payments*

American Express – 7:59 pm MT
Bank of America – 11:59 pm ET
Barclaycard – 6:59 pm ET
Capital One – 7:59 pm ET
Chase – 11:59 pm ET
Citi Bank – 11:59 pm ET
Commerce Bank – 4 pm CT
Discover Card – 4:59 pm ET
Wells Fargo – 11:59 pm PT

*Note: These online credit card payment cut off times can be changed by the credit card issuer at any time. Please note that certain branded credit cards from a credit card company could have a different online payment due date. Use this credit card payment cut off time list as a guide.


Credit One Credit Card Pros & Cons Review

The Credit One credit card can help you build positive credit history.

Credit One Credit Card Review

The Credit One credit card may be a good option for people who have fair credit. The Credit One card is for people who want to continue to build their credit. You shouldn’t confuse it with Capital One because they’re a completely different entity. There are some good and not so good points associated with this card. In order to make an informed decision, you want to know both sides.

CreditSoup Poor Credit
CreditSoup Fair Credit

Credit One Credit Card Benefits

1. No Security Deposit

Most cards that gear toward people with fair credit require a security deposit. The Credit One card does not. You’ll be able to open an account based on your credit score. So this can help to reduce any upfront fees you may have. In turn, more people will be able to get this card to rebuild their credit.

2. Credit Reporting

Credit One sends monthly updates to the three credit bureaus. As long as you make your payments on time, it can increase your credit score. Your score should also rise as your credit utilization ratio drops. Monthly reporting really helps to keep your credit history accurate. Also, it gives you a way to monitor how you’re doing.

3. Credit One Credit Card Rewards

You’ll earn one percent in rewards on your daily purchases. This could include every purchase you make. There are also specific purchases that change from month to month. This reward comes in the form of cash back. It’ll appear on your monthly statement as a credit each month. It won’t be a lot, but it can help pay your monthly bill a little.

4. Personalized Card Choices

You can make your card match your personality and lifestyle. Maybe you want a bright color or a bold design. Perhaps you’re looking for a more classic and chic look. Either way, you can pick from 20 different personalized card choices. You’ll be able to do this when you apply and get your approval notice.

5. Credit Line Increase Opportunities

The Credit One credit card comes with opportunities to increase your line of credit. They’ll usually automatically increase it by a few hundred dollars after the first five or six payments. So you have to make all of these payments on time. Also, you can’t fall behind at any point. If you do, it’ll take longer for you to get a credit increase on your current credit line.

6. Pick Your Due Date

People with the Credit One credit card get the freedom to pick their own due date. You will have to pay your first payment on the original due date. However, it’ll then allow you to go in and pick one. You do have to keep this date within six days of the original due date. You can set it six days earlier, six days later, or leave it.

7. Account Notifications

You’re able to customize your account notifications as well. So you can set it to alert you every time someone makes a purchase. You can set a payment reminder due date and more. Also, it’s easy to go in and change these notifications to your liking. Maybe you don’t want any notifications. You can shut them off for as long as you want.

Credit One Credit Card Drawbacks

1. Annual Fee

The Credit One card has a sliding scale annual fee that all comes down to your credit score. You’ll pay between no annual fee and $75 for the first year. So the second year has an annual fee that ranges between zero and $90. It comes right out of your initial balance. Also, they may divide this up between 12 equal payments and spread it out over a year.

2. Payment Processing Lag

It can take up to a week for Credit One to process your payment. This is bad news for people who make their payment on the due date. Also, it could cause you to have late payments. In turn, this can negatively impact your credit score and drop it a few points. It can do this even though you made your payment on time.

3. Credit One Application Process

The Credit One application process can be very confusing. Because they have a host of credit cards all tied to the same application. This means that you’re not exactly sure which card you get until the end. You won’t know your grace period, fees, rewards, or rates until you get your card.

4. Interest Rates

This is a card for fair credit, and the interest rates reflect this. Currently, the rates range high. You pay a high rate of interest each month that you carry a balance. It’s variable, and it all depends on your credit score when you apply for the card. Even if you only have a few dollars on your balance, you’ll pay interest that can add up fast.

5. Transaction Fees

There are slightly steep transaction fees attached to the Credit One credit card. Cash advance fees have a dual structure. The first fee is 8% of the amount of the cash advance, and this amounts to $5. The second fee is the greater of 3% up to $10. So if you routinely make cash advances, you could end up paying lots in fees.

6. Credit Limit Increase Fee With the Credit One Card

You do get a credit line increase opportunity. However, you’ll pay for it. There is a sliding fee attached to getting a credit line increase. As usual, it depends on your credit score. You can pay any amount ranging between $0 up to $49. This will automatically go on your statement when you get the increase.

7. Authorized User Fee

You’re able to add an authorized user to your account to help increase your credit score. You’ll have to pay a yearly fee of $19 per authorized user. So this can really add up over time. It’s especially true if you add more than one authorized user and you have a lower credit line.

8. Available Credit Refresh Lag

Unfortunately, there’s a lag period for refreshing your available balance. Say you have a credit line of $500 available and you max it out. So if you pay it on the due date, you’ll have to wait to access your credit line. This lag can take up to 12 days to process. So if you depend on your Credit One card, this isn’t a good thing.

The Blaze MasterCard® Credit Card and Capital One® Platinum Credit Card are two alternative options for fair credit.

CreditSoup Poor Credit
CreditSoup Fair Credit

Bottom Line on the Credit One® Credit Card

The Credit One credit card is a solid option for people with fair credit. It won’t’ work well for people who have bad credit. But, it does come with several perks. So you may want to look into getting the Credit One card temporarily to help build your credit. However, your best bet is to use it to start building your credit and switch out.


Uber Visa Card Pros and Cons With Review Video

In this Uber Visa credit card review learn the benefits of this rideshare rewards credit card.

Uber Visa Card Review Pros and Cons

The Uber Visa card is a co-branded credit card. Uber is officially the first ride-sharing company to offer a co-branded card with the Uber Visa. They partnered up with Visa and Barclays to create a card with specific spending habits in mind. If you’re curious about whether this card is a good fit, take a look at this Uber Visa card review. We’ll outline the pros and cons below.

Uber Visa Pros

1. Generous Rewards

The Barclays Uber card comes with very generous rewards. Every dollar you spend at restaurants, bars, on takeout, and on UberEATS earns you four-percent back. Hotel stays, vacation home rentals, and airfare earn you three-percent back. Subscription services and online purchases get you two-percent back. Finally, you get one-percent back on everything else. Each percent equals one cent.

2. No Annual Fee

This is a rewards card with generous rewards and no annual fee. Every cent you earn with the Uber Visa credit card is profit for you. So if you use it every day, you can quickly earn a lot of rewards. Additionally, you won’t have penalties for using it sparingly. It fits for both avid and moderate users.

3. Subscription Service Credit

This card rewards cardholders who spend at least $5,000 per calendar year. This works out to $417 per month. If you do, you’ll get a $50 credit. You can use this credit for digital subscriptions. For basic Netflix, this is five months of coverage. You’ll get an automatic credit once you spend at least $5,000.

4. Cellphone Coverage

Since Uber uses cellphones to connect with their clients, it makes sense that cardholders get cellphone coverage. All you have to do to get this coverage is pay your cell phone bill with your Barclays Uber card. If you do, you’ll get up to $600 in coverage. This cellphone coverage includes theft and damage.

5. No Foreign Transaction Fee

You can travel with the Uber Visa. This card doesn’t have a foreign transaction fee attached to it. You can use this card all over the world with no excess fees. So this is excellent news for people who plan to travel. It’s a Visa as well, and this increases the acceptance rate all over the world.

6. Access to Events

Everyone wants to get VIP treatment and early access to events. This is what you’ll get with the Uber Visa. You get early access to ticket sales and events. Additionally, venues in major cities throughout the United States count. Use it in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Fransisco, and the District of Columbia.

7. Credit Score Monitoring

Getting the Uber Visa credit card gives you access to credit score monitoring. They’ll automatically email you if your credit score changes. This allows you to monitor for fraudulent purchases or activity. You’ll also know if your score goes up or fluctuates either way.

8. Bonus for Signing Up

You have to spend $500 in the first three months of opening the card to get the bonus. The bonus is 10,000 points. This works out to $100, and it’s pretty generous for this reward card. As long as it aligns with your normal spending habits, it could be worth it.

Ridesharing Reward Credit Cards Offering Cash Back

Now there are many popular reward credit cards that earn rewards on ridesharing. Ridesharing credit card rewards is a new emerging category in credit card rewards. Learn more on the 4 best credit cards for ridesharing, including this review on the Wells Fargo Propel Card. Find a reward card that can help you earn more rewards on ridesharing and other popular categories such as dining.

Uber Visa Cons

1. Higher Interest Rate

This is a rewards card, so it makes sense that it has a higher interest rate. It starts at 17.24-percent. The interest rate goes to 22.99-percent and 25.99-percent. The lower your credit score is when you apply, the higher your interest rate will be. It’s also variable. This means that it can go up if you miss a payment.

2. Uber Credit Restrictions

You have to earn at least 500 points to redeem your Uber points. This only amounts to $5.00 per redemption. There are also restrictions on how many points you can convert per day. You have a maximum conversion cap of 50,000 points per day. This amounts to $500 in rewards. If you let them pile up, you’ll have to redeem over several days to get them all.

3. No Introductory APR Rate

Some credit cards offer you an introductory APR that lasts for 12 to 18 months. So this includes anything you buy within this time frame. The Uber Visa does not offer this. You’ll pay whatever interest rate you get starting on month one. This also means that it could be unwise to make large purchases with this card.

4. Credit Requirements

This card has strict credit requirements that shuts out a lot of potential cardholders. You have to have an excellent credit score to qualify for this card. If you don’t, they will most likely deny you when you apply. So to make matters worse, a denial can drop your credit score a few points. Also, any credit inquiries stay on your credit report for up to two years.

5. Balance Transfer Fee

There is also no introductory offer for balance transfers. You’ll have to pay a fee for every balance transfer you make to this card. It’s either $10 or three-percent of the amount of each transfer you make. You’ll also pay interest on these balance transfers right when you make them. This makes this card not ideal for anyone who wants to make balance transfers.

Bottom Line on the Uber Visa Card

The Uber Visa is a great ride-sharing card. If you routinely use Uber and want generous rewards, this card could be a good fit. Finally, we encourage you to take a look and make this Visa Uber credit card from Barclays work for you.


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