Sportsman’s Guide Visa Review Shopping Cart Trick

Sportsman's Guide Visa Review and Why Use the Shopping Cart Trick When Applying

Sportsman’s Guide Visa Review + Comenity Shopping Cart Trick

Are you an outdoor fanatic that finds themselves continually looking for new tools, equipment, or gear? Have you heard of the Sportsman’s Guide Buyer’s Club Rewards Visa Credit Card? If not, you’re in luck. We’ll go over the benefits and drawbacks of the Sportsman’s Guide Visa. You’ll get a perfect understanding of whether or not this is a card you want by the end. The second part of this article will go over my personal experiences as a Sportsman’s Guide Visa cardholder. Yes, I have this credit card, and I will share my first-hand account of what the benefits are. I will explain how I avoided a hard credit inquiry when I applied for this credit card. Also, I will explain why I used the Comenity Shopping Cart Trick when applying for the Sportsman’s Guide Buyer’s Club™ Rewards Visa® Credit Card. At the bottom of this review, I am providing a link to the Shopping Cart Trick Sportsman Guide Visa application.

What is the Sportsman’s Guide Visa and How Does it Work?

This brand-specific Visa card allows you to get rewarded for shopping at Sportsman’s Guide. Sportsman’s Guide is an outdoor gear store that carries everything from fishing, hunting, and outdoor camping gear. The Sportsman’s Guide Visa credit card offers cardholders unique saving opportunities.

Once you apply and receive your card, you can shop for all of your outdoor gear at Sportsman’s Guide. Each purchase you make with the Sportsman’s Guide Visa will earn you one percent toward rewards certificates.

You can opt for their Buyer’s Club for even more savings. Buyer’s Club members get 10 percent off every purchase. Additionally, Buyer’s Club Visa cardholders also earn another 2.5 percent discount on every purchase. Please note Buyer’s Club members pay a $40 annual fee. So if you buy a lot from the Sportsman’s Guide catalog, the benefits will quickly outweigh the cost.

Regular Sportsman’s Guide Visa cardholders without Buyer’s Club membership don’t pay this annual fee. However, they also don’t get the 10 percent with an additional 2.5 percent off their purchases. They only get the flat one percent rewards rate.

You can redeem your earnings as Rewards Certificates toward purchases at Sportsman’s Guide.

Sportsman's Guide Visa Card Art

Sportsman’s Guide Visa Benefits

Bonus for Signing On

The Sportsman’s Guide Buyer’s Club Rewards Visa Credit Card has a nice bonus for signing up. Cardholders who spend $500 outside Sportsman’s Guide in the first three months get a bonus. You’ll get a $40 Reward Certificate toward any purchase at Sportsman’s Guide. Earning this bonus works out to spending just $167 per month. It’s very doable, especially when you consider all of the small things you buy each month. Use it in the grocery stores, at gas stations, to pay bills, and more.

Optional Buyer’s Club

This $40 bonus for signing on equals your $40 annual fee to become a Buyer’s Club member. You can save up to 12.5 percent on every purchase you make at The Guide. You’re eligible for 10 percent off every purchase you make along with five percent off ammo and guns.

Members also get access to the Buyer’s Club 4-Pay Plan. This plan gives you four months of interest-free payments on orders over $150. Finally, Buyer’s Club members also get an instant rebate each year. You’ll automatically get two $10 coupons when you renew your membership. With these coupons, it is like getting half off your Buyer’s Club membership each year.

One Percent Cash Back

The Sportsman’s Guide Visa gives you a flat one percent cash back rate. It applies to every purchase you make on everyday items outside of the Sportsman’s Guide store. As long as the vendor accepts Visa, you can use your card. Your points stack up to Rewards Certificates that you spend at Sportsman’s Guide.

No Annual Fee

Regular cardholders won’t pay an annual fee unless they upgrade to the Buyer’s Club. This means that you get a rewards card with no annual fee. Finding a rewards card with no annual fee is rare. Yes, it’s only one percent on everyday purchases, but it can stack up.

Sportsman’s Guide Visa Drawbacks

Brand-Specific Card

Although you can use this card for everyday purchases, it restricts how you redeem them. The Sportsman’s Guide Visa is a company branded card. This means that you have limited options when it comes to using your rewards. You must use them to purchase items through the Sportsman’s Guide online catalog and nowhere else. If you don’t spend a lot on outdoor gear, this could be difficult.

Restricted Savings

You do save by having this card. But, Buyer’s Club members save the most and have the most opportunities. Buyer’s Club members get huge savings, exclusive discounts and deals, payment plans, and more. Regular cardholders are not offered these perks. To get them, you have to pay the $40 annual fee and become a Buyer’s Club member.

Only One Physical Sportsman’s Guide Outlet Store Location

Sportsman’s Guide has exactly one physical Sportsman’s Guide Outlet store location. It’s connected to their warehouse in St. Paul, Minnesota. Otherwise, you have to shop the Sportsman’s Guide online catalog. While this isn’t terrible, you don’t have the convenience of trying things on before you buy them. You can travel to the Sportsman’s Guide Outlet Store, but this could be hours from your residence.

Who Would and Wouldn’t Benefit from the Sportsman’s Guide Visa

You would benefit from having the Sportsman’s Guide Visa card if:

  • You don’t mind shopping the Sportsman’s Guide online catalog.
  • You’re a buyer of a lot of outdoor gear.
  • You pay to become a Buyer’s Club member.
  • You want a flat rewards rate on everyday purchases.

Individuals who would not benefit from applying for and getting the Sportsman’s Guide Visa include:

  • People who don’t buy a lot of outdoor gear.
  • People who can’t or won’t pay to become Buyer’s Club members.
  • You like flexibility when you redeem your rewards.
  • You want a higher reward rate.

Bottom Line on the Sportsman’s Guide Buyer’s Club™ Rewards Visa® Credit Card

The Sportsman’s Guide Visa is a solid retail card for outdoor enthusiasts. You have the potential to save a lot of money on purchases you would have made anyway. However, people who want more flexibility might want to look elsewhere due to the restrictions.

Also, check out the reviews on the Comenity Wayfair Credit Card and Express Next Credit Card. Comenity Bank also issues the Wayfair credit card and the Express credit card.

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My personal experience as a Sportsman’s Guide Visa Cardholder

I grew up as a kid whose family would plan fishing trips. Mainly my Father and Brother would often go fishing. Many times our family vacations would be designed around places that both offered attractions and fishing spots. So I was pretty much the younger kid tagging along on their fishing trips. I have fished myself and know my way around fishing gear and basic casting. So you probably think the Sportsman’s Guide Visa is not the right credit card for my lifestyle. For the most part, accurate but that is not the reason I applied for this credit card.

The Sportsman’s Guide Visa Card is one of the most popular credit cards offered by Comenity Bank. Comenity bank is very well known for providing a soft credit inquiry technique known as the Shopping Cart Trick. All is required to get approved for some (not all) Comenity Bank-issued credit cards is the last four digits of your social security number. The reason this Visa credit card was right for me was that I was rebuilding my credit. This is one of the few major issued credit card offers that work using the Shopping Cart Trick.

How I used the Shopping Cart Trick to Get Approved for the Sportsman’s Guide Buyer’s Club™ Rewards Visa® Credit Card

I Started first by identifying which Shopping Cart Trick offers were the best for me. I did so much research that I wrote an entire blog post article about it. This Shopping Cart Trick article has been my most viewed article on by far. I explain the whole Shopping Cart Trick process. If you want to know the steps you need to take, I recommend that you read this article. Not only that but most important, I listed specific Comenity store credit card offers that I was able to get a soft pull application pop-up. This I consider my Shopping Cart Trick credit fast track approval list. I did the hard work of finding the easiest approved Shopping Cart Trick Comenity cards, so you don’t have to!

Shopping Cart Trick and the Sportsman’s Guide Visa

If you have an interest in the Shopping Cart Trick, watch my 2020 YouTube Shopping Cart Trick Tutorial Video. Learn how to increase your chances of getting the Shopping Trick to work for you. Some people are still able to use the Shopping Cart Trick and get approved for the Sportsman’s Guide credit card. This video will provide information talking about the Sportsman’s Guide Visa. Learn how to potentially get the Shopping Cart Trick to work with the Sportsman’s Guide store card.

Caution When Using the Shopping Cart Trick Offered by Comenity Bank

Please note I only completed two of these credit card applications. I picked the two Comenity store credit cards that were most useful for my needs. I only open accounts which I will use long term. Please also note if you open too many credit card accounts some or all may be closed down by Comenity. So wisely choose when applying the Shopping Cart Trick.

Sportsman’s Guide Visa Pre Approval

Soft pull credit card applications were important to me because I was in the process of rebuilding my credit. I needed new lines of credit to rebuild my credit. I did not want hard pull credit inquiries to lower my credit score. After reviewing the best offers available to me, I decided that the Sportsman Guide Visa would be the best credit card offer. Is this method a Sportsman’s Guide Visa pre approval? No not in a traditional sense, but it works similarly. Much like with a conventional pre approval Comenity will do a look see or soft inquiry on your credit report. You receive no hard credit inquiry and credit approval tends to be much easier than with other major credit cards.

Are you looking for more Comenity Bank Lines of credit? You can also review the Comenity Wayfair Credit Card pre-qualify option with no hard credit inquiry.

Did the Sportsman’s Guide Visa Credit Card Prove Useful to Me Beyond Building My Credit?

The answer to this was yes. This card offered further perks that go beyond the benefits I listed at the beginning of this article. I honestly thought this would only be a no annual fee major credit card that would rebuild my credit. I did not think I would have much use after that other than keeping this card active on my credit report and helping with my age of accounts.

SportsMan’s Guide Cardholder Benefit 1:

During the Christmas holiday season of last year, I received the opportunity to earn even more reward points. This special offer was to earn even more points for just dining at restaurants. This is the thing most people don’t understand about their reward credit cards. Many of these reward cards offer special promotion periods to earn even more credit card rewards. So you shouldn’t just cut up some credit cards because you believe that that they have outlived their usefulness. I have many other credit cards that have offered me additional benefits at no cost to me. Further, I am earning free rewards faster, as with this example.

3X Reward Points Towards Dining With Restaurants Using The Sportsman's Guide Visa Credit Card

SportsMan’s Guide Cardholder Benefit 2:

So I am saving the very best for last! What is one of the most sought after offer credit card deals on the Internet? The answer to this is a balance transfer credit card offering a 0 interest intro with no balance transfer fees. Typically the vast majority of all balance transfer credit cards require that you pay a 3% balance transfer fee. If you are a Sportsman’s Guide Visa cardholder, they will periodically offer this extraordinary 0 fee balance transfer promotion.

I only was presented with this balance transfer offer last May of 2018. I wanted to know more about it, and the Comenity Sportsman’s Guide representative told me that they periodically offer this 0 balance transfer fee on the Sportsman’s Guide credit card. So I believe that I was only offered this now because I was a cardholder for over a year. My account was also in good standing. For me, this was the best benefit that the Sportsman’s Guide Visa Card has offered.

Sportsman's Guide Visa 0 Balance Transfer Fee 0 Interest

The Sportsman’s Guide Visa Helped Build My Business

You see, I have built my entire business with the use of credit cards. I am a credit card blogger and vlogger (YouTube Channel CreditFast). I should know how to use credit cards correctly, right??? Yes, and I have built my entire blog/vlog portion of my business using credit cards. I am not going to lie and say it is easy. You need to carefully plan all spending and make all your payments on time and avoid interest. Credit cards like the Sportsman’s Guide Visa offer special 0 interest promotions, but you need to follow the terms carefully.

How I Exactly Used the Sportsman’s Guide Visa Card to Build My Business

I used my Sportsman’s Guide credit card to help purchase camera equipment. First, I use reward earning credit cards to make the purchases. For example, I bought camera gear from Amazon on my Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card from Chase. Then I transferred my balance to my Sportsman’s Guide Visa Card. So this is one example of how I earned 3% rewards on my purchases and 0 interest at the same time. This same principle can be applied if you are a consumer and need to make a large purchase(s) with any reward credit card.

Consumers Can Benefit With a Balance Transfer Using Their Sportsman’s Guide Visa Card

Again you don’t need to be a business owner. These same principles can be applied to anyone offered the Sportsman’s Guide Visa Card balance transfer offer. Balance transfer offers, when utilized correctly, can help reduce interest charges or obliterate them. So I recommend significantly having in place a plan to pay down your balance before the 0 APR intro ends. If you do this and follow through with your plan, this will be a brilliant way of handling credit debt.

Comenity Bank Shopping Cart Trick Application for the Sportsman’s Guide Visa

Sportsman’s Guide Credit Card Application

Sportsman’s Guide Visa Update 2019 – Link may not allow for the Shopping Cart Trick to work.

It’s been brought to my attention that although this link comes directly from the Sportsman’s Guide site, it may not work. I checked, and the page is live with an application form. I can not check myself as I already have the Sportsman’s Guide credit card. I am leaving a link to the Facebook Group – Banks With Easy Credit Card Approval. Please join the group and relay back your experiences on whether this link worked for you or not. There is a discussion started on this topic already – Sportsman’s Guide post dated July 11, 2018. Much appreciated & Thank you!

Final Thoughts On My Experience with the Sportsman’s Guide Buyer’s Club™ Rewards Visa® Credit Card

I am happy to report that the Sportsman’s Guide Visa card has gone far beyond my initial expectations. This card proved more useful than just being a major credit card to help rebuild my credit. Now that I have restored my credit and have good credit, I plan to keep the Sportsman’s Guide credit card. Who knows? Sometime soon I may even return to the lake. Most likely, with a new fishing pole, I received by redeeming points earned through my Sportsman’s Guide Visa Card!

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